Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Must Read

Do yourself a favor and check out this post from a downright filthy (as in Joba Chamberlain filthy) wordsmith at



Why are we so pissed off? Why are we so angry? I'm dropping this one Kinison style!

We're so angry because:
  • The Mets traded one of the greatest right handed pitchers in the history of the game in Tom Seaver - "agghhhhhh"
  • There wasn’t a Wild Card in the 80’s - "agghhhhhhhh"
  • of Terry Pendleton - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • Lasorda brought Hershiser in from the pen to close out Game 4 in ’88 - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • We had to watch John Franco blow saves for 14 years! - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • We had to watch his successor Armando Benitez for 4 even worse years. - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • Kenny Rogers walked in the season-ending run while Rickey and Bobby Bo played cards in the clubhouse - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • Timo Perez failed to run hard in Game 1 of the 2000 World Series - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • The 2000 World Series Champs seemingly shared the anabolic needle like it was a “j” at Woodstock - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • "Who Brought the Dogs Out" was a theme song in 2000 - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • Robby Alomar was a bust
  • Kazmir was traded for the wrong Zambrano - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • The Marlins have won two championships in 10 years - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • Generation K turned into Generation KO - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • Beltran failed to swing - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • We could really use Brian Bannister right now - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • We have to watch those Giseppe Franco commercials in between every inning - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • The organization held a sing a long contest and… - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • they played that rick astley song - "aghhhhhhhh" talk about adding salt to the wound and this was our own organization humiliating us - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • Tom Glavine puked all over September last season - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • Delgdo forgets to cover the bag - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • Delgado is hitting under .200 - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • Delgado didn't come out for a curtain call - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • The team can't hit with men on base - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • They lost 13-1 to the lowly Pirates - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • They are so freaking inconsistent - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • We will forever be humiliated by the ’07 collapse unless a championship is won - "aghhhhhhhh"
That's why we're so angry!

Feel free to add any other reason I may have missed. I know there's plenty more.

There's a Reason Why We Boo Delgado

Dear Mr. Delgado-
I understand you were upset with us as Mets fans this year. We constantly boo you and we're ready to pack you up and ship you to Staten Island at a moment's notice.

I can't blame you. It has to be a tough life. I mean you get booed. You count your money. You get booed. You drive your nice car. You get booed. You sleep in a luxury home. I mean who would want that?

But I can see why you didn't want to take a curtain call. You were trying to teach us a lesson and you weren't feeling the "moment." I personally didn't blame you.

But then you proved to us last night why we boo you.

You went 0 for 5 and your average is currently resting below the Mendoza line. Then to top it all off in the 9th inning you pretty much blew the game for us. You're a first baseman. I don't want to hear about short hops or tough throws. It's your job to catch balls that are thrown in your direction. You made a critical error that should have never been.

I'd cut you some slack if this was the first one. But it looks like you can't hit and you can't field. What good are you to us right now? David Wright is struggling, but when it came time for him to step up, he did.

I was so happy for you in 2006 when you were a beast in the playoffs. Since then you've fallen off the face of the earth. I'm pulling for you. I want you to do well. I hate seeing you like this.

But you deserve every boo thrown your way, regardless of what Chris Russo thinks. Your paycheck says we should be getting more from you, and we're not.

So suck it up and start turning things around.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Forget About Alou

Moises Alou was supposed to be the key to this Mets offense this year. He was not the central focus but more the linchpin that propelled the Mets lineup beyond the rest of the NL East.

I'm here to tell you to forget about Alou.

Just remove him from your memory. The sooner you do, the better. The longer we continue to think that Alou will make a return, the longer you're just fooling yourself.

It was a no brainer to sign Alou for another year and I can't blame the Mets for doing it. I would have done it too. But the guy can't cross the street without breaking a bone. He gets aneurysms from eating hot oatmeal. And the guy can't walk his dog with pulling a groin muscle.

Alou is done. It's time to move on.

His absence leaves a glaring hole of not-so-much power in the middle of the lineup. Ryan Church has closed that gap considerably, but the good news is we have adequate bodies to fill left field. Which is actually pretty surprising considering we lost Gomez & Milledge.

Angel Pagan has filled in nicely. Endy Chavez is possibly the best defensive bench player in all of baseball. We can even through Marlon Anderson out there if we're desperate.

But what about the offense? Here's the key. Our main guys need to produce. Call me a revolutionary but Reyes, Wright, Beltran, and Delgado need to produce. That's why we pay them the big bucks. That's why they're on the All Star teams. That's why they have to produce.

If that happens it won't matter who's in left field because they'll be playing a role and not a central part of our offense.

But in the mean time, just forget about Alou. He's not coming back.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Carlos Delgado Day at Shea

Welcome back Carlos Delgado. It's great to see you again.

Delgado looked like his former self on Sunday as he crushed two home runs including one off Brave ace, John Smoltz. Delgado's swing actually looked like his 2006 swing more so than I've seen of him the last 13 months.

Don't get me wrong he's still got to show me he can consistently produce before I welcome him with open arms.

Also, how about the hefty left, Raul Casanova? Casanova hit a deep homer off Smoltz as well.

How much does David Wright hate facing John Smoltz? Can't say I blame him.

One last stat that will blow your mind: Carlos Delgado has a better on base percentage than Jose Reyes. Ouch. That should keep you up at nights Jose.

Bring in the Pirates although Monday's game will probably be a rain out. Feels good to get two from the Braves especially since it was against Hudson & Smoltz. Glavine is still too scared to show his face at Shea.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Amazing Play by a Pitcher

I can't even comment on this. You have to see it for yourself.

Timely Hitting Finely Shows Up

Saturday afternoon's game can be summed up in two words: timely hitting.

For the first time all season the Mets got some timely hits from Carlos Beltran, and Ryan Church continued his fantastic spring as the Mets got 4 runs early to set the pace against the Braves.

It seems like every time the Mets play a series against the Braves, we have to face Tim Hudson and he always seems to beat us. Not today.

By the way, hat tip to Carlos Delgado for being the ultimate teammate to Aaron Heilman after Heilman came in and gave up a few hits and a run, but got out of the jam. Delgado gave him the slap on the back he needed. Sadly for Delgado, his hitting Aaron Heilman's back side was the closest thing he had to getting to first base.

Both those guys are going to be booed out of town before long.

