Monday, August 31, 2009

13 Ways to Stay Positive as a Mets Fan

And on the third day...the Mets win. This is bound to be our plight for the remainder of the baseball season. Lose two, win one, if we're lucky. It's difficult to even talk baseball as a Mets fan unless you're commiserating with other down on their luck Mets Lifers.

But you have to try and stay positive while you're waiting for your refill of Zoloft. Here are some ways:

  1. You're better off watching the Mets than watching any episode of Glee
  2. Any win is a little Festivus miracle
  3. Imagine that Bobby Parnell is the second coming of Bill Pulsipher
  4. Take joy in the fact that Luis Castillo is your 2009 Mets MVP
  5. In every Mets game there's a chance you'll get to see someone mortally wounded
  6. Last preseason football game is this weekend
  7. You could be Jeff Wilpon and be down like $700 million
  8. Every day is a day closer to ending the pain
  9. Find hope in the Phillies potentially losing in the Wild Card to the Rockies
  10. In every game there's a chance to witness an embarrassing play that hasn't been seen in the last 50 years
  11. Christmas is coming
  12. You wanted the Mets to get younger, so now you have your wish
  13. Only 30 more losses to get Bryce Harper

Friday, August 28, 2009

Worst Mets Lineup Scores 10, Shows Clutch

The Mets just enjoy messing with me.

Just a few short hours after I declared Thursday's Mets lineup as potentially one of the worst lineups I've seen in my 30 year existence, that same lineup goes out and puts up a 10 spot on the Marlins.

Sure even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while, but this Mets lineup scored 9 of their 10 runs with 2 outs.


Yup.I couldn't believe it either and in fact I didn't even realize until a comment was made about it this morning on WFAN. Tatis didn't even hit into a double play if you can believe that.

Maybe it was pent up anger or the stars aligned or whatever, but the key is the Mets finally won a game and Tim Redding looks like a guy who's pitching for his life. I like that. Only took him 6 months to do it, but what position are we in to be picky?

An afternoon delight at Wrigley today at 2 pm.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Worst Mets Lineup Ever?

There were some pretty bad ones in the early 90's and 2000's, but today's lineup against the Marlins has to be up there.

Here is the lineup for the 2009 Mets on this 27th day of August:

Angel Pagan
Wilson Valdez
Daniel Murphy
Jeff Francoeur
Cory Sullivan
Fernando Tatis
Omir Santos
Anderson Hernandez

Mets Should Focus on the Fundamentals

The lost cause of 2009 should be a time for the Mets to consider September as a really early spring training. The games are meaningless, except for a few "pride games" so the Mets might as well use the rest of the season to celebrate the fundamentals and punish those that ignore it.

Think of it as in-season scrimmages. Winning or losing doesn't matter. It's making sure the young players are playing the game the right way and the veterans are doing the little things consistently.

Here is what the Mets should be promoting:

No walks
This pitiful starting rotation should at the very least get it in their heads that walking the leadoff batter is unacceptable. Walk a leadoff batter, you're fined $1,000. Walk three batters in the game, you're fined $5,000 and immediately pulled from the mound. These walks are ridiculous. Throw it over the plate and put the ball in play.

Hitting the ball to the opposite field
This is something that is greatly lacking from the lineup, especially with runners in scoring position. Murphy and Franceour should get rewarded every time they go the opposite way.

Getting the runner over
If you're up with a runner on first or second base and less than two outs and don't at least get the runner over, you're fined $1,000. How many times have we seen innings begin with a runner on second and no one out and they still don't score. Unacceptable.

Reward/Punish Poor Hitting
You go 2 for 4 in a game, you're guaranteed to play the next day. You put up an 0 for 4, you're benched for 1 game. 0 for 2 with a walk and a sac bunt, you live to play another day. 1 for 5 but your hit came with 2 outs and runners in scoring position, you get the game ball.

These are little league level things, but it's obvious the Mets need to be worked on at that level. No one is watching these games once football season is under way, so the Mets should envision September 2009 as a way to work on developing their players and if wins come along the way so be it.

Don't give me the "they need to put fans in the seats" argument either. Fans aren't flocking to this team no matter what they do, so we might as well watch some fundamentally sound baseball. Anything is better than what we've seen over the last week.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This Week's Sign the Mets Apocalypse Is Upon Us...

Here's your starting rotation for the New York Mets for the rest of the year: Pat "Squee" Misch (kudos to Brad Bortone for that one), Tim "I look like Rick White" Redding, Bobby "Bullpen Please" Parnell, Nelson "Long Shot" Figueroa and Mike "The Licker" Pelfrey.

Let that sink in....

Now enjoy your dinner.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Reasonable Phillies' Fan Misses the Rivalry

When Matt Seeker commented on one of my posts today, I saw that he linked to his Phillies' blog and rolled my eyes as I clicked the link. But to my surprise, Matt's Phillyosophy is a blog written by a reasonable Phillies fan.

Matt's post today about the Great Misfortune is an insightful take from the folks down 95 about the current plight of the Mets. Matt takes the position that he's sorry to see this happen to the Mets because there's no joy in beating this current Mets club. There's no competition that made the past two seasons of matchups so exciting.

