Monday, June 30, 2008

Moises Alou to Return Next Weekend

Jerry Manuel commented before the Mets/Yankees game the other day that Moises Alou should return to the team next weekend in Philadelphia.

Bye, bye Andy Phillips. Nice knowing you.

Now do I honestly believe that Alou will be playing for this team next weekend? Call me Doubting Thomas but I'm not going to believe it til I see it. What's next, they're going to tell us that El Duque is scheduled to start against the Cardinals?

Alou is a nice asset to have but he can't be relied on for any extended period of time. I do think that if Alou comes back he'll hit the ball like a rocket, as he usually does, but I fully expect him to be back on the DL before September.

So the Mets need to get a corner outfielder before the trading deadline. Trot Nixon and Andy Phillips are the equivalent to the Jeff Conine pick up last year. Where was Omar when Jim Edmonds was released? Can you imagine Edmonds and Beltran in center & left? Ugh, possibly the two best fielding outfielders in the NL (next to Andruw Jones) on the same team. Plus Edmonds has been on a hitting tare the likes of which the Mets haven't seen this year.

Omar better have some deals up his sleeves.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Perez Can Pitch When He Feels Like It

Man did Perez look good today or what? I posted previously that he owns the Yankees and Braves, and he didn't make a liar out of me.

There were some comments during the game about Perez changing where he stood on the mound that really helped out his mechanics.

Yeah, I'm sure that is the only problem with Perez. Send him to a shrink and then maybe we'll see some consistent improvement. In any case I'll take the results of today's game. Perez struck out 8 and went a full 7 innings giving up no runs and miracle of miracles walked no one. You read correctly. No walks.

Now tell me you didn't get nervous in the 7th when Betimit homered and then Reyes made an error to bring the tying run to the plate. I was waiting for home run to left, but amazingly it didn't come.

Today was Perez's day, but it's the first time in like 8 outings that he's had this kind of control. He's still unreliable and unpredictable, but when he's on his game he can be an outstanding pitcher.

He had to be great on a day where the Mets were relying on bases loaded infield singles to score runs.

Where is Reyes' Head on the Bases?

Jose Reyes has been playing well of late. He's been hitting the ball, getting on base, and scoring runs. He's possibly the most valuable asset the Mets have so I can't get on him too much.

Ok, yes I can.

Jose Reyes was the turning point of the game yesterday. For the Yankees that is. Reyes was picked off second base with two on and two out with the Mets down by two runs. Did I mention David Wright was at the plate? Yeah.

First of all they teach you in little league that you never try to steal third with two outs because a base hit scores the run so stealing third gives you no real advantage. Reyes was caught prancing off of second and Andy Pettite picked him off without even trying.

Pettite owns Reyes. Reyes looks like he doesn't know what to do when Pettite is holding him on first base. Every time Pettite picks up his leg Reyes goes scampering back to the bag. That is unless he's on second base.

Someone please get Reyes an instructional video or make him learn how to deal with pickoff moves because this isn't the first time we've seen this nor will it be the last. Reyes is such a valuable commodity when he's on base, but if he can't make the right choices and use some discernment when on the base paths he renders himself useless.

Perez Can Beat the Yankees, But That's It

Oliver Perez is a sever disappointment these last two months. However, there's two teams Perez can beat: the Braves and the Yankees.

I fully expect a win from Perez tonight. For some reason, Perez is a gamer. He loves the spotlight and the tough situations. No Mets pitcher has beaten the Braves and the Yankees more the last two seasons than Oliver Perez. Sure he gives up 10 runs to the Mariners, but he'll pitch a 2 hit shutout against Atlanta.

Now will I be surprise if Perez lays an egg tonigh? Nope, but I do think he's due for a win. Perez has been beyond awful his last three starts, which means he's due for a gem and then he'll lose his next 3 starts.

That's life as the neurotic lefty. The Mets better not blow the chance to win a season series against the Yanks, not to mention the fact that they can get back to .500 before heading on the most grueling 8 games of the season starting Monday.

But there is one more thing. The Mets do need to score a run, otherwise it won't matter how well Perez pitches.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sometimes I Hate It When I'm Right

As predicted the Mets fell apart in the evening game against the Yankees. I've had a long standing theory that the Mets "run out of runs" whenever they score in double digits. I've even posted about it in the past.

I'd love to see what the Mets record is in games after they've scored 10 or more runs. I'd be willing to bet it's well under .500.

And so we went from sweeping the Yanks at their stadium and the dream of sweeping the season series to hopefully winning the next two to stay above .500 by the time we hit the road.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Delgado Gets 9 RBI, Watch for Flying Pigs

Be prepared folks. Pigs are flying. Obama and Hilary are looking like Ozzie & Harriet. And Al Gore has just admitted he had nothing to do with the Internet. Strange things are happening.
Oh and the strangest thing is Carlos Delgado, yes the most unproductive Met of the last two seasons, drove in 9 runs today. Yes, nine.

The first grand slam in the last two seasons was hit by none other than our beloved first baseman. And if that's not odd enough, Luis Castillo looked like Tony Gwyn getting on base and scoring almost every time he came up.

The Mets, yes our Mets, swept the Yankees in Yankee Stadium. The devil right now is breaking out his Isotoners.

But before we get all giddy, let's see what Pedro has in store tonight. A double header sweep would be enormous, but I feel an offensive drought coming our way.

Yes, I'm cynical about this team.

Brian Runge Should Get More

Below is a video from someone in the stands the night the Mets got pummeled by the Mariners, but they also got an excellent video of Jerry Manuel and Carlos Beltran getting tossed by Brian Runge.

