Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Willie Randolph: Mets Fans Hate Losing, It's Not Racial

Here's part of what Willie Randolph had to say to the Bergen Record about the way he's being treated badly this year:
"Is it racial?" Randolph asked. "Huh? It smells a little bit."

Willie was commenting about how Mets fans and SNY criticize him because of his laid back approach and that he's not out there yelling and screaming. You know what? I can live with a laid back manager.

What I can live with is an obstinate manager who's team continues to show a lack of life and desire to win and then throws the race card into the mix.

Willie Randolph, I'm so disappointed. Throwing the race card around is something we expect from political candidates and Al Sharpton. This has nothing to do with race and you know it.

The most baffling thing to me is that Willie Randolph is a guy who grew up in New York, played in New York, coached in New York, and now is managing a team in New York. And he didn't think that people would be questioning his every breath when his team is not doing well? Come on.

Willie Randolph goes on with the Bergen Record to say that Met fans should be pleased with him for what he's done with this team. Oh really? You mean like orchestrate the greatest collapse in baseball history? Yes, thanks for that Willie. Do I see any World Series banners hanging at Shea because of your managerial prowess? Have you been able to get the most out of your players when your stars are struggling?

I have been a Willie Randolph fan. He played second base for the Yankees in the first baseball game I ever went to. I loved the fact that he was on the Mets and is now managing them. But he's forcing himself out the door.

Met fans have driven other managers out of town like Dallas Green, Art Howe, and Bobby Valentine (who's managed more teams in the World Series than Willie), and Yankee fans have driven out guys like Billy Martin, Buck Schowalter, and others. Even Joe Torre's job was being called for over the last two years and he's won the most World Series in this decade.

And guess what? They're all middle-aged white guys. Maybe New York fans are racist?

Let me give you a piece of advice Willie Randolph. Start winning and all will be forgiven. We'll call for you to be coach of the year if you bring us a pennant. We won't care if you never raise your voice again if you get us to the World Series. You can bring back Guillermo Mota and pitch him every day of the season if you bring us a championship.

Don't insult us with whining and complaining. Mets fans don't want excuses. We want results. And right now you're not getting any. So shut up and do your job. This is New York. Criticism comes with the job, but we'll enshrine you in baseball history if win for us.

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bryan said...

Right on the money here. I could not agree more with you. You know who I liked to replace Willie with? Frank Robinson. So much for the race card. If not Robinson, then I'd like to see Felipe Alou.

Who would have thought Willie would be so soft, weak, sensitive?