One more with the Braves tomorrow. A series win would go along way.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Mets Get Beat By Man With Girl's Name

Kelly. Are you kidding me? Kelly Johnson? How many home runs can one Mets team give up to guys who've never hit double digit homers in their career? This is like the 4th guy this week that's gotten a game winning home run and struggles to get the ball out of the infield on a regular basis. This isn't Pujols or Ortiz or Howard. It's Kelly Johnson. He's like an overgrown leprechaun.

I wouldn't mind as much if it was Pat Burrell or Chipper Jones or even Frenchie Franceour. At least those guys can swing the bat and if they beat you, hey it happens.

But Kelly Johnson?

Even so, the Mets did themselves in when they couldn't crack this game open in the 3rd inning with the bases loaded. Sure they got in the pitcher's head (I'd name the pitcher but there's no way I'm spelling his name right) and he ended up walking 4 in a row because the Mets were a bunch of statues up there. I really thought Pagan was going to come through but no.

I guess the Marlon Anderson experiment at 1st has started and will get people talking.

Wright & Reyes need to wake up and get out of this funk. I hate to throw the entire ballclub on two guys shoulders but if they're not producing we're not winning.

Kelly Johnson!?!?! Are you kidding me? Where are my pills?

8 Things Aaron Heilman Is Doing This Afternoon

  1. Renting Rookie of the Year to look for some pitching pointers
  2. Finding comfort in the fact that Carlos Delgado is a worse hitter than he is
  3. Telling himself that he's really a starting pitcher
  4. Wondering where his next meal will be
  5. Watching Ellen instead of working on his mechanics
  6. Calling Guillermo Mota for advice
  7. Staring into the mirror and saying, "I am a rock in a sea of confusion" over and over
  8. Emailing Yadier Molina to see if he'll be a reference on his resume

The Chase

Forget the race for the NL East. Mets stink and I am bored by their apathetic play. I’m more intrigued by a couple of other chases that are kind of flying under the radar right now but I suspect will be big news come September.

First up is the home run race between Chase Utley and the NY Mets. Now fortunately for the Mets, Utley had a single game slump yesterday, going 3-4,with no home runs. And with Beltran and Anderson hitting solo shots (surprise) last night, the Mets took a 12-10 lead on Utley. So with 140 games to go, the Mets have a slight edge right now but if Utley snaps out of his one game slump, he just might win this thing. I’ll be glued to the tellie in September to watch this play out, and you know ESPN will switch to their In Game broadcast to watch Utley’s ABs.

Now this second race doesn’t appear to be nearly as riveting as the home run chase with Utley, but it is worth noting and does involve the gopher ball…specifically the ones served up by Aaron Heilman. With his 4th home run of the season allowed last night, Heilman is 8 behind the Mets’ season total of 12. Odds are, Heilman will lose this race (Unfortunately for Aaron, he doesn’t pitch in every game even though it may appear that way) but I for one, will keep a close eye on this as the season progresses (or digresses depending on how you look at it).

Anyway, don’t get too bummed Mets Lifers. As you can see there are still some really compelling storylines to this 2008/Continuation from 2007 Mets season.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Aaron Heilman Hits #2 on Most Hated List

Osama bin Laden still holds first place, but Aaron Heilman has officially moved up the charts to the #2 most hated person in New York right now.

This is completely in his head now and he needs to step away from the game. Did you see his face in the dugout after he was pulled? It's like he just was at his mother's funeral. And rightfully so because his career may have flatlined.

Willie Randolph has proven though he is capable of putting faith in the most unreliable of pitchers (a.k.a Guillermo Mota) so there's still the chance that Heilman will be allowed back into a tight situation in the very near future.

Hooray, for Willie's confidence.

Two bases loaded bombs in one week should be a signal that Heilman has lost his stuff. Oh and Jorge Sosa can go right along with hijm.

Santana Makes Pitch to Bat Cleanup

Johan Santana was the only Met to get the ball out of the infield twice last night. The super starter notched two doubles and a walk to go along with his 4 strikeouts as the Mets won 7-2.

There's really nothing like a series against the Nationals to make a team feel good after getting pounded for two straight days.

Delgado was mercifully dropped to the 6th spot in the lineup and actually managed to drive in a run. I'm up for dropping Delgado down to the 8th spot. Let Church bat 5th. Pagan bat 6th and Schneider bat 7th. Delgado will draw some walks batting in front of the pitcher and then Santana can drive him in with his doubles.

How much more comfortable did Castillo look last night in the 2 hole? I love having Pagan up there but I don't think Castillo knows how to bat unless he's batting second in the lineup.

This was a win to help the team forget their trip to Chicago. A sweep of the Nationals is just what the doctor ordered. Anything less is pretty pitiful.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Ladies and gentlmen, Mets Lifers of all ages, what we have here is a textbook example of a mediocre baseball team; nothing more, nothing less. They’re mediocre and have been since May of last season. I’m not exactly sure what their record is in that time but I know it’s right around .500.

The good news for you, if you do indeed accept this realization, is that you will free yourself from any silly expectation of this team winning a World Series. And thus, will avoid the inevitable heartache in September, not too mention the countless hours spent watching loafers like Carlos Delgado drop routine throws or forget to cover the bag. Is Carlos even in the game? I mean, I know he’s in there, I see him, but man, it’s like he’s invisible. Someone should throw a ball at him from the dugout just to keep him awake. Wake up, Carlos!

Speaking of loafers, how about that Luis Castillo? There’s a player, huh? I’m so glad we get to see him hobble around for the next 4 years instead of young guys like Rubin Gotay. I never thought I’d see a guy with a worse swing than Kaz Matsui but Castillo takes the prize on this one. Hey, at least he can bunt right? He’s really good at that. Don’t get fooled by his inability to lay one down just because he failed against the Phillies the other night, this guy is an awesome bunter. You just wait and see.

And I love Carlos Beltran talking smack in spring training, about being the team to beat and all. That was cool. I’m just wondering when Beltran is going to actually hit the ball. I know it’s early and you know, he’ll have his numbers I guess at the end of the year but in the meantime, we’re losing games. How about a hit with men on base? I know I’m looking forward to that. Can’t wait.

