Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Character Tested, Character Approved

I love it when I'm right and things work out. In yesterday's post, I mentioned how this series with the Braves would be a test of the Mets character to see if they can overcome their archnemesis even though the Braves are no longer contenders.

Well, they passed their first test in dramatic fashion last night, coming back to beat the Braves in the bottom of the 8th inning. Carlos Delgado came through with a monster double to drive in the lead runs. I honestly thought Delgado hit a grand slam the way the ball came off the bat. The beautiful thing was that he hit it to the opposite field. Seeing Delgado drive the ball with power to the opposite field is such a great site for Mets Lifers.

After that the flood gates opened and the Mets won 7-3 even with Blowenweiss pitching the 9th inning. After Delgado's double I kept thinking "no lead is safe." Fortunately, Easley and Castro came through with some extra runs to pad the lead.

This was a win the Mets needed especially with the news of Billy Wagner's season potentially being over (hear that Omar, that's the sound of your job being on the line) and that the Phillies came back to beat the Nationals.

It's Pelfrey vs. Jurrjens tonight. Let's please sweep the Braves.