Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Big Win!

We've been asking for a spark all year...Wondering all season who's going to step up and give this team a jolt. Ladies and gentlemen, we've found our guy. Fernando Tatis, welcome to Shea Stadium my friend!

Not only did the Mets need this win, they got it in the absolute best way; coming back two times, once in the 9th on Chavez's homer and then of course, Tatis' game-ending double in the 12th after going down 6-5 in the top of the frame. This was a beautiful baseball game and one that should get this team headed in the right direction.

Incredible but in just two games, you can sense a totally different buzz around this team. Guys on the top step, cheering, pumping fists, encouraging each other. This is the kind of baseball we want to, we expect to see. How nice it sounded to hear all of those Mets Lifers going crazy at the 'ole stadium.

Don't look now, but Jose Reyes is starting to heat up in a big way, smacking another HR and he also had double with a SB. Great catch by Beltran also, running in the right center fireld gap to track down a bullet that would have scored two runs. If you haven't seen the play, you have to check it out. I still can't believe he ran that ball down. Off the bat, it looked for sure like it was headed to the gap.

Have to give Willie some credit for shaking things up. He had to do something and so far, his super subs are paying dividends for him over these last 2 games.

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dave said...

This was the first really exciting game of the year. The reason it was so exciting is because you could tell the Mets players WANTED to win this.

Let's hope it continues.