Look, this is all very simple. We can do all the analysis we want; dissect Willie’s moves on a daily basis, but the bottom line is that Beltran and Delgado are not hitting. Period! They have one home run each. Our 4 and 5 hitters have one home run. Hanley Ramirez hit two home runs in one game the other day. If these guys are not going to produce, then you are cooked. Done. Game over. Forget anything else you want to analyze, when the 4 and 5 hitters in your lineup are not hitting the ball, you have all the answers you need. It’s right there.

I wrote a post on the eve of Opening Day about timely hitting. Unfortunately, the Mets have done anything but timely hitting. This alarming trend has to turn around if this team intends to contend for the NL East. Otherwise, they will remain a mediocre team.

Redacting My Previous Post

In my previous post I wrote a thank you note to Aaron Heilman for restoring my confidence in him the way he pitched against the Phillies.

After last night's loss to the Cubs, Aaron is back in the dog house.

And Jorge Sosa, you're joining him.

I apologize for my previous giddiness. I'm now back in sane mind.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Thank You Note To Aaron Heilman

Dear Aaron Heilman-

Just wanted to say a quick thank you for your 8th inning performance on Saturday night. Honestly I had no faith in you. I saw Willie Randolph call you in from the bullpen and I thought the game was over.

You came in with 1 out and the bases loaded and all I could see was a grand slam coming. You love to give up big home runs. I know part of you relishes in it, but you overcame your inner self for the sake of the team.

I think you finally proved to us that you're not cursed. Or if you are cursed you quelled that desire to fail for at least one game. And I want to thank you for it.

You got two huges outs which is slowly restoring my faith in you and allowing me to have supreme bragging rights over all my Phillies fan friends.

Please keep up the good work and again I appreciate your effort, but don't let it stop here.

Mets Lifer

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Now That's Johan Santana

That's what the Mets paid $20 million for.

Johan Santana owned the Phillies last night (at least for the first 7 innings) striking out 10 and showed complete control of all his pitches. Santana was pitted against Phillies "ace" Cole Hamels but proved who the true ace really is.

Santana still gave up a long ball to Chase Utley, but that's the only way teams score runs on him. If he can keep his pitches down and avoid the long ball he'll be unstoppable.

David Wright also continued his hitting ways as he was just a home run shy of the cycle while going 4 for 4 with a walk. And all those who were impressed by Delgado's hot start, welcome back to earth.

That makes 4 in a row and with OP on the mound this afternoon there's a shot to make it 5.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Wild Pitch is Mets Best Friend

When you win a game after going 1 for 15 with runners in scoring position there has to be a little luck involved.

Thankfully for the Mets there was Joel Hanrahan who after giving up a hit to Damion Easley to start the 14th threw a wild pitch, a bad pickoff to second base and then another wild pitch to help the struggling Mets bats to score without needing a hit.

Nelson Figueroa pitched a gem. Honestly he had one bad pitch the whole game that ended up being the Nick Johnson home run. He struck out seven batters and only gave up 3 hits through 7 innings. Unbelievable performance that deserved a win.

Church and Casanova really struggled last night. They struck out a combined 7 times. Come on it's the Nationals starting pitching. This isn't Maddux, Smoltz and Glavine..

But a win's a win and it's always nice when you're forced to stay up late to have a win to go to bed to. I hate it when you watch 14 innings and your team loses. But I guess that's what it's like to be a Nationals fan.

Let's hope Santana took some tips from Pelfrey and Figueroa to help him out tonight against the Phils.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mets Power Surge

My fellow Mets Lifer, Bryan, called for some much needed muscle last week and the Mets were happy to oblige last night.

The team with the fewest home runs in the National League exploded for 3 homers last night. David Wright was about 5 feet shy of making it 4, but Wright had hit a home run in his last 3 games so he's been pulling his weight.

I have to admit that I don't like it when Jose Reyes hits a home run. I think it messes with his head and he feels the need to swing with an even bigger uppercut. Yeah, that's just what he needs. Beltran finally got one and it was from the right side of the plate which is a surprise.

By the way, wasn't the knock on Ryan Church that he couldn't hit left handed pitching? I know it was only Matt Chico, but Church hit a bomb into the right field bullpen and the last few games has been hitting lefties like it's batting practice.

Even though the homers are great the success of the past two games has been Reyes' ability to get on base. Reyes and Church went a combined 4 for 8. That kind of production from your top 2 in the order is almost guaranteed to get you some runs.

Let's make it a sweep tonight with the return of the Barber of Queens, Figuerora!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Nationals Are the All-Twinkie Team

Whoever is the trainer for the Nationals should be fired. Is it just me or does their lineup contain more professional eaters than big league hitters?

I couldn't believe the size of Johnny Estrada. He looked like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man behind the plate. Then you have Nick Johnson who's not exactly a 32 inch waist. And Willie Mo Pena is not a small man either. And of course there's Dmitri Young who loves his Yodels.

Even their bullpen rivals Mike Golic's waistline.

I guess if you're going to be a bad team you might as well enjoy the pre-game buffet.

The Dumbest Play in Baseball

Ryan Church did an admirable job last night hitting in the #2 spot in the order. I like Castillo up there but with him struggling just to run to first base I think Church will see this as an opportunity to show he can produce.

Nobody has been better to start the season, except for maybe Angel Pagan, and Church has already impressed me both at the plate and in the field.

Until last night when we made the dumbest play in baseball.

I believe it was in the 3rd inning with the Mets up 2-0 that Reyes led off the inning with a double. Fantastic way to start the inning. Now any intelligent person knows that a single to any spot in the ballpark score Reyes.

So why in the name of all this good did Ryan Church feel the need to sacrifice bunt? Don't try and tell me he was bunting for a base hit. He never bunts for a base hit. The infield wasn't so out of position like they are for Delgado that he could take advantage of that.

To me that is the dumbest play in baseball: a sacrifice bunt with Reyes on second. I can see laying down a bunt if it was Delgado on second so this way it ensures a run scores on a single. But bunting with Reyes on second is just idiotic.

So of course they walk Wright and Beltran hits into a double play. Inning over. I'm hoping this was Church acting on his own and not a planned play from the dugout because then Willie Randolph should not just hand his managerial duties over to Jerry Manuel.

Listen to me Church, you're hitting over .325 for the first time in your life. Ride it until this dream sequence stops. No bunting with Reyes on in front of you. Period.

David Wright (and Mike Pelfrey) Beat Nationals

David Wright five, Nationals zero. That basically sums up last nights' game.

