Friday, November 27, 2009

Halladay for Pelfrey and Tejada? Do It.

In a post on this morning, Matt Cerrone wrote about the Mets chances of trading for Roy Halladay. According to Cerrone's sources the pieces the Mets would have to part with to get Halladay included Mike Pelfrey and up and coming minor leaguer Ruben Tejada.

I say, "where do I sign?"

Seriously. If that's a legitimate request and a realistic offer, I say do it and throw in Luis Castillo as a bonus.

Pelfrey was a guy that I thought had the potential to be a real stud for the Mets well into the future, but his lack of mental fortitude and total inconsistency over the last two seasons have made me think otherwise. Tejada is a potential All Star, but the key word is potential.

What surprised me the most was there was no mention of FMart, Flores or even Niese, but a Pelfrey/Tejada of Halladay deal should be a no-brainer as long as the Mets workout a contract extension to lock up Halladay for more than one year.

Now these rumors are here today and gone tomorrow, but this could be the best deal the Mets could make and set the team on the right track for 2010.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Things to Be Thankful for as a Mets Lifer

  1. That the 2009 season is over
  2. Anything is possible in the offseason
  3. 1986
  4. Johan Santana is still here
  5. The hope of a healthy Jose Reyes
  6. Shake Shack
  7. That 2010 can't be any worse than 2009...right?
  8. At least we're not Royals fans
  9. Football fills voids
 Happy Thanksgiving everyone. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Custom Mets Shirts

As Black Friday approaches and the dreaded holiday shopping season officially kicks into gear, I figured I would do a little shameless promotion of my new site, While Dave has been singlehandedly keeping our site alive with his typically witty posts, I have been hibernating in a cave thinking about the glory days of our futile, yet, beloved Mets franchise. Of course, Game 6 1986 is probably the greatest victory in Mets history, certainly the most improbable. But there was another Game 6 from that remarkable season and it is arguably the single best post season game ever played. So, in honor of those classic games, I have taken a stab at designing a couple of shirts that you may (or may not) like.

There’s also been a lot of talk over the years about whether the Mets should retire the numbers of Keith Hernandez and Mike Piazza. I am one of those fans who feel they absolutely should, and since this organization fails miserably when it comes to honoring their past, I decided to create shirts to honor their “retired” numbers.

To check out the shirts, go to

Monday, November 23, 2009

Mets Are Going About This All Wrong...Again

Bill Madden wrote an article talking about how the Mets are focused on tier 2 free agents due to the amount of money they have available and trying to fill the needs.

This is just another chapter in the folly that is the Mets organization. Instead of focusing on creating a winning team for the future, they're focused on plugging holes to fit a budget.

Obviously, the team's budget plays a role, but it's the way they're going about their budget that's the problem. Bryan and I have talked about this before. The Mets both in the past and what seems like this offseason are paying too much for players that have limited roles. There's no reason to spend more than $1 million on a 5th starter, or even a 4th starter for that matter. Spend the money on the pivotal positions like a quality starting pitcher or a linchpin player in left field. Then fill the rest of the holes with the support players that you need.

To focus on tier 2 players is moronic. The focus should be on a quality #2 starter and a young talent at either first base of left field. Fill those spots first and use the majority of your budget to do so, then worry about filling the other voids.

Sure the Mets can afford a Jose Guillen in left field and a Joel Piniero, but does that really put us in a place that's better than where we already are?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Forgotten Fernando Martinez

Once upon a time, there was a young talent so coveted in baseball that he was deemed the future savior of the Mets at the meager age of 17. In fact he was so good and so lauded the he was not even worthy to be traded for the best pitcher in baseball, Johan Santana.

But then something happened that caused the Mets to lose sight of this phenom and move on without regard to what plans had been set in place many years before. It was called losing.

And so Fernando Martinez finds himself in an odd position...he has none. With the Mets pushing hard for Matt Holliday and the keeping of Jeff Franceour, Martinez will be the 4th or 5th outfielder on the team or will spend another year in the minor leagues honing his skills.

My question is what are the Mets plans for Fernando Martinez? I believe the answer is they don't know or don't have one. If the Mets sign Holliday or Bay they'll have a left fielder locked up for another 5 or 6 years. Beltran has another year left on his contract, and the question mark is how long the Mets will look to hold onto Franceour.

But in the mean time, Martinez is left blowing in the wind. Pagan looks like he'll be the 4th outfielder and I'm not sure you want Martinez riding the bench for a full season.

Do you trade him? If you can get a young starting pitcher like say Felix Hernandez? Than yes. But if it's for a middle of the road guy, I don't think you should.

For a guy that we've been hearing and talking about for at least 3 seasons, you'd think we'd know when we'd see him taking the outfield in Citi Field on a regular basis. For now, he's just trying to recover from injury and find his way back to the ballclub. In another 6 months, who knows where he might be.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Talented Mr. Chone Figgins

Chone Figgins is the latest name to pop up on the Mets rumor radar and is reporting that Omar Minaya met with Figgins' agent last night in Chicago.