I watched the game at home and was shocked at the blatant bumping Brian Runge gave Jerry Manuel. I've never seen an umpire do that. I also couldn't believe how Runge basically tried to force Beltran into getting thrown out by getting in his face. The umps are suppose to be impartial parties that call the game not to effect the outcome. There should be no personal vendettas, but unfortunately that's not what we're seeing of late from any sport.

Brian Runge deserves more than a one game suspension. I'm glad to see MLB did something about it, but the umps need to learn a lesson that this behavior is unacceptable. If it was Manuel who bumped Runge, Manuel would have been suspended multiple games. Runge deserves the same type of punishment.

Rain, Questionable Pitchers, and More Rain

It's Subway Series weekend, who's psyched?

Yeah, me neither. What used to be the battle for Gotham, this year has become the struggle for survival.

The Mets & Yanks meet this weekend with neither team on top of their division, or on top of their game for that matter. The Yankees are sending out pitchers from the cast of Bull Durham, while the Mets throw a youngster (Pelfrey) and an aging star (Pedro) in today's double dip.

The real question for the weekend series is how many games will be played. Thunderstorms and rain are forecast for basically the entire weekend. A rain out on Saturday would be painful because they might force another double header on Sunday, right before an 8 game road trip.

The Mets are facing the lower half of the Yankee pitching staff and should, that's right SHOULD, score plenty of runs. Whether that happens or not is another story.

The Mets desperately need 3 wins this weekend. I only expect to see 2.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Don't Be Fooled

Ah yes, nothing like a blowout win to settle down the rabid fan base. But I'm here to tell you, don't be fooled.

There's still a 2-12 streak lurking around the corner. This is typical Mets patter. Get killed for two games, get a big offensive performance to stop the streak, then pick up the losing streak again the next day.

We've even seen this already this season right around the Memorial Day losing streak, back when Willie Randolph SHOULD have been fired.

It was great to see David Wright swing the bat with authority. Maybe it was the rest day or maybe it was the fact that he was facing the worst team in baseball? Your call.

An off day today and a matinee against the Yanks on Friday with Pelfrey facing some guy I've never heard of. It could be a long, long, long weekend against the Yankes. There's the potential for a 1-3 series that could just bury the Mets.

Call me synic. Call me a skeptic. Call me Mr. Black Cloud. I need some consistency before I start believing in this team again.

One quick way to make me a believer would be to dump Delgado. Fast.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Hey Oliver, did you know this is a contract year for you? You wanna get paid? Hope you have a degree or a backup plan. You're not going to be welcome in New York for much longer.

Oliver Perez has joined the ranks of Carlos Delgado as worthless members of this New York Mets team. Perez can't find a way to be consistent and I'm convinced he's beyond repair.

As bad as Perez's pitching was the Mets bats are invisible. At this point we're better off watching Triple A kids get a chance to play and show some heart. Kudos to Jerry Manuel and Carlos Beltran for showing some heart and not putting up with an umpire with a bone to pick. MLB needs to have a chat with that umpire.

Be prepared Mets Lifers. There's 3-10 streak in our future. I can feel it with the Yankees, Cardinals and Phillies on the horizon. I fully expect a win on Wednesday, but that's about it.

It's unacceptable.

Why Is Delgado Still Here?

A kindred spirit over at Mets Fever has written an excellent post that poses the question "How Much Longer Do We Have to Put up with Delgado?"

What a fantastic question, and one that we at Mets Lifers have been asking over the course of two seasons now. Delgado in 4 at bats last night saw a total of 7 pitches and got out at every at bat.

Is Delgado such an intricate part of this team's makeup that even though he's playing like 10 year old school girl on crutches he still needs to be on this team? I don't think so.

Does he provide leadership? Nope. Is he a great fielder? Please wait while I stop laughing. A clutch hitter? Come on, that's not even funny. What does he do for this team besides hit into double plays, strike out, and get the occasional solo homer?

He does NOTHING. Send Delgado on his way. He's done and we're done with him.

Monday, June 23, 2008

This Team Will Not Not Disappoint

Don't ever listen to my predictions. I predicted Johan Santana would dominate this week. So what does he do? He gives up a grand slam to an American League pitcher. It's the first time in 35 years that that's happened.

I don't know which was worse, the David Wright error on the slowest ground ball of the year or that Santana gave up a grand slam to the pitcher.

Just when you think the Mets are ready to go on a streak, they smack you in the face and tell you sit down and like it.

Other than Beltran taking our the opposing pitcher, this game was possibly the most boring game of the season. Taking 2 out of 3 from the Mariners is now essential. Anything less is beyond pitiful.

This Week's Expectations

In no particular order, here's what I expect from the Mets this week:
  • Dominance from Johan Santana - He should shut down this Mariners lineup and when he faces the Yanks on the big stage this weekend, he will be ready to show he's worthy every penny.
  • A double header split on Friday - The Mets might be the worst team in doubleheaders. I fully expect a loss in one of the two games. They just better not get swept.
  • More home runs from Carlos Beltran - I have a strange feeling he'll hit 3 more bombs this week. All from the left side of the plate.
  • David Wright to get his groove back - Someone stole his mojo and Wright needs to get it back. He's showing some small signs of getting back in sync but he needs a breakout stretch.
  • The bullpen to blow a lead - It's been like 6 games since the bullpen has given up the lead in a game. It's bound to happen this week.
  • Luis Castillo heads to the DL - I'm so glad we signed him to a multi-year deal.
  • The trade rumor mill churns faster - Adam Dunn, Jason Bay, Xavier Nady, etc.
  • The "fertilizer" comment to die quickly - Jerry Manuel's analogy will deservedly die on Tuesday.
  • The Mets sweep the Mariners - Anything less is unacceptable
  • The Mets take 3 from the Yanks

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Back from Mordor

A 3-day weekend in Phillies country, and I'm back unscathed. In fact a strange thing happened while I was there, no Phillies fans bothered me.