Oh that and the fact that Mike Pelfrey pitched 7 innings without giving up a run, striking out 4 and only walking 2. Wasn't that suppose to be Johan Santana's box score? I thought I saw Pelfrey talking to Johan in the dugout. Probably giving him some pointers.

But the real story is David Wright who has broken out of his normal April funk this week. He homered in the first to kick start the Mets offense and they never looked back. Wright went 3 for 4 on the night and Reyes even went 4 for 5.

Hmmm, so deduction tell me that David Wright hitting + Jose Reyes getting on base = Mets victory. A simple formula for winning but it's been one that's difficult to calculate of late.

By the way, hat tip to the fans at Shea for giving it to Lastings Milledge on his return to Shea. A lot has been said about the fans booing Santana but we New York Mets fans aren't stupid. Santana will be lauded, but we know when we need to turn on those who speak out against our team. Of course Milledge got a double in the first inning but he was quiet after that.

Bring on two more against the Nats. We need some payback after what they did to us last September.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Irony of Barry Bonds on "90210"

Ok, so this isn't a Mets specific post but it's something I had to write.

In this month's edition of ESPN the Mag, Bill Simmons writes a fantastic piece on why no one misses Barry Bonds and how an episode of "Beverly Hills 90210" was a self-fulfilling prophecy for the slugger.

Bill Simmons, in my mind, is one of the best sports satire writers I have ever read and his column alone makes it worth the subscription to ESPN the Mag.

I'd comment on it, but you should really just read it yourself and I think you'll find it both entertaining and eerily creepy. By the way, I must confess I do remember watching that episode, but not on reruns.

For a sneak peek of the episode, watch this:

David Wright on David Letterman

If this guy isn't the most media savvy player the Mets have ever heard (or even currently in MLB) I don't know who is.

David Wright sat down with David Letterman last night for an interview and even a little batting practice in the Manhattan streets. Great stuff and I love the fact that Letterman beans Wright in the back while pitching to him. Check it out:

Intro Music Rundown

Our friends over at Bugs & Cranks, gave Mets Lifers a little shout out regarding our post about Brian Schneider's intro music, but took it a step further.

They put together a list of what intro songs best represent the season that some players are having so far this year. Love the Luis Castillo choice: “On Bended Knee” - Boyz II Men.

Very witty post and worth checking out. Click here to visit Bugs & Cranks.

Monday, April 14, 2008

What's the Deal with Brian Schneider's Intro Music?

Ok, I can't dwell on yesterday's game because it was a debacle and there's no use thinking about it anymore.

But I have to ask has anyone noticed Brian Schneider's intro music when he comes up to bat? Usually intro music is suppose to symbolize who you are or it's a tune that gets you geared up.

I know that Piazza used to switch his music up to various metal groups. My 3 year old can tell when Carlos Delgado comes up because he's been using the same song with that familiar Latin beat for the past three years.

So that brings me to Schneider who unless I'm totally mistaken has some type of hip hop/techno music for his intro. I don't know the name of the song, but it's probably the last song I'd envision to symbolize Brian Schneider. I pegged him as more of a classic rock kind of guy, but maybe I'm just revealing my stereotyping tendencies.

Anyway, the best intro music still goes to Ramon Castro who has "The Imperial March" from Star Wars play when he bats. That still makes me laugh.

I guess I can't knock Schneider because he's been hitting the ball, but if his average starts to dip I think the intro music should be the first thing to go.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I Am Thankful

I am thankful this evening, thankful for not having watched the debacle that took place at Shea earlier this afternoon. Fortunately for me, I took my 2 ½ year old daughter to see a Beatles cover band perform in Manhattan, which was a ton of fun and very kid friendly. When the show ended, I got in my car and quickly turned the game on. Mets were up 6-2 and I was already “putting it in the books” as Howie would say. My daughter then requested to hear some U2 (good taste) for the ride home; I obliged. About a half hour later I turned the game back on only to hear the score was tied up at 6. Ridiculous.

Anyway, as I got home, I turned the game on the tellie, and saw the Mets were down 8-6. Predictable. I proceeded to watch one inning and witnessed Delgado literally drop a ball thrown to him from Wright. That would have been the third out of the inning. Instead, that runner went on to score to give the Brewers a 9-6 lead. Embarrassing.

At this point, I was pretty tired, so my wife, like a good middle reliever, watched my two kids while I went to dose off. (Anyone with kids knows naps are tough to come by so when you get a chance to take one, you jump on it). When I laid down, I unfortunately, put the radio on, volume low, and listened to yet another pathetic moment in the game. With man on first and third, Luis Castillo grounded out to first and Clark was thrown out at home. Delgado popped out to end the inning with the bases loaded. This was the fifth double play in 5 consecutive innings, and the second time the Mets had 1st and 3rd with no outs and didn’t score…against Mota of all people. Awful.

So I am thankful I did not see every inning of this game. Disgusting.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Santana A Bust At Shea Premiere

All the hype didn't pay off. For once I sat through the half hour pre-game show on SNY. I was pumped for Santana's Shea debut. Part of me wanted to trek out to Queens and even scalp some tickets.

But thankfully I didn't.

Santana has a propensity to give up the long ball and it showed on Saturday afternoon giving up 3 home runs as Santana got outdueled by Ben Sheets.

The highlight of the game for me was the thought that the Brewers might actually be naive enough to bring Guillermo Mota into the game in the 8th inning. That was my shining hope, but it was not to be.

David Wright did end the power drought with a shot to left field. I've heard talk about Citi Field causing wind issues that knock down fly balls, but I wasn't buying it until today. Reyes, Delgado and Beltran all had shots that off the bat I could have sworn were homers but fell short.

The series split is tomorrow with Ollie on the mound against the formidable Jeff Suppan (insert laughter). Seriously though the Mets need to keep winning series and this is a perfect opportunity to do so.

By the way is anyone buying the idea that Prince Fielder is a vegetarian? Oh yeah, I guess Ring Dings aren't considered meat.

Headlines for Angel Pagan

Angel Pagan has become an early hit for the Mets thanks to his bat, his speed, and even his hustle in the outfield. As a Mets fan I've quickly come to like Angel Pagan, but I also love him as a blogger for the headlines he offers.