I'm with you Matt. I think the Mets/Phillies rivalry is really the first rivalry the Mets (or even the Phillies) have had in recent memory. Sure the Braves were the Mets hated nemesis, but it wasn't a rivalry of heated battles or back and forth jockeying for first place.

That's what I'm missing this year. The competition. The rivalry.

At least one Phillies fan feels the same way.

Citi Field: Home to Amateur Baseball

Citi Field opened its door to amateur baseball so it only makes sense that the closing month would feature amateur baseball as well. St. John's University baseball team played the first ever baseball game at Citi Field, and right now I might rather have their lineup and starting rotation than what the Mets will put on the field this week.

21 players will have seen the disabled list before the end of August. The Mets can now add Johan Santana and Jeff Francoeur to the list of casualties as both appear to be done for the season. Santana's injuries open up a Pandora's box of questions and issues that are sure to stir the winter hot stove fire for months to come.

For those optimists out there, there is a bright side. Let's get the blood letting done now while we're still numb to the pain. Let's clean house in August and get ready for an extremely busy and anxious offseason unlike any the Mets have ever seen.

If you thought last September was painful, September 2009 might be worse. The games will be without interest and meaning. It's sure to flood Mets fans with memories of those glorious seasons of 1994 or 2003 where baseball was merely a gap to fill between basketball and football.

I will say this. There is no team, I repeat no team, out there that could that have predicted or withstood this onslaught of injuries. The Mets could have made moves to improve their team, but it's undeniable that preparing for an injury epidemic of such magnitude could have been prevented. The Mets disabled list looks like an All Star lineup featuring Beltran, Wright, Reyes, Delgado, and now Santana.

But what this does for the Mets is force them to start over and build anew. The focus must be on starting pitching and then filling the holes of a power bat and a few bench adjustments.

If you thought the wait from last season's end to this season's start was long, you've just been given an extra month to endure this offseason. The wait for 2010 starts today, August 25th, 2009.

Mets Reality Check

Time for a quick Mets reality check as a lot of folks have been talking to me about their thoughts on this pathetic team and their hopes for what's to come. Let's set the record straight.

Bobby Parnell is not your saving grace
It's only his third start, but let's not paint Parnell to be the Queens version of Joba Chamberlain. I do think Parnell should stay in the bullpen and develop into that future closer for the ball club, but desperate times call for desperate measures. I hope this doesn't ruin him for future seasons.

The 2009 seasons is over
In case you didn't notice, but I think we're all at that point now.

Mets management is moronic
Omar Minaya has done everything to get himself fired. He's made some dumb moves. He's said some stupid things. He's even started a public fight with a reporter. But this is the guy management is supporting. Now they could be lying about backing Minaya and Manuel, but that's even dumber. Just don't say anything. Why come out with this vote of confidence during the most dismal stretch of games we've seen in the last 3 seasons? Because management is moronic.

Jeff Franceour is a New York guy
Jeff Franceour has done everything right since coming to the Mets. He's played hard. He's produced. He's dealt with the media better than guys who were here for a decade. His demeanor in the clubhouse and the dugout are infectious. The guy belongs here and I think he deserves a shot to stick around.

Mets farm system can't develop talent
Develop is the key word here. Outside of Reyes and Wright can you name the last great talents to come out of the Mets farm system? Ok, how about mediocre talent that at least deserves to play in the big leagues every day? Even the lock-it-up, shooting star players like Milledge haven't turned out so well. I don't know what's wrong, but there's something awry here.

Training staff has got to go
You can't tell me that all these injuries doesn't reflect in some way the training staff on the Mets. If guys are popping hamstrings like Pringles, it's time to look into a new training staff. I think you'd switch mechanics if every car you brought in for a tune up ended up having something else go wrong with it, right?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Oliver Perez is the Devil

I do not make this claim lightly and frankly it's no joking matter, but I've come to the conclusion that Oliver Perez is the devil.
You see films like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings always paint evil as being this ominous black cloud or blatantly dark being, but in actuality the power of the Prince of Darkness is in the fact that no one can tell who he is. But I'm telling you, he's Oliver Perez.

The year is 2006 and a desperate man named Oliver Perez decided to sell his soul to the devil for a shot at pitching greatness in game 7 of the 2006 NLCS. Perez relinquished his soul to the sole possession of the devil and got some majestic pitching magic out of it. In fact an Endy Chavez, catch sealed the deal for Perez and he thought he had made the best move of his life.

But of courses, the devil is a coniving being and as soon as Perez was taken out of the game, the deal was sealed, and one Yadier Molina at bat later the devil laughed at the foolishness of his subject. And so Perez has set a course for destruction not only for his mortal being, but for the franchise he is a part of.

You think the past two seasons have not had some influence by an evil and unseemly source? Do you think that giving up 6 runs in the first inning and being pulled with a 3-0 count to the pitcher is not the sort of thing only the seediest of minds could concoct? Or that Sunday's game was ultimately ended on the most freakish of plays in all of baseball right in the midst of the most unlikely of comebacks?

No team is this cursed on its own and I can trace it all back to that game 7 in 2006. Ever since that day, Oliver Perez has cast a shadow on this franchise and fooled them into believing he could be the pitcher they saw on that one day in October.

He does no exist. The mortal being known as Oliver Perez exists no more. The Devil himself lives in Queens and the Mets need to exorcise Perez from this team.

