Friday, May 9, 2008

Which Team Will Show Up this Week?

Will it be the 12-0 can't stop scoring runs squad from Wednesday? Or will we be seeing the can't hit with runners in scoring position, bullpen blowing squad from Monday & Tuesday?

That's the question from these 2008 Mets. Your season has come, but no one seems to be satisfied with it.

This team lacks consistency. Now no one can expect every player to hit the ball consistently well across 162 games, but you can expect that as a team you should see a high level of play through these next 4 months. That's what is lacking.

Is it no sense of urgency? Is it complacency? Are they too sensitive to the booing? Is it they just don't have the talent?

I think the latter question is not the case, but the previous ones are all still up in the air. I think it's pretty clear that the Mets need some kind of jumpstart to get this team going. In '86 it seemed like a fight would break out and the team would then be cruising for the next few weeks. I actually would like to see a fight break out. I guess we miss Lo Duca in that aspect.

I want some kind of life to be shown from this team this home stand. I've seen it in Reyes & Wright, but no one else. Give me some sign of urgency. Some tease that you love playing this game and can't stand the thought of losing.

Is that too much to ask?

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bryan said...

Since they've been a medicore team for almost a year now, I predict they go 4-3 on this home stand.

Hey, it's a winning record, right. Sure Willie would feel good about that too....