It's been years since the Mets have had a guy with a name that offers so much potential for creative headlines until Angel Pagan. As I was planning on writing a post about him the other day at least 20 different plays on his name immediately came to mind, such as:
  • "Angel Gives Mets Wings to Victory"
  • "Angel Pagan Is Heaven Sent"
  • "Angel Pagan Provides Miracle Hit"
  • "Guardian Angel Protects Mets Win"

And I could go on. Let's say Pagan gets into a bit of a slump:

  • "Fallen Angel Hurts Mets Offense"
  • "The Dark Angel Posseses Mets Lineup"
  • "Angel Has His Wings (and Bat) Clipped"

So many play on words, so little time. The best part is the kid can play so all this word smithing would be in vain if Pagan couldn't produce some offense. He's the most exciting player to watch so far this season and every time he comes to the plate I feel like something is going to happen.

Today he bats leadoff as Reyes gets the day off and I'm fully confident he can pick up the slack with Jose out of the lineup. Now who expected that line would ever be written?

Need Some Muscle

I’m not really sure a whole lot has been made out of this but do you realize the Mets have only three home runs as a team through their first nine games? Count’em, that’s one, two, three! This dubious number ranks them dead last in the majors. Compare that with Arizona Diamondbacks who have 20 home runs in 10 games, and you’re looking at a Grade A power outage in Queens. In fact, this number is so low there are actually 11 players who have hit more long balls than the entire Mets roster. 18 other players have hit three.

I’m not sure what the problem is; if the new stadium is having an effect on the ball carrying in left center, or if guys just haven’t found their groove, but this is rather peculiar. I’m not overly concerned right now, especially since we’ve won three in a row, but I would like to see a bomb today when Johan takes the hill at 1pm. Who knows, maybe it’ll be Santana who’ll end the drought.

Mets Lifer Shout Out

For those of you who are familiar with this site, you know from time to time we like to give big Shout Outs to Mets Lifers out there in the baseball universe. Last year we made special mention of the kid who caught Barry Bonds* “record-breaking” home run ball in SF, and the old man wearing the classic blue cap with orange logo in a sea of Phillie fans in Philly on that last Saturday afternoon (before Sunday Bloody Sunday, thank you Tom Glavine).

Today, I’d like to give a big shout out to another Mets Lifer, Nelson Figuerora. Figuerora, a life-long Mets fan and Brooklyn native, made his dream come true by pitching his favorite team to a victory against the Milwaukee Brewers.

This is a truly remarkable story. We’ve all dreamed of playing for the Mets but you know it never actually happens. How many times did you hit the walk off homer in your backyard to propel the Mets to victory or throw that last pitch to win the World Series in front of the Shea faithful? Or how many times did you dream about drilling Roger Clemens in the nose with your heater because Sean Estes was a little girl and couldn’t do the job? Sorry, I digress.

Seriously, when you really think about how extraordinary last night was for this kid, it is like something out of a movie…or a dream.

Mets Lifer honorable mention Shout Out goes to the entire Figuerora family and friends who were going nuts in the luxury suite throughout the game…Great to see.

Friday, April 11, 2008

New Mets Theme Song?

This is very disturbing.

Divine Met Intervention in Angel and Church?

Hmmmm, is it coincidence that the Mets top two players to start the year have a more spiritual name than the other players on the team?

The fact that Ryan CHURCH and ANGEL Pagan are leading the team in basically every statistical category doesn't seem a little ironic?

What's that noise? I think I just heard Dan Brown run to go see his publisher.

I'm purely joking, but it is amazing to see two low level acquisitions turn into impact players early this season. I credit Omar Minaya for being able to see talent where others don't. Just when we lose Ruben Gotay, we have guys like Church & Pagan stepping up to replace the role he played.

Last night on SNY's text poll the question was asked which player would make the biggest impact when he returned to the lineup. The leading vote getter was Moises Alou.

I had to laugh. There's no doubt Alou is a bat that is needed in this lineup, but if Pagan keeps playing the way he is, I'm not sure you can take him out of the lineup.

That's a good problem to have.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Angel in the Outfield

Hardly an original header for this post, but come on...this guy rules! Are you kidding me? Angel Pagan tears up spring training, and now leads the Mets with 9RBI following his dramatic game-ending single in the bottom of the 12th. And just like that, the Mets take 2 out 3 from the Phillies and optimism is restored in Queens on the bat of an Angel. 

 I love Jose Reyes getting off tonight as well. With a SB and a double that set up the winning run for Pagan's heroics, Reyes looked like his old self. And I have to give big ups to the man we call Blowenweis. Scott Schoenweis came up huge tonight when he got Chase Utley to ground into an inning-ending double play in the 11th. 

The Mets needed this victory and they got it. Great win! 

Angel Pagan: Not Fade Away

What's been the highlight of this short lived season so far? Hmmm, Santana? I guess, but his pitching prowess is kind of what I expected it should be so for me the highlight is this guy, Angel Pagan.

The only reason Angel is on the Mets right now is because of the injury to Moises Alou. If Alou was healthy and playing, Pagan would be in Triple A right now as Randolph would have claimed Easley, Chavez, & Anderson as his backup outfielders.

But now the guy is the starting left fielder for the New York Mets, and is right now the best offensive performer of this young season. Through the first seven games, Pagan as an OBP of .433 and a slugging percentage of .455.

Now I do realize the season is barely a week old, but Pagan has come out swinging. I love him in the #2 hole, but in the 7 spot he gives us a nice spark in the bottom half of the lineup as well.

Now if Reyes could only play Buffy, to Pagan's Angel the Mets would have a much more potent lineup and a few more wins down the road. I'm just hoping that this is not just a flash in the pan for Pagan and although his numbers right now are staggering I'd love to see him be a consistent on base guy for the Mets even if his slugging numbers drop.

I don't think that's too much to ask.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bottom Four Bust Out

My best argument for the Mets this year was that we had the best lineup 1-4 in the NL with Reyes, Castillo, Wright & Beltran.

None of those guys showed up on Wednesday but the Mets still were able to pour on 8 runs to beat the Philthies. The bottom four batters in Delgado, Church, Easley & Schneider all got hits and were able to either score or drive in runs in route to the Mets win.

Easley has been smoking the ball and if he keeps it up will make us quickly forget about Luis "My Knees Are Glued On" Castillo. Both Ryan Church & Brian Schneider are making their mark early this season. Reyes did get on base but looks very awkward at the plate. The upper cut swing is back which is as welcome as Chipper Jones to David Wright's birthday party.

