Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Back from Vacation But the Mets Aren't

I've spent the last 5 days away from the Mets enjoying the Jersey shore and some time off fully expecting that when I came back the Mets would have changed their ways.


I at least expected a new manager to be in the dugout on Monday if the Mets continued to lose.


So I'm back from vacation, but Jose Reyes' glove, David Wright's bat and Willie Randolph's will to win is still on vacation.

Welcome to the 2008 Mets. Your disappointment is now.

I actually listened to part of Monday's game on the radio while driving in the car. I believe it was the 5th inning when Wright singled and Beltran singled to make it 1st & 2nd and no one out. Delgado fouls out. Schneider grounds out. So poor Nick Evans is left to clean up the slack.

The worst part was I fully expected Evans to get a hit. Wow. That's sad. I was leaning on a 22-year old kid playing his third game in the major to come through and help the Mets cut the Marlins' lead to 6-5.

Evans struck out. But you know what, the kid doesn't deserve that kind of pressure.

And so the Willie Randolph dance continues. He should be gone by now, but he's not so I guess I have to deal with that. But don't expect Met fans to continue to deal with losing. We won't accept it.

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