Sunday, May 4, 2008

Surprise! More Timely Hitting

The Mets couldn't get a timely hit for 8 innings, but they got them in the top of the 9th. Yet again Johan Santana pitched a great game only to get a no decision. Welcome to the Mets, Johan. Get used to it.

It seemed like everyone was hitting really, really, really long fly ball outs, but it was a series of singles and miscues that won the Mets the game. I've got to hand it to Reyes who's been playing much better of late. I like seeing how frustrated he was when he struck out earlier in the game and threw his bat and helmet down. Wright did the same thing later. They know it's unacceptable in key spots. Maybe Willie Randolph will catch some of their fire. What? Miracles happen.

That seems to be the key to all the close wins the Mets have had this year. They require the other team to screw up in some way in order to pull it out. Sometimes that's all you need.

But to waltz into the dessert and pull out two wins against the team with the best record in baseball is very satisfying. Two more wins in L.A. would be huge.

By the way was that Pat Burrelly playing 2B & SS for the Dbacks? Ojeda who?

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