Monday, August 25, 2008

Wasted Effort

A half game is all that stands between the Mets and the Phillies. The Phillies have another game against the Dodgers tonight so heading into the series with the Phillies on Tuesday the Mets could find themselves tied for first place.
The great run the Mets have been on will turn into wasted effort all because they could not beat the Houston Astros. Do you realize the Mets are 1-5 against the Astros in the last two months? A team that can't get out of the cellar has handed the Mets 5 killer losses.

I know those optimists will talk about how the Mets with this last win streak have put themselves into the position of contention, but as a Mets Lifer I realize that this is all part of the great disappointment that is being a Mets Lifer.

How can anyone knowingly put anyone in our bullpen into a close game and expect positive results? Carlos Beltran finally looked like he was breaking out of his slump only to have his monster home runs become wasted effort. Oliver Perez found a way to struggle through 6 innings to put his team in a position to win only to have Heilman and Feliciano destroy alll hope.

At some point this BLOWpen has got to weigh on the minds of every pitcher and player on the Mets. How can they have any confidence that the hits, runs, and pitches that they serve up during a game won't all be flushed down the toilet because this BLOWpen can't be relied upon?

Nothing is going to change this bullpen over the course of these last 30 games. Goodbye Omar Minaya. Nice knowing you.

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bryan said...

In the end, it will be this BLOWpen that will kill any post season hopes this team has.

By the way, no one is talking about it, but Damion Easly missed that routine liner in the 4th(scored a hit). If he makes that play, the Astros don't score any runs in that inning, let alone 3.