Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Let's Mess with the Mets Lineup

Ok, so the Mets won a game last night. Hallelujah. But we all know that this team needs a shake up. I was watching as Tatis & Castro were knocking the cover off the ball and I had some ideas to spice up this Mets lineup. So here we go.

Luis Castillo made a great play in the infield last night, but we all know his knees are ready to fall off. His hitting has declined and even Keith Hernandez couldn't comment on a play by Castillo without saying "he would have had that 5 years ago." That doesn't help us know.

Some of you may remember that Fernando Tatis used to be a second baseman with the Expos who had some pop in his bat. Is Castillo's defense really that essential? I say let's throw Fernando Tatis at second and see how that works.

Hmm, Delgado's out of the lineup and the Mets win. Coincidence? Probably, but if Delgado continues to decline, he's more of a liability than an asset. Enter Nick Evans. Did you know that he actually is a first baseman that the Mets move to the outfield? It's not surprising as Evans looks like a nervous little leaguer every time the ball is hit to him in left. Let's move Nick Evans to first if he continues to perform well.

Assuming Church gets back to good health and Alou/Pagan are healthy, here's the Mets lineup I'd like to see:

1. Reyes - SS
2. Church - RF
3. Wright - 3B
4. Beltran - CF
5. Alou/Pagan - LF
6. Tatis - 2B
7. Schneider/Castro - C
8. Evans - 1B

Your bench then looks like Chavez, Delgado, Anderson, Easley. You could potentially platoon Delgado & Evans versus righties/lefties. Now this all hinges on Evans being able to continue to perform at a high level, which is a pipe dream but let me at least dream.

Or we could just go get Xavier Nady and put him at first? Yeah. . . .

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bryan said...

Evans looks like Todd Hundley out there. Get that boy some help! Don't want to go to crazy about Tatis yet, but he is certainly helping this team right now. Kudos to him for persevering.