Saturday, May 31, 2008

Our Very Own Villain

The Mets have had plenty of villains over the years. There's Terry Pendleton, Mike Soscia, Mike Scott, Larry Jones, Pat Burrell, Jimmy Rollins, Armando Benitez, Mike Hampton, Guillermo Mota, Yadier Molina, Jimmy Rollins, Roger Clemens, and others.

This year, my fellow Mets Lifers, it's Aaron Heilman.

Just when you thought he was starting to show signs of improvement, Heilman crushes your hopes of a win by imploding on the mound.

ABC is bringing back a reality show from 2000 called The Mole where teams compete but someone within their midsts is secretly working against them. Heilman is our Mole, except he's not so secret about his actions.

Is Heilman this year's Guillermo Mota? Think of how many games Willie kept bringing in Mota last year only to have him blow it. Do you also remember how many games back we ended the season? One. That's right all it took was once less time to bring in Mota and our season might have changed. Let's not let that happen again. And let's not be in a position to let that happen again.

Cut Heilman loose or send him to Triple A to regroup. He's imploding before our very eyes.

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bryan said...

trade heilman or fire randolph b/c you're right, willie will no doubt continue to have "confidence in his guy"