Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Props to Kevin Burkhardt

We all talk about how fortunate are we to have Gary Cohen, Darling and Hernandez doing the games every night but I have to acknowledge the great job that Kevin Burkhardt does on SNY night in, night out. He's insightful, honest, articulate, does fantastic in-game reporting, and best of all, the guy asks a lot of tough questions when he's covering this team pre and post game. He asked good questions at Monday's silly press conference and last night was asking Johan Santana point blank questions about Willie, about being the stopper, and whether or not he's actually brought his best game yet to the National League. Also, before the game last night, while a guest on Loud Mouths, Burkhardt spoke candidly about this team not hitting, about how guys need to step up and start performing the way they're supposed to. While not groundbreaking news here, it is certainly refreshing to get this kind of honesty. I'm not sure how all of you feel, but I for one, think he does a great job and I enjoy his commentary on this team.

By the way, Keith Hernandez said he really enjoyed being so close to the field last night, getting a different perspective, while broadcasting from behind home plate. He said he felt like playing again...or maybe...managing? I dunno...but Freddie and Jeff should find out.


dave said...

Excellent post and Burkhardt deserves some love. Way better that Chris Cotter and he genuinely seems like a nice guy so you're surprised when you see him ask the tough questions.

I was just thinking yesterday that he would be a great replacement for Wayne "The Snore" Hagin on WFAN.

bryan said...

He actually did play by play in the spring and did a nice job. Good call, totally agree with you.