Well it could be that the Phillies were in the midst of 5 game skid and got swept by the Angels, a team the Mets just won 2 out of 3 from. I thought about staying a few days longer to just to enjoy the faces of woeful Phillies fans, but alas I'm back at the Mets Lifer homefront.
I have to say this team has me believing again which is really scary because as soon as the Mets smell hope, disappointment is soon to follow. Reyes is still white hot. Beltran is hitting for power. Pelfrey is starting to look like a pro.
I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

3 series wins in a row and the lowly Mariners are coming to town. A sweep of Seattle would be huge as the Yanks roll in for a weekend set.

This is a big week for this team. Let's see what their made of.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Heading to Phillies Country

Taking a break from the daily grind of watching late night Mets games and heading to the most dangerous territory for any baseball fan: Phillies country.

Yes, I'm heading into the den of lions, the belly of the beast. I'm prepared for trash talk down the Jersey shore from idiotic Phillies fans, but it's ok. I'm feeling better about the Mets.

Willie is gone. Reyes is on fire. Beltran has found a groove. Even Delgado is hitting some homers.

Of course this can all change in the blink of an eye, but for the next 24 hours I feel better than I did a week ago.

Be back on Monday and hopefully there's a winning road trip for the Mets in the near future.

Lets Go Mets.

Jerry Manuel vs. Willie Randolph

Dan Graziano discusses the differences between Manuel and Randolph:

Jose Reyes is on Fire

It's summertime which means it's time for blockbuster super heroes to come out and play. We've got Iron Man, The Hulk, Indiana Jones, Hancock and a slew of other heroes that will be seen this summer.

But right now the Mets have one of their own in Jose Reyes.

Reyes is a man on fire. It seems like he's getting on base 2-3 times every game for the last two weeks. Last night's game was a perfect example. He gets on in the first inning, steals second, moves to third, and scores on a groundout.

Then of course there's the 9th inning. Who gets on base and scores the tying run? Reyes, of course. He's showing patience at the plate and he has cut down on the uppercut swing which is allowing to him to put the ball in play more.

And he's hustling. He ran the heck out of a infield pop-up last night. He knows what he needs to do for this team and right now he's doing it.

By the way, where are all the Reyes naysayers now? Mike Francesa had Reyes shipped off to Cleveland or Tampa Bay by now since Reyes was such a failure in his eyes. Why is this guy even on the radio? Steve Phillips would have traded Reyes for a player to be named later by now.

I am so glad that the Mets didn't do anything rash with Reyes because he can be one of the top players in baseball when he's focused and sticks to his game. Right now he's doing just that and the fact that the Mets have won two series in a row and 4 out of their last 6 is a testament to that.

Comeback Win and David Wright

I must say I am shocked the Mets won last night. After Oliver Perez gave up 3 runs in the 5th I figured it was over.

I mean the Mets are great at scoring runs early. It feels like they've scored in the first or second inning for their last 6 games, but it's those runs in the clutch that have been lacking.

Enter David Wright.

Oh, David, David, David. Where have you been? It's so nice to see you again. David Wright has been atrocious for over a month now. I can't name a single clutch RBI that Wright has gotten since early May. Well, he certainly picked a good game to get going again. Wright went 2 for 5 with 2 RBI and the biggest one came in the top of the 9th to tie up the game.

I could go on about Jose Reyes' performance of late, but I'm going to save that for another post.

Damion Easley likes to get big RBI on the road doesn't he? I feel like he's a road guy. Doesn't do much at Shea but on the road he plays a bit better.

Big series win for the Mets. Not a series I expected them to win and a much deserved off day today. If we can take 2 of 3 from Colorado, this would be a huge week for the Mets and get people to start saying, "Willie who?"

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tiger Woods to Become Mets Bench Coach

Breaking news out of the sporting world today is that Tiger Woods will have season ending surgery and not participate in any more PGA Tour events in 2008.

Don't believe this for a second. It's all a cover. Tiger Woods is actually going to be announced as the new Mets bench coach for the rest of the 2008 season.

Sure Tiger will have surgery, but he'll recover while riding the pine next to interim manager Jerry Manuel. Details of this announcement are top secret and Mets senior management was not able to be reached, but they did not confirm nor deny this report.

We know Tiger can't go a whole year without competing, so becoming the bench coach for the Mets would prove to be his most challenging sports achievement to date.

Tiger is expected to give the Mets some insight in a number of areas to help this team become competitive including:
  • Instructing Jose Reyes on how to properly throw a bat into the ground during a temper tantrum
  • Improve Carlos Delgado's swing so he can actually SEE the ball on contact
  • Teach the entire ballclub on the finer points of "mental toughness"
  • How to make billions of dollars on endorsements
  • Finer points of "recovery" after a bad at bat
  • Tutor Luis Castillo on playing through knee injuries
Tiger Woods did have a few stipulations that the Mets organization would have to adhere to. The major one being that the Mets would have to wear read uniforms for all Sunday games, and Billy Wagner will now enter games to the tune of "Eye of the Tiger."

It's expected that this announcement will be kept under wraps until after Tiger Woods completes his reconstructive surgery on his knee. Stay tuned.

Welcome to the Big Leagues, Jerry Manuel

A painful press conference. A first inning temper tantrum. The ace of your staff having a tough game. Having to call in Aaron Heilman from the bullpen. A team that can't score runs. An opposing ace with magical stuff.