Pay him his ridiculous contract, but send him off to Buffalo to rot away his remaining years. I don't care that he's young. I don't care that he's been lights out in certain starts. I know a cancer when I see one and it's name is Oliver Perez.

Until the Mets right this wrong be prepared for a continued sprial downward into the depths of destruction.

Oliver Perez is no ordinary man. He's pure evil.

Mets Are Made of Minor League Talent

Don't interpret this headline the wrong way. I'm not talking about how the current Mets team is made of guys who they've developed in their farm system. I'm referring to the depressing fact that much of their team are guys who have no business being in the major leagues.

Pat Misch is exhibit one. Why on earth he was brought in after Tim Redding pitched masterfully is still a mystery? Soft tossing Misch against those power Phillies' bats? It's a match made in heaven. Of course Misch came through, for the Phillies that is, giving up a leadoff walk to Victorino (cardinal sin #1) and throwing a down and in fastball to Utlet (cardinal sin #2) which he sent into Utley's porch over in right field.

But Misch is not alone in being a minor league talent playing for the Mets. There's Elmer Dessens, Wilson Valdez, and you could even throw in Anderson Hernandez. Before you start arguing on behalf of Anderson Hernandez just stop and think for a second. Ok, now you're with me.

It's amazing this team wins any game that the starting pitcher doesn't go 7 innings without giving up more than one run. I'm not one who longs for the drama and trauma of September 2007 & 2008, but this team has me longing for the days of meaningful baseball instead of mediocrity.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mets Lifer: Fan on the Street Q&A

Mets Lifer took to the street to ask some every day, non-blogging fans about their answers to a few pointed questions. Of course, Bryan and I felt the need to chime in but you’ll find many of the answers to be pretty in line with each other and a few that stand out as unique.

Let’s introduce you to our 5 fans on the street. There’s Tom (who’s in the unenviable position of not only being a lifelong Mets fan, but Jets season ticket holder), Gus (talented musician and 20-something Mets Lifer), KK (a newlywed Mets fan whose husband is unfortunately a Yankees fan), Bob (Jersey-based Mets Lifer who has possibly the best hair of any Mets fan), and Desiree (hardcore Mets fan & professional photographer). Roll the questions: 

In three words or less, describe your feelings about this Mets season?
Tom: Disappointed, Disgusted, Disenchanted
Gus: Where’s Bobby Bonilla?
KK: Utter disgust
Bob: Shocked, unpredictable, disappointed
Desiree: Disappointing
Bryan: Cheated
Dave: Mortified and stupefied 

Is it better, worse or indifferent that at least you won’t have to endure a Mets collapse this September?
Tom: Better. Much better. I absolutely do not want to be put through a third consecutive post season tease. So now for the next six weeks, I can casually tune in and not have to rearrange my schedule to make sure I don’t miss a game. I can also focus my energy on the NFL.

Gus: As much as the past two Septembers have driven me insane, I have to say that it feels great to route for a winner. I’d go for 2008 collapse over what we’ve gone through this year. Kind of feels like we’re just skipping right over 2009….at least football starts soon.

KK: Better to know that we are not even close this year. 2 years of collapsing was exhausting.

Bob: Better as with all of the injuries the pressure and expectation is off and they are now not expected to win.

Desiree: Indifferent

Bryan: No question this is better. I’ve written on this blog before about heartbreaking losses vs. blowout defeats and I’d much rather prefer a blowout. The same applies in this case for the season and for one very simple reason: I sleep much better. When your team loses in such crushing fashion as our beloved Mets have, it takes a very long time to get over that sick feeling. To this day, I obsess about Game 7 of the 2006 NLCS. What if Randolph bunted in the 9th? What if fan favorite Cliff Floyd made like Kirk Gibson? What if Jose Valentin was more patient with the bases loaded in the inning following the greatest catch ever? For 2007, you can rattle off any number of blown games that just make you want to vomit but there’s one that sticks out in my mind more than any other. It was the second to last weekend of the season and we were playing the Marlins. The Phils had just swept us the weekend before to cut into our lead, and on this night, our lead was at 3 games. We were down by a run in the 9th, and with 2 outs, and the bases loaded, Marlin Anderson hit a bomb off the wall to clear the bases. Beltran singled in Anderson and we were up by 3…in the last inning! Well, in that inning, Jorge Sosa came on to close b/c Wagner had back spasms that night, and sure enough, Sosa blows it. But if it weren’t for a crucial throwing error by David Wright in that inning, we would have won the game. This is also the game, you will remember, the Phillies were watching on TV in their Clubhouse after they had won their game. They were jumping for joy and even laughing. And who could forget 2008, Mets vs. Cubs in the last week. Murphy leads off with a triple in the 9th of a tie game and we can’t get him in. And Wright, as we all know, struck out with 0 outs. Longwinded response I know, but, it clearly illustrates why I prefer this kind of a season than a humiliating collapse. I will not obsess on any one game from this 2009 campaign and that’s a good thing for me. And the games noted above? Well, they will continue to have a special place in my tortured mind.     

Dave: To me this is worse. A collapse is painful, but there’s interesting baseball games to be played, some excitement in a pennant race and the hope that you’ll pull it out at the end. This season is just pure disappointing and often times the games are unwatchable. I’ve lost interest in the team when the lineup is filled with C-list players and you have to endure Tim Redding or Livan Hernandez as your starter. In a perfect world I choose neither. 