Let's not overlook Mike Pelfrey who did a solid job and it was good to see him get a win on his first outing. Pelfrey's toughest inning was actually a 1-2-3 inning where he was forced to throw 27 pitches to 3 batters. But that to me is a fantastic sign. Even though he had to throw a ton of pitches it didn't lead to a big inning. That's ok with me.

Tomorrow is the rubber game in the series and a win on Thursday would be a welcomed series win against our now most bitter rival.

A Wax David Wright Takes Subway to Opening Day

Had this press release forwarded to me, but I hadn't heard anyone talk about it. Very clever idea and the wax David Wright is eerily identical to the human being. It's way too life like. I could use one of those for some of my meetings.

Here's the release from the New York MTA:

NEW YORK, April 8, 2008 – Mets fans waxing nostalgic about the final season of play at Shea Stadium will get a chance to ride to the game just as fans did on that first opening day 44 years ago, when MTA New York City Transit places into service a 7 nostalgia train, this morning.

Departing from Times Square/42 St., the vintage array of IRT subway cars, featuring a “Bluebird” model, will make all express stops along the way to the Shea Stadium/Willet’s Point station. As part of the event, 300 lucky fans will also receive a free MetroCard® valued at $2.

In collaboration with the New York Mets, NYC Transit Senior Vice President of Subways Steven Feil will host invited dignitaries in the lead car, a 1964 “Bluebird” that entered service at about the time Shea opened. Also taking the ride but understandably denying all requests for interviews will be a wax figure of Mets third baseman David Wright, compliments of Madame Tussauds New York.

“Taking the Train to the Game is a great example of what NYC Transit services offer—an efficient, convenient and inexpensive way to get to the game while creating memories that will last a lifetime,” said MTA Executive Director & CEO Elliot Sander. “Last season alone, more than 700,000 Mets fans took advantage of beefed-up 7 service (an increase of 17% from 2006), using the Flushing Line to make it out to the ballgame and travel back home again.”

To add to the ambience of the day, the N.Y. Mets Pepsi Party Patrol will roam both stations to assist fans heading to the game. Mr. Met will be available to greet fans and pose for photographs. Fans will also be able to take pictures with the Wright wax figure.

NYC Transit has stepped up its own game when it comes to traveling to and from Mets games. “Post Game Express” trains will run after all weeknight home games, stopping at Woodside, Queensboro Plaza and Grand Central. The first ever weekend express service (day or evening game) from Shea, will follow ‘Post Game Express’ service plan. Also, 7 express service will be “flipped” one hour earlier for weekday matinee home games (first Main St.-bound Express departs Times Square at 11:34 a.m.).

The initiative is part of NYC Transit’s “Take the Train to the Game” campaign, a multi-year effort aimed at encouraging riders to use mass transit as an alternative to driving, especially since there are fewer available parking spaces at Shea during construction of Citi Field.

To make traveling easier, the Willets Point-Shea Stadium station features an efficient, new layout on game days. Fans will be able to use all the stairs and ramps to get out of the station. “Our riders will notice the biggest change once the games are over,” said Steven Feil, SVP Department of Subways. “We have reconfigured the mezzanine to allow for a more free-flowing environment for fans heading to the subway or the Long Island Rail Road.”

Discounts are available, too. When fans mention “MetroCard,” they will be in line for discounted tickets ($10 or $5 off) to select games. And don’t forget, fans can also collect “Great Moments at Shea” MetroCards – set of two – featuring Shea Stadium and other great Mets images. The first in the series goes on sale this month at select stations along 7 Line.

NYC Transit not only helps fans get in cheaper, we get you there and home faster. Remember, prior to Tuesday’s game, 7 express service from Manhattan to Shea Stadium will start one hour earlier, at about 11:30 a.m. Following the game, regular evening rush hour service means a train every 2½ minutes. For detailed directions to the park, visit our Trip Planner at

Notes on Opening Day

Brad over at Bugs & Cranks put together some notes on the final Opening Day at Shea Stadium. Besides having a National Lampoon's European Vacation reference the post is full of some hilarious insights.

My favorite anecdote is "Wouldn’t it have been more appropriate to have Bill Buckner throw out the first pitch at Shea?" Why didn't Wilpon think of that. That would have been a scene for the ages. Mookie could have played catcher!

Check it out at Bugs & Cranks. And the Jamie Moyer dating Mary Magdalene reference had me rolling.

The Cure for Opening Day Depression

1 clutch base hit by anyone in the Mets lineup
6 innings of shutout baseball by Mike Pelfrey
3 times on base for Jose Reyes
0 runs scored off the bullpen
1 chance for Billy Wagner to notch a save

Those are the ingredients for the ultimate remedy to the current Mets plight. A win tonight is needed more for the team (and fans) morale than anything else.

I realize it's the second week of the season, but this Mets team needs a run to put the '07 you know what behind them and to get them to start believing in this team's chance at a playoff run in 2008.

If the losing continues against the Phils, Willie Randolph will have more and more pressure on him, the players will start playing a little tighter, and every run given up by the bullpen will add fuel to the fire that this team is not over '07 yet.

That can all be gone with a win tonight and tomorrow. But we need at least 4 of the 5 ingredients listed above.

And in my humble opinion Jose Reyes getting on base is the most important one.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Big Let Down on Opening Day

I almost tried to skip out and head over to Shea for its last opening day. Now I'm glad I didn't.

Oliver Perez saw a well pitched game go to waste in the 7th inning thanks to Scott Blowenweis. The Mets didn't do a whole lot on the offensive front either leaving a ton of men on base.

Do you find yourself saying that it's only the 6th game of the season and that this isn't a big deal? Yeah, me too. It's called denial. The inability to put away NL East rivals at any point during the season is not a good sign.

Willie Randolph should be worried. This can't keep up or else the media and Mets fans will be calling for his head by the time May rolls around.

Still two games left in the series, and the Mets better get their act together real quick.

Final Opening Day at Shea

I'm just about ready to head to Shea for the last Opening Day at our beloved, yet imperfect, stadium. Shea is like a second home for me, having been going there since the late 70's. And while I'll be sad to see it go, there is no doubt I am fired up for the new CitiField. It's not like we were overly successful in this stadium, winning just as many championships as the Florida Marlins, but in 40+ years. So hopefully, the new stadium will host more World Series than Shea.