Welcome to Jerry Manuel's first day as Mets manager.

I think it's safe to say that tomorrow has to be better. Manuel faced a number of situations in his first day that he hopefully won't have to repeat. First he had to face the press right on the heels of the Omar Minaya press conference. Then Reyes threw a little temper tantrum in the first inning. Then Johan Santana decided this was John Lackey's night to have great stuff, not his.

A win would have been a symbolic changing of the guards and the chance to gain another game on the Phillies. Perhaps Wednesday will be better.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summary of Omar Minaya's Press Conference

Below is an exact account of Omar Minaya's press conference as I heard it where Omar answered questions about the firing of Willie Randolph:

"Willie Randolph. Blah blah blah. General manager. Blah blah blah. My decision. blah blah blah. I love Willie Randolph. Blah blah blah. General manager. Blah blah blah. I need to sleep on it. Blah, Willie Randolph. Blah blah blah. General manager. Um, blah blah you know. Willie Randolph. Blah blah blah. Is it hot in here? Blah blah blah. My decision. Blah blah I love Willie Randolph. Blah blah, general manager. Blah blah, Jerry Manuel."

Let's Get Over Willie Randolph Being Fired

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Willie Randolph was fired. It's done. The Mets could have handled it better. They probably should have, but guess what. It's over. Let's win some baseball games, which bring me to this very important point.

Tonight's game is HUGE. Enormous, really. If you think I have a tendency for hyperbole, you'd be correct, but honestly I believe this game is really big for this ballclub for a number of reasons:
  1. No one expected them to win last night - with a win tonight, you've won the series against the Angels and won 4 out of your last 5. That's a huge step for a team that can't find a winning streak to save their lives.
  2. Gets people to move on from Willie Randolph - A win tonight gives Jerry Manuel his first win and starts getting people to forget about the Randolph situation and focus on winning ball games.
  3. Big win against a top pitcher - Tonight's matchup is a serious pitchers' duel. We've got Santana. The Angels have Lackey. A win against the opponent's top pitcher is a rarity for the Mets, unless you're the Diamondbacks.
  4. Player morale needs to be up - A loss tonight would do some damage on player morale. I'm sure there are guys who are sad to see Willie go and this will just allow them to mope and moan for a few more days. A win tonight and spirits are high.
Winning ball games is what it's all about. How's that for profound? Reyes is on fire. Beltran is heating up. Castillo is the best hitter with runners in scoring position. And our ace is on the mound.

No excuses for not winning tonight. We need it.

If only David Wright could get out of this slump, this team might be able to start something. It starts tonight.

The Mets Way

Is anyone really surprised with the way the Mets’ brass handled Randolph’s firing? This is the same organization that held a sing-a-long contest and played a Rick Astley song at the final home opener at Shea, knowing full well that the song was chosen as a joke. This is the same franchise; that had Broadway stars sing show tunes for a half hour before a game with their hated, cross town rivals; that allowed the Baha Men (you read that correctly) perform “Who Let the Dogs Out?”at the 2000 World Series. This is the same organization that signed off on the Kazmir-for-Zambrano trade.

I’m no apologist for Randolph, as I wanted his head more than a month ago, but as far as I’m concerned, the handling of his ousting was just par for the course for this Mickey Mouse operation. The only thing appropriate about it was the location and its close proximity to Disneyland.

Willie Randolph is Fired

Wow. After waiting for this moment for quite some time I'm almost at a loss for words.


A friend of mine told me Willie Randolph would be fired today, but I didn't believe him. The timing didn't seem right. On the radio today, you'll hear Yankee fans and sports talk hosts whine about the way the Mets handled Randolph's firing and how they made him fly to the West coast only to be fired.

Poor, poor Willie.

Guess what people. If he was a middle manager in the marketing department of a major corporation and got fired after a business trip, you wouldn't care so let's not shed a tear for Willie Randolph. Here's a man making millions of dollars for not managing a team very well. The man behind the largest collapse in baseball history and who couldn't find a winning streak if it fell in his lap and we're going to feel sorry for him because he was fired after having to fly (on a chartered plane no less) to the West Coast?

Cry me a river.

Here's the real reason they fired Willie Randolph today. The Mets just won a game that no one expected them to win. After playing a double header on Sunday, the Mets had to fly to California and face a top AL team with their worst pitcher on the mound with limited rest. I fully expected them to lose. But they didn't.

By firing Willie on the West Coast, it allows Jerry Manuel some time away from the New York hub bub to get some games under his belt as the top dog and sort out his new coaching staff.

Now I fully believe that Willie Randolph should have been fired on Memorial Day, but hindsight is always 20/20. This team needed a change and the players didn't need the fate of their manager to be hanging over their heads for another 3 months. I'm glad it's done.

Best of luck Jerry Manuel. Let's get a few more wins.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Baseball Tonight: Willie Watch 2008

The folks at Baseball Tonight discuss the possibility of Randolph getting fired. Does anyone else find that Steve Phillips really has no business talking about the Mets. . .ever?

The Mets are the Anti Tiger Woods

In my last post I wrote about how the Mets are such a tease. They lead you along thinking they're going to win only to slam the door of losing in your face.

This got me thinking as yesterday evening I was caught in a constant channel flip between the Mets game 2 against the Rangers and Tiger Woods final round in the U.S. Open. I realized that the Mets are the exact opposite of Tiger Woods in almost every way.

The Mets disappoint, but Tiger doesn't let you down. When Tiger's down you know that he's going to come back. The Mets are down and you know they're going to stay there.

