Friday, August 15, 2008

Show Jerry Manuel Some Love

I really, really like Jerry Manuel. When he first replaced Willie Randolph, I wasn't all that crazy about him. I figured he was an available replacement for Randolph and the Mets would let him ride out the season.

Now, I'm ready to remove "interim" from his title.

I think Jerry has done an admirable job with this team. His in-game moves are usually spot-on. I like that he lets the young players get some experience and take their knocks. I like that he's not afraid to go out there and defend his team.

And I absolutely love the way he handles the media. If he thinks a reporter or interviewer has a good point, he doesn't feed them the usual political answer. He'll tell them if he agrees or disagrees, but it's the way he does it that is so entertaining. He's got that low-key demeanor that is really perfect for the New York media circus.

He speaks his mind and gives it to you straight. What else could you expect from a New York manager?

If Manuel somehow finds a way to keep this team on top and make it to October, I'm confident the Mets will offer him some kind of deal. Even if he doesn't, I still would like to see him managing next year.

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bryan said...

agreed 100%. his honesty is refreshing and is rarely seen these days. stark contrast to randolph.