Sunday, May 18, 2008

Jerry Manuel Fires Up Mets Bats

Jerry Manuel might be the first bench coach I've seen tossed from a game in a couple of years, but it was just what the Mets needed.

Manuel got tossed after Carlos Delgado had his home run called foul which would have given the Mets a 6-0 lead at the time. I'm not sure what Manuel said to the home plate ump, but he wasn't complimenting his eyesight. I've got to even hand it to Willie Randolph who looked seriously ticked off like someone stole his toasted Subway sandwich.

After that the Mets erupted with some seriously timely hitting. Ryan Church hit a bomb of a home run (can you believe we got this guy AND Schneider for Milledge?), and Reyes knocked in another 3 runs with a bomb of his own.

Oliver Perez showed his Dr. Jekyll side tonight pitching a controlled game. His only real mistake was leaving a pitch high & inside to Matsui who took him deep. Perez seemed to only walk batters with 2 outs which is a huge improvement for him. Best of all he kept his pitches down in the zone walking two and striking out four through 7 2/3 innings.

A much needed two game win streak for the Mets, and a well deserved day off that they'll need before what is possibly the toughest road series of the season starting on Tuesday in Atlanta.

If Reyes, Wright & even Delgado continue to hit like they did against the Yanks it could be an interesting series in Atlanta.

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