In your opinion, what, if any, is the bright spot for the Mets this season?
Tom: Not many bright spots, to be frank. The farm system has shown it can produce some marginal talent but nothing to write home about. The guys I wanted to see really take another step didn’t (Pelfrey and Murphy) and there’s not enough of Niese and Parnell to make a determination if they can be legit starters. Only one minor bright spot I can point to is that I think if healthy, Angel Pagan could be a starter in the majors.

Gus: There are a few positives that I see coming out of this disastrous Mets season. First, David Wright comes out of this mess  a much better leader and player. He will perform in future Septembers  and will be a legitimate MVP candidate next year (top 3). Second, Minaya gets fired which I think is a great thing. Lastly, the abysmal season propels the organization to make a blockbuster trade in the offseason or at least a series of trades that add up to W’s.

KK: Picking up Jeff Franceour. That’s it. 

Bob: Bright spot would be trading Church for Francoeur. While Francoeur has had a tough year this year he is young still and very capable of having a 25+HR/90+RBI in the future. Don't know if I could say that of Church. Looking to next year an outfield of Pagan, Beltran and Francoeur sounds very, very right.

Desiree:  The acquisition of Jeff Franceour. Period.

Bryan: Wow, I had to think about this for a little bit. I guess Angel Pagan looks like a nice player and has played well here but I’m not totally sold on him as a starter. I think he’s at least a 4th outfielder which is a critical role on any team, especially the Mets. It does concern me however that he has a tendency to be a little lackadaisical out there but I guess that means he’s a perfect fit on this club. I’m intrigued by Parnell, and am interested in seeing how he progresses. Strangely, I still believe in Daniel Murphy. I do think there’s something there. While he certainly hasn’t been a “bright spot” this year, his play at first base has been a pleasant surprise and I actually think he’ll get better with the stick. Don’t lose faith in this guy just yet. Remember, he’s still a kid and in a lineup that’s had only one real offensive threat in it all year.  

Dave: KK and Bryan hit it spot on. Franceour was both the most surprising move of the season and the smartest. You got a young guy with energy for a decent outfielder in Church. I remember seeing the trade on my phone and thinking “huh?” It was an unlikely deal, but it’s already paid dividends. I think Gus makes a good point about David Wright. This could be the year similar to what Michael Jordan went through when he lost Scottie Pippen for an entire season and had to carry the load. Made Jordan a better leader while being surrounded by mediocre talent. Let’s hope it has the safe result with David Wright. 

Who should be fired? Jerry Manuel? Omar Minaya? Both? Neither?
Tom: Jerry gets a pass because of the injuries and it’s only his first full season managing the team. However the heat gets turned on him in ’10 and a bad start might get him canned mid season, like his predecessor (the name Bobby V will he tossed around all winter, I’m sure). If anyone has to go, it’s Omar. 5 years into the Minaya regime has produced one good year that ended on a crushing loss, the worst late season collapse in the history of baseball with a repeat performance the next year,  all sandwiched by two miserable seasons. To be fair, he brought in some good free agents and the Santana trade was an absolute steal, but the overall body of work is lacking. Toss in his public embarrassments (the Rubin fiasco and the mishandling of Randolph’s firing), it’s time to move on.

Gus: Minaya has been average at best and I believe it’s time that we part ways with him at the end of the year. I’d like to see us sign the assistant who put together the Franceour – Church deal. As for Manuel, not sure any Manager could have succeeded this year but I think we need a Joan Rivers (facelift). Give me Bobby V.

KK: Omar Minaya should be FIRED. Jerry needs someone to light a fire under his butt! 

Bob:  Neither of them as no one could have predicted the injuries to Reyes, Delgado (although I felt they should have traded him in the off season), Beltran, Putz, Maine, and now Wright. 

Desiree: In a word, both. 

Bryan: Omar has to go. Period. And I’m sorry to say but I want Manuel to go as well. Nice guy, funny, and honest – maybe too honest – but I need a change. And John Ricco does nothing for me either. Is he qualified? Maybe. But as a Met fan who has been through hell the last few years, I want to hit the “refresh” button. I wish the Wilpons would sell the team but since that’ll never happen, I want to gut the organization. Not sure who to bring in at GM (maybe Beane?) but I would definitely get excited for the return of Bobby V. I’d also have to give a call to LaRussa who is a free agent at the end of this season. Like him or not, the guy always, always has his team prepared to play. You’ll never hear him talk about the need to “stay around .500” until star players get healthy. Thinking outside the box? How about Ron Darling? I think he would make a great manager. The downside of this of course is that he wouldn’t be in the booth with Gary and Keith. 

Dave: I say clean house. I like Jerry a lot, but I’m not sure he is a top tier type of manager and baseball mind. Omar is definitely gone. His ship is sinking faster than El Duque’s career. 

