Friday, May 2, 2008

Sweet Home Arizona

The Mets will stumble into Arizona on Friday night for a 3 game series against the best team in baseball. That's right the Diamondbacks are the best team in baseball.

John Maine will start tonight and face the undefeated, and unknown, Micah Owings.

This is not a high point in the Mets young season. But there is hope. Arizona has been the Mets' home away from home the last few seasons, and it was a series against the D-backs back on 2006 that sparked the Mets domination the rest of the season.

It's a place where a lot of home runs are hit and where we were introduced to Mike Jacobs and learned that Damion Easley has some pop in his bat.

We've dominated Randy Johnson over the years. In fact I'd go find Joe McEwing right now and stick him in the lineup against Johnson if I could.

But this is a very different D-back team then we're used to. Their pitching is much improved and they've got some young, strong hitters in their lineup who will pound Mets pitching if we make mistakes.

It's a 6 game West Coast swing, and I think we need at least a 3-3 split. A 4-2 road trip would be miraculous.

So put on a pot of coffee and get ready to stay up late.

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