Tiger plays horribly, but finds a way to win. The Mets play great, but find a way to lose. Tiger has mental toughness, the Mets crumble.

Tiger plays with fire in his belly, the Mets just get burned. Tiger causes fear in the eyes of his competition, the Mets are afraid of the competition. When the game is on the line, you're confidant that Tiger will pull through. When the game is on the line, you're surprised when the Mets pull through.

Tiger plays through injuries. The Mets always need an MRI.

The Mets need a little Tiger in them.

This Team Is Such A Tease

So I'm taking a little Father's Day nap, as the Mets are getting pummeled 8-2 because I know I don't need to watch this disaster. I'm asleep for maybe a half hour when I hear my son walking around upstairs. The TV is still on so I glance at the score.

Holy cow, it's 8-5 bases loaded in the bottom of the 8th! And then it happened. I got sucked in. Of course what then proceeded is one of the dumbest base running moves in all of baseball as Brian Schneider tried to test Milton Bradley's arm. Bradley, Vlad Guerrero and Jeff Franceour all have the same arm so it was an idiotic move whether it was Sandy Alomar's or Schneider's fault.

So I fall back asleep again for 10 minutes or so when I hear this loud roar from the TV. What do you know? It's the bottom of the 9th and it's 8-7. I sit up still stuck somewhere between half asleep and half awake, but I know what's about to happen.

The Mets are teasing me again.

I have visions of Carlos Delgado redeeming himself with a walk-off homer. But no. This team has a way of almost coming back and then falling short. It's the same way that they win 4 games and you think they're about to rattle off 10 in a row only to have them lose 7 of their next 9 games.

It's cruel and unusual punishment. And I was one Robinson Cancel hit away from having it happen again.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all you Mets Lifers. Saw this ad today starring Tiger Woods & his dad. Thought it appropriate to post on this Father's day, also for the fact that it talks about mental toughness. Something this team desperately needs. Check it out.

Hot for Trot

The Mets just signed the newly released Trot Nixon to add an extra bat (and body) to their bench.

I love this move for a couple of reasons. Now don't get me wrong, Nixon is not the solution to all the Mets problems, but his arrival hopefully helps in a number of ways.

1. Less Fernando Tatis
Tatis is a great story...for a day. He can no longer play every day and he has proven he can't catch up to fastballs. Nixon's arrival put Tatis on the bench in a much more limited role which is where he deserves to be.

2. Willie Randolph can't carry 4 catchers
I know Willie is tempted to bring in another catcher. I think he was hoping Mike DeFelice would become available, but Nixon is an able body that can prevent the addition of yet another catcher on the bench.

3. An experienced OUTFIELDER
No more Easley or Anderson in left field. Not sure why they were out there to begin with but Nixon now is that extra outfielder to back up Alou/Church whenever they get healthy.

I've liked Nixon for a while now starting back when he was on the Red Sox. He's the type of hard nose, no-nonsense type of player that the Mets need right now. The question will be whether he can hit .250 or better, but I have a feeling he'll play a nice role on this team.

Friday, June 13, 2008

View Your Seat in Citi Field

Very cool interactive site that gives you a detailed look of how it will feel to be in Citi Field. You can even pick out your seat and see the potential view.

Check out the Citi Field interactive experience here via

Making Sense of the Mets

I just got done reading a post by Matthew Artus at Always Amazin' and it's calmed me down a bit.

Artus claims the most devastating part of yesterday's collapse (ouch, I hate that word) was Joe Smith giving up 2 runs in the 8th. Yes, I can see his point, but it's Joe Smith vs. Billy Wagner. You can expect that from Smith, you cannot accept that from Wagner.

However, as I continued reading he makes some valid arguments that firing Willie might have zero effect on this cast of characters, and he's got a realistic view of what he can expect from this team the rest of the way.

Artus has a realistic view of this team. I'm running on pure, unadulterated anger right now so it's always good to get a cool head's perspective.

I disagree that the Willie firing won't have an impact because at this point I think the player's expect it and are just holding their breath until it happens. Let's do it and move on.

I do however like his closing thoughts which I will leave you with:

"We Mets fans won't be teased the way we were at the end of May. Not again. Not by this roster. We don't want a hot streak. We want consistency and to stop reading the stories of hard luck losses. If they finish June strong, great. They'll need it when they visit Philly on July 4th.

But if they don't - then whatever will be, will be. The future's not ours to see. And every day we get closer to Shea's farewell, it becomes more apparent that we probably don't want to know how this story ends anyway."

Click here for the full article from Always Amazin'

Baseball Tonight: Analysis of Wagner's Struggles

The baseball tonight folks discuss Wagner's struggles. I can't watch this video because it still hurts.

Dead Man Managing

Willie Randolph should have been gone on Memorial Day. Instead Willie had a friendly BBQ with the Wilpons and Omar Minaya and was given a second chance.

Bad move.

Since Memorial Day the Mets have showed sparks of turning into a winning team only to have them immediately followed by coma-inducing losing streaks. After Wednesday's saving grace of a game, Thursday was met with utter demise.

Did Willie lose these games? Nope, but this team needs a change at the helm in the worst way. I think it's so evident to everyone, but Mets management. Sometimes players become complacent in their current situation and sometimes the man at the helm is just not getting the most out of his players.

This team needs a change. Anyone who says otherwise doesn't know what he/she is talking about. A major trade at this point in the season is highly unlikely. Trading Reyes is idiotic banter for the Jerk and the Fatman (hint: WFAN 1-6 p.m.).

The move that can be made immediately and have a swift impact is changing the man in charge. Willie likes to say that his record proves what he's done. Well Willie you're 3 games under .500 and since last July your a losing manager.

