Thursday, August 21, 2008

All Grown Up

It's just that time of year. A time for new beginnings. Summer is almost over. It's back to school time. My oldest son is going to Pre-K. And Mike Pelfrey pitches the first complete game of his career.

Ah, Mikey's growing up so fast.

Think of how far Mike Pelfrey has come since April. In April he was that 5th starter that was questionable. Would he stay in the big leagues for the full season or would he be headed back down to the minors? Could he pitch more than 5 innings? Would he ever get a hit?

Now look at him. Mike Pelfrey is arguably the number 2 pitcher in the Mets starting rotation. Last night he gave up 3 hits in 9 innings of work and his best inning was quite possibly the 9th where he made Chipper Jones look utterly foolish to lead off the inning and make quick work of the remaining batters.

Pelfrey is throwing strikes and looks much more comfortable now than he did in April and May. Even when he gets into tight spots, you can see he's still in control where earlier in the year he looked like a nervous ninny. That's right, ninny.

The argument used to who was the better pitcher, Humber or Pelfrey. I have no doubt we kept the right guy. He's got an amazing amount of potential and we're seeing that sooner than I ever thought we would.

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