Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wright & Reyes Love Yankee Stadium

David Wright & Jose Reyes will be disappointed to see Yankee Stadium come down later this year. Especially that short porch in right field.

Wright's & Reyes' bat finally woke up yesterday as both homered and were on base several times. The Mets in general hit well yesterday, but still had trouble getting hits with 2 outs and runners in scoring position.

The fact that we squeeked out two runs with the bases loaded without getting a hit is a testament to this team's season. But the focus of yesterday's game should be on Wright & Reyes. As they go so go the Mets.

A lot of times we say that Reyes is the catalyst and that's true. But the real test of this team's success is the combination of Wright & Reyes. Reyes gets on. Wright knocks the runs in.

It's a perfect formula for success and if it's working you can almost cover the holes in the lineup that are the slumping Delgado and limping Castillo.

A sweep in the Bronx would be glorious tonight, even if it is just a two game series.

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