You're a nice guy and you've had your moments, but the time has come. Please someone pull the hook on this guy before we're drowning at the bottom of the NL East and resort back to our 2004 losing ways.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Just Like Old Times


Welcome to life as a Mets fan in 2008.


Billy Wagner threw up all over Johan Santana's pitching performance today. For the second straight day, Wagner came in and blew a lead. He loaded the bases and then could not catch a break to get out of the inning.

He should have never put himself in that position.

This loss hurts the worst. Just when you think the team shows hope of turning the corner, you get slapped upside the head with this devastating loss.


Evolution of the Fist Bump

Came across this video on YouTube. I'm not sure if it's a Tampa Bay Rays promotional video or what, but it's relatively humorous.

Baseball Tonight Highlights: Beltran's Walk Off Homer

Wagner Takes the Heat

I can respect a man who admits when he screwed up and is willing to take the heat for it. I guess I expected nothing loss than this comment from Billy Wagner after last night's game:

“Pelfrey pitched great…To go out there and lay an egg, it’s hard. It stinks…Any time you’ve got the lead going in to the ninth, you gotta win that game. The guys battled, the guys came in behind me and kept us in the game. Beltran did what he usually does, and he won the game for us…Unfortunately, Pelfrey didn’t get the win, but he was the MVP of this game.”

Well put Billy, but there's still the issue of you taking a significant down turn in your pitching performance of late. This has to be the worst week of Wagner's career with two blown saves in a week. Let's pray we don't have an Armando Benitez type of season on our hands.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sorry Pelfrey, Thank You Beltran

Mike Pelfrey, you deserve better. This is the second outing of the year where you've pitched a gem only to leave empty handed. Looks like Billy Wagner caught the same bug that's been plaguing Heilman & Sanchez and I hope he apologized to you, Pelfrey.

If the Mets would have lost that game there would have been overturned cars in the parking lot. David Wright showed some serious emotion/frustration with his own play, but it was Carlos Beltran who finally put me out of my misery.

As I'm watching the Mets fall apart and the game drags on into extra innings, my wife turns to me and says "Why are you watching this? You know how it's going to end? They're teasing you. They're going to lose."

Thank you Beltran for proving my wife wrong, because honestly I thought she was right.

Johan Santana needs to pitch a perfect game tomorrow because the bullpen is done. I can't say how impressive Pelfrey was tonight. First pitch strikes and limited walks will make any pitcher look masterful, but Pelfrey was totally in command from start to finish.

I hope that's a sign of things to come.

The Mets are Major League

This was in today's Daily News and it's so fitting. Right now I'd trade Heilman or Sanchez for "Wild Thing" Vaughn. And I'd take Willie Mays Hayes too.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Time To Rant About this Horrendous Team

A 5-1 lead becomes a loss. It's beyond pitiful. How much longer do we have to wait until something happens?

Does anyone care? Can anyone pitch on this team? Where on earth is Angel Pagan? What happened to Matt Wise? Has Duaner Sanchez been getting advice from Aaron Heilman? How is the best hitter on this team a 42 year old arthritic man? What does Willie Randolph have to do to lose his job? Does Willie have photos of the Wilpons in a precarious position? How many runs is needed for a "safe lead?"

Can we watch Triple A games on SNY instead? Can they just rerun games from 1999 so I can see some professionals like Piazza, Ventura, and Olerud who could get timely hits? How much longer before Santana turns into the lights out ace we all needed?

How on earth did the Diamondbacks score 3 more runs from the time I started this post? If another person complains about how fans boo the team at Shea do I have the right to slap them? Why on earth is Willie obsessed with having a dozen catchers on the bench when none of the subs are any good?

Why can't there be any good shows on TV during June so I at least have something else to watch? When does The Closer come back to TNT? Is a little consistency too much to ask? Why do the Mets like to tease us so?

What on earth does Willie have to do to get fired? He's like George Costanza on that episode of Seinfeld. Is it just me or does Endy Chavez make Nick Evans look like Ted Williams? Was there ever a clean up batter in MLB history who didn't hit double digit home runs in a season or will Beltran be the first? Why am I sweating so much while writing this?

I think I'm done now.

Ryan Church is on the DL

While many Mets Lifers would agree that Oliver Perez is the real head case on the Mets, it looks like Ryan Church's head injuries will put him on the DL.

His DL assignment is retroactive to last Friday so he could potentially be back by June 20th.

Head injuries are frightening to me and the replay of the spill Church took against Atlanta is just horrendous to me. We wish you a speedy recovery Ryan Church.

Meanwhile, who will the Mets bring in to replace Church? It could be Alou. It could be another catcher. It could be some has been who we charitably decided to give another chance. Who knows.

Monday, June 9, 2008

What Will It Take to Change the Mets?

What's it going to take? An earthquake? 10 plagues? Tug McGraw's ghost in the dugout?

What's it really going to take to get this team straightened out?

I'm not sure it's going to happen, but there are a few ideas I have that could possibly change the course of this season:

1. Fire Willie Randolph
Whether you like Willie, hate Willie, support Willie or think it's not his fault, there's no denying that firing a manager before the All Star break would change the course for this team. I don't even know who you would bring in. Larry Bowa? Jerry Manuel? Bobby Valentine? Keith Hernandez? I don't know, but it would sure shake things up. I remember in 1999 when the Mets fired all of Bobby V's coaches but kept him as a manager. All of a sudden things started changing. This team needs a shot in the head and firing a manager would rattle some cages for sure.