Unfortunately, today, in what will be a memorable day in Queens, the 57,000+ fans in attendance will have to endure listening to a truly pathetic sing-a-long song by Rick Astley in the 8th inning. If there weren't enough things to be embarrassed about, being a Mets fan (see '07 collapse, or "Who Brought the Dogs Out" theme in 2000), but this is downright silly.

Anyway, let's hope for a Mets victory today, because if they lose, and I have to hear that awful song, my humiliation will be at an apex.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Why is Benny Agbayani Sitting on my Desk?

File this one into the "posts I never thought I'd write" category.

So my dad just got back from a week long business trip in Japan, and while he was there I asked him to pick me up some sort of sports memorabilia that had Japanese writing on it. I thought it would be kind of cool to have a baseball shirt with some Japanese writing.

Lo and behold there's a popular baseball team over there called the Chiba Lotte Marines. And guess who's one of their star players? Former Met Benny Agbayani. So here on my desk at work there is an autographed photo of Benny Agbayani.

I can't stop laughing at it. And the best part is the manager of the Chiba Lotte Marines is none other than Bobby Valentine. Of course.

The best part is I've already had someone come in and comment on the photo. They asked "Isn't Benny Agbayani your generations Bobby Bonilla?"

I had to laugh at that. Unfortunately I remember Bonilla as a Met as well.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Typical Mets Finish

Sunday's finale against the Braves was a real drag. First you had to watch Johan Santana suffer as Met after Met after marched up to the plate with a chance to give him a win only to have it fall short.

Then you had to endure yet another home run given up by Aaron "the Home Run King" Heilman to put a reachable 1-0 game turn into a 3-0 cushion.

As I was lying down on my couch fading somewhere between slumber and disappointment, the Mets of course rally in the 9th. My nap is officially ruined as I sit with anticipation as the Mets have 2 on base with a run in leaving the tying run on 1st (who by the way was Angel Pagan who is a fantastic pick up so far).

So right after Soriano basically loses total control of his command, what does Brian Schneider do? Why swing at the first pitch of course!

I will give Schneider some slack as it was a beautifully placed hit over the first base bag that Mark Texiera made a nice play on, but still swinging at the first pitch in the 9th inning with 2 on and 2 out and you're down 2????? Come on.

But that's a typical Mets finish. They tease. They toy. They ultimately disappoint. Now I've got no Sunday afternoon nap and the Mets have lost two to the Braves. Bring on the Phils because we need something to cheer against.

Some Things Never Change

New season, new pitcher, same result…Mets lose to the Braves...again. The first test of the season came early for the 2008 Mets and they failed. Johan did his part allowing one run through 7 innings, but the offense was nonexistent. John Smoltz mowed the Mets down for the first five innings and then Atlanta’s bullpen, which got hammered by the Pirates in the previous series, went on to close out the final four, allowing a run in the 9th, but it was too late.

It’s only 5 games into the season but the Atlanta Braves are better than the NY Mets. If you look at these two teams objectively, you will agree. Their lineup can flat out mash and if Smoltz stays healthy, that’s a big if, as he was wincing in pain before being taken out, the Braves are the team to beat. And until the Mets can prove they can beat them, I’m not going to think otherwise.

Time and time again we see them go down to Atlanta and it annoys the heck out of me. I thought for sure, with Johan taking the mound, this game would be ours. Unfortunately, the rest of the team didn’t show up. Poor fielding, bad base running and even worse hitting did the Mets in this afternoon. The only thing that’s amazing about this club so far is that Rick Ankiel has more home runs (3) than the entire team. Even Willie, in the post game report, was talking about the lack of power. By the way, Randolph already looks worried. Getting off to a slow start, I can’t say I blame him. I’m just as bothered.

If you’re looking for a silver lining, the Mets were 2-3 to start the ’86 season.

Johan Must Win Today

Today, I have every expectation to win this game as Johan Santana takes the mound against John Smoltz and the Braves. Opening Day was a nice start, but that was against the Marlins. This game today is different. This is the game I want Johan Santana to go out and win.

No doubt he will be facing a formidable lineup - probably, the best in the NL – but Santana needs to shut them down so the Mets can head back to NY with a winning record going in to their home opener against the Phils. With the exception of 2006, Atlanta has absolutely owned us over the last decade+ and yesterday’s defeat was no different. It was rather typical. But now, armed with our best pitcher in 20 years, the result needs to change. And that change should begin at 1:30 this afternoon.

Tom Glavine is a Better Person Than You Are

In an interview Friday night with Kevin Burkhart of SNY, Tom Glavine said he was not devastated following his pathetic display of pitching; his last performance in a Mets uniform, on that fateful Sunday afternoon because he and his wife have seen devastation first hand from the charity they run for children with cancer. He said he understands the way people feel but he has a certain perspective on things at this stage in his life with kids and all.

Uh, thank you Tom. Thank you for your profound explanation, because we Mets Lifers really misunderstood you when you said you were not devastated. But now that you have so eloquently pointed out that there are more important things in life than winning baseball games (going out on limb here, but I believe that’s what you’re trying to say), we feel a heck of a lot better now. Please excuse us for feeling ‘devastated’ after our beloved team just completed the second greatest collapse in regular season history, which you contributed so greatly to, having spit the bit your last 3 starts against the lower rung of the NL.

But thankfully, you have a different perspective on life…like the way you downplayed your quest for 300 Wins. It must have bothered you to even broach the subject. I have a sneaky suspicion your family was gagged and hogtied by the media, forcing you to do those countless interviews on the feat. That’s the only reason that could explain your willingness to discuss it at every opportunity you got…you know…since there are more important issues in life than baseball…How guilty you must have been feeling about looking so self absorbed and single minded for discussing it a. And here I am thinking you were just obsessed with this individual achievement. Furthermore, thanks to your explanation, I now know you left your beloved Atlanta Braves for NY because you wanted to donate as much money as you could to charity. That’s the only explanation I could think of for going to the team who was willing to pay you the most. I thought it was greed that lured you from your comfy confines to the Big Apple.

So thanks again Tom, for enlightening us Mets fans. I for one, now have a whole new perspective on life. I know this guy in the picture above will too once he hears your interview. I’m sure even Moises Alou, once he reads your comments, will regret ever saying “he hates baseball right now” after that game. After all, it was just a game.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Bugs and Cranks Indoor Four Contest '08

The well written, Bugs & Cranks, has returned this season with a brand new round of their "Indour Four Contest."