Figgins is a versatile and interesting player that could fill a lot of holes for the Mets, but are they the right ones? He can play pretty much any position in the infield and even play some left field. Ok, but he's not playing third base with David Wright there. He's not playing shortstop with a healthy Jose Reyes. I don't think the Mets would sign him as an everyday left fielder because that's not really the power bat you're looking to get for that position.

Figgins is not suited to play first base full time, and I don't think you'd pay that much for him to be a bench player or platoon guy. So where do you put him?

Easy, second base.

While Luis Castillo was a solid performer last year, I think every Mets fan realizes we can't expect those kind of years from him in the future. Figgins would fit in nicely at second base, and provide a fantastic leadoff combo with Reyes at the top of the lineup.

I think I'd even like Figgins over the coveted Orlando Hudson. While Hudson would be a better clubhouse leader, I think the Mets would more years and some Citi Field optimized performance out of Figgins.

Of course the Phillies are interested in him as well and if Figgins becomes this year's Raul Ibanez, we'll be banging our heads against the wall.

It's still early in the off season so we may forget about Figgins in a few weeks, but with Carl Crawford off the market to me Figgins is the type of player that's suited for Citi Field and the Mets lineup.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Mets Predictions That Are Sure to be Wrong

And the hot stove is heating up. They still haven't finished cleaning up from the Yankees' victory parade and already players are signing, trade rumors are flying and Omar Minaya's Verizon bill has exceed 4 digits.

Carl Crawford is gone. Orlando Hudson appears to be attainable. Everybody wants Matt Holliday. And so the sick cycle carousel goes round and round.

When the dust settles the question on every Mets Lifer's mind is who will the Mets end up with? As I chip the rust off my crystal ball here's who I ultimately believe the Mets will sign this offseason:

  1. Jason Marquis - he's a solid pitcher who seems destined for Queens. A reasonably priced upgrade over every Mets pitcher not named Santana.
  2. Randy Wolf - the Mets will try and forget about the Oliver Perez contract by signing the guy they should have signed last season, which pretty much guarantees he'll have a horrible year.
  3. Benji Molina - Omar will surprise everyone by overpaying for the hefty backstop who can throw runners out. Omar will cite "defense up the middle" as the reason he crushed Omir Santos' dreams
  4. Matt Holliday- While we're on the topic of overpaying, Mets win the Matt Holliday sweepstakes and throw Oliver Perez-like dollars at the flavor of the month
 Do I want the Mets to sign all these guys? No. There's a guy named Roy Halladay missing from this list and I'm not convince Matt Holliday is the power bat to help solve the Mets problems.

I'd like to see the Mets go after Orlando Hudson (another guy they should've signed last offseason) and add another solid reliever, like a Chad Bradford.

But this is all speculation for now. The hopes and dreams of a better 2010 rest in the Wilpon's checkbook and the mind of Minaya. Oy, vey.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

One Torture is Over and the Other is About to Begin

The Yankees are your World Series champs. (yawn)

What does that mean? It means the Yanks finally accomplished what they were expected to do for the last 9 years: win the World Series.

For Mets fans, the 2009 baseball season is finally over and along with it the torture of the lingering bad tasted that was the 2009 Mets. But now another torture begins: the unknown.

There are so many questions the Mets face this offseason that could make it just as torturous as July through September. Questions about Reyes, catcher, starting pitching, Pelfrey, free agents, trading for Halladay, Luis Castillo, Delgado, Murphy, Thole, Maine, Omar, Manuel, and on and on the list goes.

It is impossible for the Mets to solve every problem in the next 4 months, so curb your expectations now and just hope for a winning season in 2010.

While Mets management is talking about getting a bat for left field, I hope they don't lose sight of the real problem which is starting pitching. The chances of signing Lackey are slim because of his desire to play for Texas and there aren't too many free agent pitching options, but the focus needs to be on pitching first.

Would I like to sign Matt Holliday? Sure. Would I rather have a tier 1 pitcher? You betcha. The Mets made the right move last off season by signing K-Rod right away. That dealt with the number one problem in 2008.

Now you have to deal with the number one problem of 2009, inconsistent starting pitching. Then worry about the situation in left field.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Switching Horses in the Middle of the World Series

I've already detailed how tough a World Series this is for me as a Mets fan, and in a post last week I wrote about how I was going to pull for the Yankees instead of seeing the Phillies win back-to-back titles.

But a funny thing has happened while watching the first three games of this series, I found myself secretly pulling for the Phils.

I had no intention of doing this, but when A-Rod struck out three times the other night and Jeter hit into a double play I noticed a peculiar smile appearing on my face. In my mind I know I don't want Philly Nation to have the satisfaction of yet another title, but in my heart of hearts I just can't pull for the Yankees.

During the first three games of the series I secretly wanted Mariano Rivera to blow a save in front of the entire nation. I grinned as Utley sent a ball to Utley's Porch of the Bronx. I even went against everything I believe in by cheering for Victorino to throw out Swisher at home plate during last night's rain drenched game.

Why? Call it being a lifelong National Leaguer. Call it rooting for the "underdog." Call it being against evil. Whatever you call it, it's uncomfortable. But with the Phils down two games to one this Mets Lifer is switching horses.

Go National League. (I can't say it)