2. Make an early trade
This time of year trades are unheard of. Everyone seems to like to wait until the end of July to start dealing. Omar Minaya is a guy who likes to make a splash and making a trade this early in the season would send a message to this team. Now I have no clue who on earth the Mets would trade for or who they would trade, but just the fact that an effort is being made to improve this club could open up some eyes.

3. Swap the roles of Aaron Heilman & Oliver Perez
This might be the most drastic of ideas. Put Perez in the bullpen and throw Heilman into the rotation. Do any of us really believe that Perez will fix what's wrong in his head and become a dominant pitcher for years to come? Ok, now does anyone think that Aaron Heilman will be a lights out 8th innning guy for years to come? Yet we're going to leave them as they are and expect different results? That's the definition of insanity.

I don't claim to have the answers, but I know we can't keep going the way we're headed. Something has to change.

Something You'll Never See as a Mets Fan

Here's video of something Mets fans will never see, a sweep of the Braves at Turner Field (also, timely hitting with runners in scoring position).

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sad Realizations from a West Coast Road Trip

  1. I hate West Coast road trips, and so do the Mets
  2. Every Mets Lifer knows that Pedro Feliciano should only pitch to left-handed batters, but Willie Randolph doesn't
  3. Carlos Delgado can hit in San Diego, but can't hit anywhere else
  4. David Wright is struggling
  5. Adrian Gonzalez has 17 home runs on June 8, but Carlos Beltran won't have 17 home runs on September 8.
  6. I found myself coveting Brian Giles because he has a .414 OBP and no one on the Mets is even close to that
  7. Fernando Tatis needs to follow in the footsteps of Nelson Figeroa
  8. Pedro Martinez WAS a hall of fame pitcher, but is no longer
  9. Oliver Perez needs a psychiatrist
  10. The Mets will never have a run like the Phillies are on
  11. Willie Randolph is the only person that doesn't know about Billy Wagner's horrible track record when he pitches in the 8th (anyone remember his performance against the Phillies last September?)
  12. This team will finish the season 2 games over .500
  13. While the Mets can't beat the worst teams in the West, the Phillies are sweeping the Braves in Mylanta.
  14. The Mets don't have an All Star player this year.
  15. This team is playing tired and it doesn't get easier against the Diamondbacks with Owens, Webb & Haren pitching
  16. The Mets left 20+ runners on base against the Padres
  17. 90% of the times a Mets batter gets a 3-0 count, the count ends up going to 3-2
  18. A two out hit with runners in scoring position is as rare as a $2 gallon of gas
  19. I learned more about Keith Hernandez's childhood this week than I ever thought I would
  20. And the worst realization is the Phillies are hands down the best team in the NL

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Mets Back to Old Selves

Are you kidding me? How comical is this team? After getting back on track winning 7 out of 10, the Mets inexcusably lay an egg scoring one run in each of the last two games against a very weak Padres team. All of that good will they had built up has quickly vanished just like the Mets’ offense.

I’m trying to figure out what’s bothering me more, the fact that the Mets are absolutely pitiful with men on base, or that I actually stay up ‘til 1am to watch this ugly display. I do know one thing, I am done trying to figure this team out. I am done feeling like they’ll turn the corner, like they’re actually a good team. Enough is enough, people. We need to face reality and accept that this 2008 team is average at best. I said it a few weeks ago, they are the definition of mediocre.

There are just so many holes in this team but there is none greater than their hitting. Their offense is so over rated. I don’t know what their average is with men on base but I’d venture to say they have to be one of the worst, if not the worst in all of baseball. In fact, I cannot remember a more inept team. On the eve of Openeing Day, I talked about how timely hitting was going to the key for this team. Unfortunately, clutch hits have been far and few between and that is why we're sitting 5 1/2 games out. I mean, how many times do we have to watch them leave the bases loaded? How many times? It’s pathetic and I’m so tired of it.

The problem now is, how does it get fixed? Do we just have pray for guys to get healthy? Well there’s one of the major problems with this club, they are a bunch of dinosaurs. How can we expect to possibly go anywhere when Damion Easley and Fernando Tatis hit 5th in this lineup? And so long Carlos Beltran…Back to your cave. After hitting 2 honme runs in 2 games last week, the guy is MIA once again. Where are you? For crying out loud snap out of it and start driving the frustrating! “We’re the team to beat this year”…blah, blah, blah. You’re hitting .250 with 6, count them, 6 home runs! Way to back up your talk. Meanwhile, the Phillies are starting to smoke your club and everyone else in the NL. They, Beltran, are the team to beat.

Unless Omar can pull off a surprise deal for a slugger, I’m afraid the Mets are going to continue to play .500 ball. And that, Mets Lifers, is not what we expected this season.

…One run in each of the last two games… unbelievable. And everyone wonders why Mets fans are so ticked off.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mets Lifer Goes Mobile

If you're anything like me, when you're on vacation or stuck in a meeting you still like to get your Mets news and updates.

Unless you have an iPhone or Blackberry, viewing regular websites on your mobile phone can be a bit of a drag. So to help you out Mets Lifer has just launched a mobile version of the site to make it easy for you to get your updates on your cell phone.

To access the mobile version of our site, go to: or click on the mobile image in our "Feeds" list to the right.

The mobile version of Mets Lifer should work on any Internet enabled phone, but if you have an iPhone or Blackberry you might enjoy the site as is and just go to like you normally would.

But for those with Razrs, Sidekicks, or Samsung flip phones, the mobile version of Mets Lifer is a whole lot easier to browse. Enjoy.