I'd never seen this before last year, but it's a very unique contest where basically you pick a player that you think is going to hit an inside the park home run every month and you get points for triples. At the end of every month you tally up your points based on your players performance and there's a chance to win Best Buy gift cards.

The grand prize is a $300 Best Buy gift card. Can you see a Blu-Ray DVD player in your future?

I'd go with Carl Crawford or Carlos Gomez. But of course the guy who hits an inside the park home run will probably someone totally absurd like Jorge Posada just to mess with us.

Anyway, check it out at Bugs & Cranks and stick around to check out some great posts covering all of your favorite MLB teams.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Things to Look Forward to in the Series Against the Braves

  1. Booing Tom Glavine uncontrollably
  2. Not seeing Mike Hampton pitch again (hee hee)
  3. Chipper Jones getting hit in the head
  4. David Wright shoving his gold glove down Chipper's throat
  5. Booing Tom Glavine uncontrollably
  6. Watching Johan Santana vs. John Smoltz
  7. Laughing uncontrollably if Mike Pelfrey out pitches Tom Glavine
  8. Booing Tom Glavine uncontrollably
  9. Away games in HD on SNY HD
  10. Mets taking 2 out of 3 in Turner Field

Lets go Mets!

The Mets Series Against the Marlins in 10 Words or Less

Santanariffic. Not again Pedro. Wise unimpressive. Wright looking good.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Blame Pedro's Injury on Mets Today

Joe over at Mets Today has a great post on why Pedro's injury is his fault because he picked Pedro Martinez for his fantasy baseball team.

This happens to me with Giants players on my fantasy football team. I had Brandon Jacobs and Derrick Ward this year. But it looks like Joe has a history of this type of behavior.

Please Joe, don't pick Jose Reyes or David Wright for the next ten years!

The Missing Mets

Let me start this post by saying I'm confident in the Mets roster of players. I love the Santana trade, and I think that Schneider and Church will both add some stability to our lineup.

I do think that there are a few Mets this year that will be missed. Sure we had to give up something to get something, and everything we got was a more than adequate addition. But I still know there will be times this year (and probably the next few years) where we'll miss these ex-Mets.

1. Carlos Gomez
We got Johan Santana for him and some other minor leaguers. Clearly the Mets got the better end of the bargain, but Gomez is sure to impress folks in Minnesota this year. I guarantee that on more than one occasion we'll see Gomez make a stellar grab in the outfield or showcase his blazing speed on ESPN's Baseball Tonight. With Alou being out, Gomez's absence might become more pronounced early on this year than anyone expected.

2. Lastings Milledge
I don't think we'll miss Milledge too much this year. Although I'm quite certain there will be a "payback" hit where he drives in some key runs at some point when the Mets play the Nationals. I have a feeling that Milledge will mature as a hitter this year and next year become a Shannon Stewart type of hitter.

3. Ruben Gotay
My man-crush is gone. He might never amount to the player I thought he'd be, but I do love that lefty bat coming off the bench. As long as Castillo's knees stay glued in place, Gotay will become a distant memory.

Matt Wise Tries Out for the Role of Guillermo Mota

Keith Hernandez had just finished the last consonant in a sentence where he remarked how Matt Wise was leaving his changeup too high in the zone when "I Don't Even Know His First Name" Andino crushed a walk off homer to left field to send the Mets to their first loss of the season.

I was a little surprised to see Willie Randolph turn to Wise in back to back games to start the season. I was thinking he'd bring in Joe Smith to get him some work and burn an inning before relying on a long reliever to get through the extra innings.

The worst part is Wise's stuff looked pretty good. His change up was filthy against the first two batters when he was keeping it low. I have no clue what possessed him to try throwing it up in the zone. Anyone who's ever played a 2K baseball video game knows that a changeup or curveball high in the strike zone is an automatic home run!

I was waiting to hear Willie Randolph say in the postgame inteviews that Matt Wise is "his guy." That would have been the kiss of death for him.

It's only one loss, but with Pedro Martinez getting injured I guess you could say it's actually a number of losses.

Woody Williams phone is now ringing off the hook.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Well that was quick. All that euphoria we were feeling yesterday was quickly turned into mush a day later. It must be baseball season. And unfortunately for Mets fans, that means a lot of anguish.

Tonight, not only did the Mets lose on a walk off home run by a guy who never hit a major league homer before, but we also lost Pedro Martinez once again as he pulled a hammie in the 4th inning and had to leave the game. I’m not ready to jump off a cliff but this is exactly what we didn’t need to happen two games in. It’s a total buzz kill. And watching the post game report, you get a sense that Willie and company are completely dejected by this. They looked like the wind was just taken out of their sails, and Willie in particular, looked like he was ready to shed a tear (maybe not that bad). In any event, this was a tough night for the Mets and selfishly, for me too, since this loss officially christens in a new season where I become quite moody. Up one day, down the next. Need to get tomorrow’s game underway and purge this feeling.

By the way, can someone tell me why Ryan Church swung at the first pitch after Gregg was 3-0 on 4 straight hitters before him? Listen, you make an out, fine. But when you’re just not thinking up there, that annoys me. It’s inexcusable.

SNY Broadcast note: Loved the Kazmir & Zeppelin reference. Gary Cohen even got the album title correct.

SNY HD is Awesome

I'm an HD snob. I'll admit it. If it's not on in HD, I won't watch it.

That's why it bothered me so much the last few seasons that the Mets away games were not in high definition. It's a disgrace to my plasma that I am forced to watch the game with those annoying gray bars on either side.

But now SNY has committed to broadcasting every single Mets game in 2008 in HD, whether it's home or away.

And let me tell you that SNY HD this season is fantastic. They must have boosted their HD signal this year to 1080i or 1080p broadcast frequency because the picture was unbelievable for the Mets opening day game in Florida.

The SNY HD picture rivals the Sunday Night Football game on NBC HD which to me is possibly the best quality video for a sporting event, but SNY is easily rivaling them in quality.

A great opening day. Santana pitches. Mets win. Wright, Reyes & Beltran get a few RBIs. And SNY shows the game in the most stunning HD quality that I've seen for a Mets game.

Kudos to you SNY, and thanks for finally broadcasting away games in high definition. Next year, spring training?