Should the Mets break up the core of Wright/Reyes/Beltran?  
Tom: I hate to say it, but yes. The only way to jolt this team is to trade away one of the “un-tradeables”.  I would get of rid of Beltran first but I think you’re stuck with him because of the contract. Wright is still the face of the organization so he has to be the last to go. Which leaves Reyes. This would be one of the toughest decisions in the last 20 years, but he’s had a history of injuries and he has never become the superstar everyone thought he would be by now. With what you can potentially get in return, it might be time to silence the “Jose, Jose, Jose, Jose” chants at Citfield 

Gus: I think that the core must be broken up. Beltran’s soft but is one of the top 3 CF in the game. Wright is the heart and soul of the organization and the only untouchable we have on the team. So…..DEAL REYES! He’s still young at 26, but he hasn’t matured or markedly improved and has a history of leg injuries. I’d like to see him dealt for a stud pitcher or really young and talented position player…not sure what his value is anymore but give me Ellsbury whose the same age but possesses more of that spark we need as a team….or Kazmir and Crawford.

KK: Yes, they should break up the core.......but KEEP David Wright

Bob: They shouldn’t break up the core. Wright and Reyes are the face of the franchise and the 3 of them are among the greatest players at their position now in the NL.

Desiree: I believe that if any of them should go, it should be David Wright.  Beltran is a much better player in clutch situations and finding a replacement shortstop that could match Jose Reyes would be very difficult.   By bringing on Jeff Francoeur, the Mets have found the possible leadership person they have been looking for, a role David Wright has not been able to fill.

Bryan: Well, I didn’t feel this way even after two straight September collapses, but I do think we need to consider a change now. First, I would explore a Beltran deal but you have to get him to waive his no trade clause, which would be no easy task. Plus, there are serious questions about his knees so I’m not sure you can get good value in return. As much as I love Reyes, he’s never come close to the MVP-like numbers he put up in ’06. Plus, his air-brain decisions are a major concern, not to mention his leg injuries. But, much like Beltran, I’m not sure what you can get for him at this point. I would do Bucholtz and Ellsbury for him but I don’t know if the Sox would go for that. Would it be possible to package Reyes in a deal for Halladay? I would make getting Halladay priority #1 by the way. And I would not trade David Wright but I will say this. Of all the things that have gone wrong this year, the most alarming and troubling issue for me and my #1 concern going into next season is Wright’s lack of production at the plate. It is absolutely amazing that a guy can go 30 and 100 four straight years and then completely fall off a cliff.   No one really wants to admit it or discuss it because David is such a likeable guy and literally the face of the franchise but his drop off is without a doubt the white elephant. We used to be able to pencil his numbers in at the end of the year. .300/30/110/.390 OBS. Now, I can’t confidently say for sure whether we’re going to see the David Wright of old (especially now after the beaning), or are we going to have the next Brian Giles? That’s a scary thought for Met Lifers. 

Dave: I say keep the core unless a team makes an offer you can’t refuse (i.e. Reyes for Bucholtz & Ellsbury, which is crazy ridiculous if the BoSox offer that). Here’s why you keep the core. What better players are you going to get at each position? Beltran is possibly the best CF in baseball when you combine his hitting and fielding. I’ll give you Grady Sizemore if you want, but Beltran is definitely top 3. There aren’t any 3B lying around that the Mets could pickup and you can’t trade Wright who is the franchise. The fans would revolt (except for Desiree). Lastly, who’s going to replace Reyes at SS. Where can you find a legit leadoff hitter, with a very good glove, and exceptional speed? They’re hard to find.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Remember August 18th of the 2009 Mets Season

I want you to remember August 18th, 2009. Why? Because it is likely the only bright spot and memorable game in the second half of the Mets season. I give Omir Santos' home run off of Baby Papplebon as the bright spot in the first half, but last night is the post All Star Game cake taker.

Of course, this is a meaningless win on a Tuesday night in a season where the Mets are going nowhere, but it's nice to have a relief from the losing and a surprise comeback.

The Mets were able to string together 10 hits in one inning which scored 8 of their 9 runs. The amazing this is it all came against Derek Lowe who just imploded and Bobby Cox refused to take him out.

As I was watching the game I honestly couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was one of the most unexpected comebacks. When Oliver Perez gets you down 4-0 before the 4th inning is over, you can pretty much back up your bags and leave the ballpark. But Sheffield was hitting the ball to the opposite field, Tatis was avoiding double plays and Santos found the gaps leading to one of the great one inning rallies the Mets have ever seen.

Everyone but Daniel Murphy got in on the action, including a surprise single from Oliver Perez. Of course I fully expect the Mets to get shutout tonight, but I'm going to enjoy these few fleeting moments.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

In Case You Missed It, A Transcript of Omar Minaya's Press Conference About David Wright

Some of you may have missed Omar Minaya's press conference yesterday where he talked to reporters about David Wright being put on the DL and his recovering from a concussion. Here is the transcript:

"Good umm, evening. I meant to say...good...what I'm trying to say is...I don't regret saying good evening, but it was the wrong time to say...I mean it was the wrong forum for good evening, so....good afternoon.

David Wright sustained...he got concussion. So at this Rubin asked me for a I had to think about it....and where are these concussions coming I had to think...and uh that's hard for me sometimes...especially umm when...and management and I...more because I'm umm go the way of Willie Randolph next month...and decided uh to put Wright on the 15 day disabled list.

Wright is going to see a doctor of specialization....I mean....he's going to a concussion specialist... a person who specializes in concussions...ummm a man of the concussion persuasion...uh because I don't want to regret having not sent him to a person of is no concussion specialization.

