Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Mets Bleak Mid-Winter

As snow continues to fall in the greater New York City area, the frost blanketed Citi Field is a symbol of the Mets off season so far: bleak. After a disappointing 2010 campaign, Mets fans needed hope. They thought they would find it in the firing of Minaya and Manuel, but instead this winter has only banished fans into further depression.

Yesterday, the Mets financial situation was brought into full light. While many had speculated pending doom for the Wilpons and Mets organization ever since Madoff's villainy was revealed, Friday was the first time even those within the organization admitted they were in trouble. I don't pretend to understand what exactly this means, but for the most part it means times are tough and won't be getting better any time soon.

To date there haven't been any signings, trades or deals worth getting excited about and money troubles will only add to the lack of interest in improving the team if it means adding payroll. From Chris Young to Chris Capuano to whatever other no-name, mid-level, rehabilitation project the Mets add to their roster, the feeling that 2011 will be one of those years to forget still lingers.

The 2009 season was abysmal, yet last off season I still found myself interested, hopeful and excited about what 2010 could be. This year it's the exact opposite. No hope. No excitement. And honestly I'm not at all teased by pitchers and catchers arriving in just under a month.

This is truly a bleak mid-winter for the Mets. And the worst part is the arrival of spring will most likely not change our demeanors. You never know what can happen, but the reality is 2011 will hardly be an escape from the Mets of 2010.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mets and Chris Young Agree to Deal

Three years ago I would have been so excited about this. Now, not so much.

The Mets rotation is turning out to be 3 guys trying to resurrect a career (Dickey, Capuano, Young) and 1 guy trying not to wreck his (Pelfrey).

Of course there's still Jon Niese who might be the most reliable of all of them. You don't realize just how important Santana is until he's gone.

Mets and Chris Young have AGREED to a deal |

Thursday, January 13, 2011