Monday, August 18, 2008

More BLOWpen Please

It's rich, chocolaty BLOWpen for all those Pittsburgh Pirates this afternoon. Nothing like sipping from a cup of warm, delicious BLOWpen that the Mets love to serve up on a regular basis.

The Mets BLOWpen now has a stellar record of 18-20 on the season. They botched a great outing from John Maine and this was a game the Mets should have had in the bag. A homer off Brian Stokes and then an outright debacle from the stellar team of Felician and Sanchez gave the Pirates a 5-2 win.

Has there been a more disappointing pitcher than Duaner Sanchez? From 2006 to today is downturn has been enormous. Omar Minaya basically banked the entire success of the bullpen on this guy being healthy and dominant. Sure he's healthy, but he's as dominant as Kenya in Olympic swimming.

Not to be overlooked is the lack of clutch in the Mets lineup today. The Mets put up a huge ZERO when batting with runners in scoring position. There were countless opportunities to blow this game wide open, but the Mets couldn't capitalize on a single one of them. In the first inning it was second and third with no outs and the heart of the order up, and we only score 1 run!

The Mets should be heading back to Shea now with a sweep of the Pirates and confidence in their position atop the NL East. Instead the Phillies, get a cheap half game back on the Mets in the standings as we welcome the Braves to Shea tomorrow night. This isn't going to be a tough stretch for the Mets. They absolutely have to start hitting with runners in scoring position to stay in first place.

And they need to revamp the entire bullpen.

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bryan said...

classic post. more blowpen please! love that.