Thursday, May 8, 2008

Escape from L.A.

So the Mets' bats finally woke up. 12-0. Wow. About time.

The story of the day is really John Maine's pitching performance. Stellar. When he doesn't walk batters, he tends to keep his pitch count down and is able to set 'em up and know 'em down.

I guess having a 12 run lead does wonders for a pitcher's psyche.

So I asked for a 3-3 split of the Mets' West Coast trip and that's exactly what I got. The thing that nags me is there was the potential for a better outcome. But that's what we've come to expect as Mets Lifers. A tease of potential dashed with touch of disappointment.

Now this bring me to the upcoming 7 game home stand against the Reds & Nationals. Nothing less than a 5-2 record is acceptable. The Reds are bad and the Nats are worse.

Willie Randolph wants to whine about the Mets fans booing his poor team, then do something about it. Shut us up by sweeping the last place teams. New York fans aren't fools. We can tell when you deserve to be booed and deserve to be lauded.

Nothing brings people around like an old fashioned winning streak. Let's see what you got.

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bryan said...

I want and expect 6-1 home stand.