Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Big Game Tonight

I know these things have a tendency to be a little over rated but tonight is the biggest game of the year for the Mets. Having struggled for so long, and endured an avalanche of negativity in recent weeks, a win and series victory against the Marlins could be just what the doctor ordered. Last night, for whatever reason, they looked like they had some life to them. Maybe it was the super subs who injected a jolt of energy, not too mention a few 2 out, run scoring hits (amazing what those kinds of hits can do for a team, eh?), but the team looked crisp. Now, it's critical for them to go out and get this game tonight...Have to win. Take 2 out of 3, and start a nice run here.

1 comment:

dave said...

It's always the super subs that jump start a team. A loss tonight just continues the team's spiral downwards. A win gives some hope.