Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Oliver Perez is Like that Crazy Girl You Dated

We are watching the demise of Oliver Perez and it's in blazing HD. Perez was a 15 game winner last year folks. That's right, the guy you saw last night won 15 games last year.

Hard to believe.

Oliver Perez is like that girl you dated in college. You know the one I'm talking about. It's the girl who you thought was attractive. She seemed fun. You had a good time when you went out a couple of times. And then WHAM! She turned into psycho chick. You might have seen this coming but you chose to ignore it.

That's Oliver Perez.

We knew this was coming, but like many a Mets Lifer, I chose to believe that the 15 game winner of last year was the real Oliver Perez. Blinded? Sure. Naive? Possibly. Optimistic? Unfortunately.

The kid has something wrong in his head. Ron Darling put it perfectly the other night when he said that Perez can look like the best left handed pitcher in the NL in one inning, and then the worst in the next.

Rick Peterson needs to try some zen voodoo, hypnosis, acupuncture or whatever. Because if Perez becomes unreliable then we really only have 2 starting pitchers you can count on: Santana & Maine.

That's no good in a power packed NL East.


Brad said...

No one seems to notice that Perez changes his mechanics slightly when he's getting hit. There's more of a hitch in his delivery when he's pressing with guys on base.

When he's on, he can be smooth as silk. Peterson needs to focus less on this zen crap and more on getting the ball from Point A to Point B.

Great post.

bryan said...

perfect analogy. actually frightening...