It's not the forum for concussions...but I regret not having concussions...or I should say...I hate you Adam Rubin...I mean...the team supports David...and uh, you know...we hope recover from concussion...before the season..

Thank you."

Brian Schneider is a Reincarnated Charlie O'Brien

I don't think there was a Mets player I disliked more growing up than Charlie O'Brien. Ok, maybe Doug Sisk, Don Aase and Kevin McReynolds after 1988, but O'Brien is definitely in the top 5.

I couldn't understand how a major league baseball player could bat under .200 and be completely worthless at the plate. Every time O'Brien would get up with runners on base, it was an automatic out or a double play. How on earth did a guy like this get to play every day?

Fast forward 18 years and I give you Brian Schneider.

Schneider has become the same liability that O'Brien was back in the early 90's. Schneider is a pretty good defensive catcher, but let's not fool ourselves into thinking his woes at the plate are covered because he's got an arm like Yadier Molina. Schneider is a serviceable defensive catcher who calls a good game, but his presence in the lineup is as fearsome as Oliver Perez's.

In 2008, Schneider had arguably his best offensive year batting .257 with an OBP of .339, both career highs. This year Schneider is taking a step backward as his current average is a few notches below the Mendoza line at .192 and his OBP is a horrific .288.

Compare that to O'Brien's back to back years of batting .185 and .212 in '91 & '92 and you have a closer resemblance to Schneider than you may initially think.

I was one of those people that liked the Schneider pickup. For some reason I thought he was a decent hitter and a very good defensive catcher. The truth is he's a not-so-good hitter and a respectable defensive catcher. And in this lineup of mediocre bats, Schneider's ineptitude at the plate is all the more glaring.

What about Omir Santos you ask? Santos is the heir to Ramon Castro's throne. He's a guy who comes up big a few games a year and has you thinking he can be an everyday player. I think Santos is a solid backup or platoon catcher, but not a guy you can expect to deliver every game.

I'm starting to think that this off season after the Mets acquire ________ (insert really good starting pitcher here), they should start investigating a new catcher.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Matt Cain is A Really Good Pitching Punk

Matt Cain is good. Correction, Matt Cain is very good. He may very well win the Cy Young Award this year.

But ultimately he's a Class A punk.

The hat tip during Saturday's game sealed the deal for me. I believe Cain didn't throw at Wright on purpose or at least he wasn't trying to hit him in the head. He was visibly upset about having done that, but then he had to go and tip his hat to the irate Mets fans who were obviously, and deservedly, angered at Cain for almost killing the face of the franchise while sending him to the hospital.

Andrew Baggarly at the Mercury News had this to say in defense of Cain's hat tip:
"Cain tipped his cap as he came off the mound, which I’m sure the Mets fans didn’t appreciate. What they couldn’t have known is that the small contingent above the Giants dugout that stood and cheered him weren’t just any group of out-of-town Giants fans. They were the minority owners of the club, along with their families. Bill Neukom, Larry Baer and many of the investors accompanied the team to New York for the series. After Friday night’s loss, they were glad to have something to cheer — finally.

I’d tip my cap to the people who sign my checks, too."

But here's the thing, Cain isn't saying that's why he tipped his cap. In fact he's changing his story. On WFAN's Joe & Evan in the Mid-day, Evan Roberts noted that Cain when asked about tipping his cap after the game originally said something to the effect that "hey, this is New York" alluding to the fact that fans often prey on players and players in turn play to the crowd.

But Roberts went on to say when Can was asked again later about whether or not he tipped his cap on purpose Cain said, "I was just adjusting my cap" and that he wasn't tipping his cap to the crowd.

Now if he was tipping his cap to the Giants fans behind the dugout, then fine, but why not say so? Why change your story? Just come out and say you're a punk and it was probably not the right thing to do. End of story.

I don't care if the Mets don't face Matt Cain for another two seasons. The next time he's up at the plate, he should be put on his back. Then we'll close the case on this one.

The only good thing about this is it gives us something else to be angry with other than this ball club. Kinda nice for a change of pace.

Update 4:15 p.m.
I guess I've confused some people with this post because I say Cain appeared to regret hitting Wright, but then I'm angered by the fact that he tipped his cap. So which body language is correct?

I admit it's difficult to sentence someone for "body language" but I think the second act (a.k.a the hat tip) added to the fact that he's changing his story when asked about why he did what he did that makes me think he showed no regard for hitting Wright. Cain basically wanted to be a punk to the fans and tell them to shut up because he was leaving the game with the lead.

It's just stupid to react to negative fans. No good can come from it. Any action you do is not going to help you in any way. It just adds fuel to the fire. And that's what Cain did. 

Updated August 18th, 11:23 a.m.
Thanks to Wendy over at Bleacher Report for updating me with the following: "Bochy, Molina and Cain all called him on Sunday and spoke to him in person yesterday to let him know that they wish him well and that the pitch was not intentional." Looks like Cain isn't as much a punk as I originally thought or is at least making amends. Good to see.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Piper Down: Wright to DL

David Wright has been put on the 15-day disabled list, according to Omar Minaya. Wright wanted to stay with the club, but the Mets made the first wise move of the season by keeping him out.
So it's official. Luis Castillo will be on the disabled list next week as he's the only remaining starter who remains healthy.