Shed a Tear for John Smoltz

According to Atlanta papers, it looks like Smoltzy is out for the season. (tear)

The Atlanta Braves pitching staff is falling to pieces. Hampton. Smoltz. Could Glavine be next? I know I shouldn't be, but I'm smiling at the thought of it.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Did You Know Reyes Is On Fire?

Don't look now folks, but Jose Reyes has found his stride.
The Mets lively shortstop had his hitting streak ended the other night, but has picked right back up with a stellar game earlier this afternoon. Reyes homered, had a key first inning double, stole a base, scored a few runs and might as well have pitched an inning or two the way things are going.

Reyes is the sparkplug for this team, but the guys behind him (except for one David Wright) are doing a good job of driving him in.
Hey Beltran, Reyes has just about doubled your home run total.

When Reyes is on his game this team is ten times more fun to watch. I do think he needs to take a few extra hours of infield practice, but dont' change whatever he's doing at the plate.

On to San Diego for four more. Let the Reyes good times roll.

Highlights of Pedro Martinez's Return

Welcome Back Pedro, Now Do It Again

Welcome back Pedro. We fully expected you to get a win on this first outing. You're pitching against one of the worst offensive teams in baseball in a cavernous ballpark in a low pressure situation.

Thankfully you pulled through, but don't expect the monkey to be off your back quite yet. Now you have to replicate this effort across another 15 starts.

With the inconsistency that is Oliver Perez, Mike Pelfrey, (insert other starter here), the Mets need a solid Pedro. I don't expect him to throw a no hitter or strikeout 10 batters in a game, but I do expect him to pitch 6 innings and only give up 3 or fewer runs.

That's a recipe for success. Sure Pedro will blow an outing or two here or there, but by and large he has to be consistent (and healthy) for the Mets to succeed.

And going 2 for 3 at the plate, like he did last night, doesn't hurt either.

It's good to see you again Pedro. Feel free to stick around a bit longer this time.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Send Down Oliver Perez?

There was a debate going during last night's broadcast as to whom the Mets should send down once Pedro Martinez returns tonight?

I think Oliver Perez answered the question in last night's first inning.

Perez proved why he was a "throw in" with Roberto Hernandez back in the 2006 Xavier Nady trade. While Perez has had some great stuff last year, he's fallen back into troubled times this year.

I just read this morning that's he given up 43 runs in 60 innings pitched. I like this guy, and I really want him to do well, but I think he needs to see a psychiatrist.

Rick Peterson isn't getting through to him. Maybe he'll become another Rick Ankiel in a few years. I don't know what to do with Perez, but if the Mets sent him down instead to work on some pitches I couldn't blame them.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Long West Coast Trip

The Mets are showing signs of life, especially Carlos Beltran. So what's the last thing this team needs?

You got it, a long West Coast road trip.

This trip to California could not have come at a worse time. There are no off days this week and the Mets are as banged up as they come and have not had an off day in almost two weeks. They finished the game last night after 11 p.m. and had to fly across the country to play tonight.

This is brutal and the Mets do not need a let down at this point. So to make matters worse let's throw our most erratic pitcher on the mound tonight! Which Oliver Perez will show up? Will it be the 95 mph flame thrower with magic stuff, or will it be Mr. Walk 20 Batters and Can't Make it through the 4th Inning?

We're starting to play well in spite of some injuries. There's no reason why we shouldn't beat up on the Giants and continue this streak. But West Coast trips are rarely kind to the Metropolitans.

This will be a test of their mental strength as much as their physical abilities.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Mets Stay Hot

Jose Reyes is officially locked in (2-5, double, 2 runs scored, SB). David Wright is getting more consistent (3-4, 2 RBI) and Carlos Beltran (another HR) is really heating up. Oh, and Johan threw 7 2/3 innings of 1 run ball giving the Mets their 5th win in their last 6 games.

This, Mets Lifers, is what the Mets are capable of. If these guys continue to play the way they’re supposed to, this team should make the post season. For the first time all year, I’m starting to feel confident in them and I’m looking forward to each new game.

By the way, welcome back Ryan Church, who returned to the starting lineup with a flurry, going 3-4 with a homer and a double. Nice to see…although, I have to admit, he still looks a little groggy, watching him walk around in the dugout. Be that as it may, he didn’t miss a beat and continues to impress.

Perez has to keep it going in San Fran and then hopefully (pray) Pedro can stay healthy and stabilize this rotation.

Beltran's Bat

Don’t underestimate how big that win was yesterday. For 7 innings, the Mets looked like they were reverting to their old selves when they couldn’t get one hit with men on base. All day long, they left guys stranded. As such, it was very frustrating watching them plod along, and look lethargic as Tim McCarver pointed out. When cameras panned in the dugout, you saw that familiar gaze on guys’ faces; lifeless, ready to accept defeat.

Then, Carlos Beltran stepped into the box in the 8th with Wright on second, and launched his biggest hit of the season, a two run bomb that tied the game and ultimately paved the way for the Mets’ second come-from-behind victory in 4 games. We’ve been waiting for that all season.

To say Beltran has been a disappointment this year is an understatement. He’s a cleanup hitter, albeit, not traditional one, with only 4 home runs, before yesterday’s shot. To put that into perspective, Luis Castillo has one less homer, and Jason Werth of the Phillies, hit thee in one game a couiple of weeks ago. So while it’s been a largely disappointing season for Beltran, we all know this guy can go on a binge and carry a team much like Utley and Howard are doing for the Phils right now. We’ve had a nice run here, wining 4 out of 5, with two dramatic wins. In order to sustain this, Beltran has to contribute more consistently and with power. “We are the team to beat,” Beltran proclaimed before the season started. Now is the time for the Mets to be that team, and it is time for Beltran’s bat to carry them.