Sunday, May 11, 2008

Am I Dreaming or Was That Offense at Shea?

Slap me and call me Sasser. I think the Mets just scored over 20 runs in a 3 game series. And that was with one game where they only scored 1 run.

The Mets should have swept the Reds as Pelfrey gave them possibly his best performance of the season on Saturday, but at the very least the Mets back woke up this weeken.

Beltran & Delgado are both hitting the ball well. Beltran finally looks comfortable from the left side of the plate which we weren't seeing a whole lot of. David Wright however is still in a funk, but I think Delgado has found his home in the 7 spot of the order.

Come to think of it, batting Delgado seventh might be Willie Randolph's greatest managerial move ever. Go ahead, I dare you to think of another one. It's sad, right?

Those pesky Nationals come into Shea for 4. A sweep is mandatory although Monday's game will probably be a rain out. Let's get on a roll before we face the Yanks this coming weekend.

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