This is getting to be like a Greek tragedy. If we find out that Omar Minaya is actually Angel Pagan's illegitimate son, I don't think I'd be surprised. This team has seen more drama than Shakespeare's quill.

Speaking of drama. The Mets won in dramatic fashion thanks to a walk off single by Daniel Murphy. Somehow that doesn't seem to matter.

Get well David.

There is No Justice for the Mets

When you start to expect a storybook ending to any game this year, please remember this is 2009. This is the year of injustice for the Mets.

Absolutely nothing can go the Mets way this season. In a season where every star, every important player to the success of this team has found themselves injured, David Wright was the only bastion of hope for Mets fans.

And then yesterday, every Mets fans' heart skipped a beat when Wright was crushed in the helmet by a 95 mph fast ball. I literally gasped when it happened and stared blankly at the TV waiting for Wright to get up. How can this happen? Why is this happening?

Matt Cain had no intentions of hitting Wright, but he did commit the one unpardonable act a pitcher can do, hitting a batter in the head. Thankfully Wright seems to be okay and sustained a concussion but CT scans were negative according to a Mets spokesperson.

But after Wright exited, I found myself thinking that this would be just the spark the Mets needed to jump start this team. Then Santana folded giving up 3 runs in the 6th inning on back to back to back to back to back hits.

The worst part of Santana's outing is when he tried to provide some justice for Wright's beaning by throwing at Sandoval's back. Of course this is the 2009 Mets, so Santana missed him and on the next pitch Sandoval crushed a home run.

The Mets somehow rallied to tie the game and force extra innings and had every Mets Lifer hoping for some justice. But KRod threw the biggest meatball I have ever seen to Benjie Molina who slammed it into left field.

Game over.

So as the day came to a close it found Wright in the hospital, Santana with a loss, KRod with a blown save and justice still avoiding the 2009 Mets.

There are no breaks for this Mets team, unless it's a bone.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Parnell, Pagan and Pitching

The three P's to the Mets victory last night were Parnell, Pagan and solid relief pitching.

I'm not one of those people who thinks Parnell is the great white hope for the Mets pitching staff. In fact I think Parnell should stay in the bullpen. I think the Mets might be making the same mistake the Yankees made with Joba in that you had a young guy who could be a solid closer some day and now you're throwing him into the starting rotation.

But last night that didn't matter. Parnell was throwing some serious gas well into his 85 pitch count limit. He had good control and looked like a different person from his last start. In this season of depression, it's nice to see a bright spot find its way to shine on the Mets if even for a day.

Pagan wanted redemption from his benching this past week and found it in his first at bat as he crushed a high fastball to left field. Oddly enough Pagan finds Citi Field to be a home run hitter's park as he hasn't hit a homer anywhere else. I really want Pagan to be a good every day player. I saw it in him last year and this year, but I don't know if it's for real yet.

And finally the bullpen sealed the deal with another great outing from Brian Stokes and KRod. We expect a solid outing every time from KRod so that's no surprise, but Stokes has come a long way since April and May. I was ready to give up on Stokes, but I think Jerry Manuel's confidence in him has caused Stokes to respond in a positive way. He looks sharp. Throws strikes. And most importantly doesn't back down off of throwing his fastball.

I'm actually feeling good about a Mets game. Who knew that was possible this year? Santana today at 4 pm on FOX.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fan Dumps Beer on Shane Victorino

Honestly, this is uncalled for. It really is. I'm being serious. It's wrong. Absolutely, totally and utterly wrong. I hope the fan was thrown out of the game for this.

Ok, let's watch the video again.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Trying to Fix the Mets for 2010

There's more than a month of season left, but I'm already looking for hope in 2010. However, there is work that can be done in 2009 to set the stage for a better shot at returning to prominence in the years ahead.

I don't have all the answers and it's unlikely all of these elements will fall into place, but if even half of these suggestions come to fruition I think the Mets will be better off in 2010 because of it.

In my opinion, here's what the Mets need to do:

  • Get a new training staff - Come on. No brainer.
  • Trade Sheffield, Delgado, and Wagner before the 2009 season is out - Obviously the key to this is that Delgado & Wagner come back off the DL, but even if they can get some low level prospects for them the Mets have to try and get something for them before they just let them go to free agency. I'm not for keeping Sheffield in 2010. Two words: Moises Alou. I've learned my lesson.
  • Try and deal J.J. Putz in the offseason for a first baseman - I don't believe Daniel Murphy is the long term solution for the Mets at 1B. I think Putz is worth something to a lot of teams out there. The money will be the issue for many of them, but even if the Mets have to pay a portion of Putz's salary and can in turn get a major league ready 1B, I think it would be well worth it. If the Mets have to package Murphy or a Sullivan to make it work, so be it.
  • Go after one of two Roys - That would be Roy Halladay or Roy Oswalt. Halladay is the prize catch, but I think Oswalt in a new situation might be just as worthwhile. The Mets obviously need a #2 starter to follow Santana. The best option is Halladay and I'm willing to trade Parnell or FMart and others to get him for the next 4 years. If Oswalt can be had for cheaper than what's being asked for Halladay, that might be the best fit. But at some point in the next four months the Mets need to cover for the mistake they made with Oliver Perez last season.
  • Fire Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel - I really like Jerry Manuel. I think he's been unlucky with all that has happened, but I think the Mets need to cleanse themselves and start fresh. The past two Septembers and this year's debacle is the writing on the wall that the Mets need to go in a new direction and the simple way to do that is with a new manager and a new vision in the front office. You want to go get LaRussa, bring back Bobby V, or whomever, the end result is that a change is needed.
  • Focus on pitching and fundamentals- Unless you sign a big bopper like a Prince Fielder or Adam Dunn, the Mets should build around sound minds and sound arms. We've seen how badly a team can be when they don't have fundamentally sound guys in the field and Citi Field is built for good pitching. This is who the Mets should be.

