Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cinderella Got Dumped: Figueroa DFA's

Well Cinderella's ball ended a little closer to Carrie than to the fairytale ending we expected.

Nelson Figueroa, the Mets feel good story of the year, had his dream cut short as he was designated for assignment along with Jorge Sosa (woohoo!).

Wait, who did the Mets call up? Vargas? You mean from Seinfeld? And what's that? He's starting on Wednesday? Didn't we try something like this against the Nationals at the end of September? How'd that work out?

So the Mets reinstated Matt Wise, called up Claudio Vargas and Fernando Tatis. Hopefully Wise can do more than Sosa. As for Vargas and Tatis, I don't expect anything. Tatis was called up as the Mets placed Angel Pagan on the 15-day DL, so Tatis is on borrowed time anyway.

A win will make us forget the debacle of last night, but another loss will send Mets Lifers into a tailspin. These are the Washington Nationals for crying out loud! Possibly the worst hitting team in the majors.

Anyway, Nelson Figueroa, it was fun for a while, and I guess your family is going to have a tough time getting those box seats again any time soon.

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