Things I Have Learned from the 2009 Mets

  • No game is worth staying up past your bedtime to watch
  • Baseball fundamentals are more important than anyone gives them credit for
  • There's a reason why Angel Pagan hasn't ever been an everyday outfielder
  • Bench players rarely become contributors on a regular basis
  • Fernando Tatis is the perfect example that lightning never strikes in the same place twice
  • You can turn the Mets game off if they are down by more than 2 runs after the second inning
  • Tim Redding is a better mid-reliever than starting pitcher
  • Star players get big money for a reason
  • Livan Hernandez's better days are behind him
  • Bad baseball is more painful to watch than Judge Judy
  • Although I hate him, the Mets need a guy like Shane Victorino on their team
  • It's quite possible that Pedro Martinez would be the #2 starter on this team
  • Chances are we'll never see the John Maine who pitched the second to last game of the 2007 season ever again
  • David Wright desperately needs a wingman
  • Luis Castillo is better than I ever expected him to be this season
  • Both Omar & Jerry Manuel need to move on, just to change the scenery a bit
  • Daniel Murphy is not an everyday first baseman
  • Jeff Franceour should stay a Met
  • It's easy to be a Yankees fan
  • I remember why I lost a little love for baseball in the mid 90's
  • Brian Schneider is this century's Charlie O'Brian

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Omar Minaya is a Lame Duck GM

I think Adam Rubin enjoyed writing this article a little more than he might of a month ago.

This morning Rubin wrote a story about how Omar Minaya may very well be phased out as Mets GM at the end of the season and be replace by numbers oriented assistant John Ricco.

Rubin cites the always popular "high ranking officials" as the source for the GM rumor, but anyone with any knowledge of this team could have told you these are Minaya's final days with the team.

I wonder if Minaya's blow up with Rubin was the final straw or if he would have survived had that media circus not taken place. Somehow I think Minaya would still be canned regardless of Rubingate, but I'm sure it didn't help his case any.

Omar Minaya joined the Mets with much fanfare and made some significant moves to help bring the team back into the spotlight. Honestly, Minaya has brought some significant talent to the Mets including Beltran, Pedro, KRod, and Santana. And he's gotten some decent players for very little including Maine, Feliciano, Pagan, & Franceour.

Minaya's problem has not been getting talent. His problem has been putting together a team. Minaya has picked up the right personnel on the field, but has failed to put together a unit that is balanced and does the little things well.

To me there isn't a long term strategy to the Mets and in my opinion that onus is on the GM. What are the Mets? Are they a power team? Are they going to play small ball? Are they pitching focused? What is the Mets brand? Right now, it's laughable and we can't stand for that.

Injuries have played a role in Minaya's ultimate demise, but there needs to be a shift in direction for this franchise. Back to back September disappointments and a dismal 2009 season are enough proof of that for me.

This team needs to be built around starting pitching and run production, much like the Angels. Citi Field is built for a team that can utilize speed, hitting to all fields, and solid pitching. Unless we can get Pujols, Adam Dunn and Prince Fielder the Mets can't be built for power in this park.

I'm not saying the Mets need to utterly demolish their core players. In fact, I'm still in favor of keeping Beltran, Wright & Reyes because I think those guys fit that mold, but there are some definite components missing.

Whether Minaya stays or Ricco becomes the replacement, all I ask is for a long term strategy for this team that can be built around contending year in and year out.

Mets Lifers need something to root for. If it's a new GM, so be it.

Mike Pelfrey is Becoming Oliver Perez

The similarities between the two neurotic pitchers are becoming more evident every time Mike Pelfrey takes the mound.

The guy who was once considered a potential #2 starter behind Johan Santana is looking more and more like a #4 or #5 starter at best. Pelfrey has become as inconsistent as Oliver Perez.

Pelfrey can't seem to string together back to back good outings. He's not producing the ground balls off his sinker like he used to. Hitters aren't just getting singles, but are pounding Pelfrey like he's throwing batting practice. It seems like every start Pelfrey has one inning where he just implodes.

Sounds a lot like Oliver Perez.

The other similarity which is more worrisome than his pitching is the mental status of Pelfrey. We all know Ollie is a head case. Somehow that's what makes him intriguing, but also causes Perez to have such disparaging highs and lows on the mound. Pelfrey is looking lost at times on the mound. He doesn't have the mental fortitude to get past a tough situation or an unfortunate break. It just leads him further into the depths of destruction.

Perfect example was last night when Mark Reynolds got his bat sawed off and looked ready to pierce David Wright. Now that was a ground ball that should have gotten the out at first base, but the unfortunate circumstances of being potentially injured by a flying bat caused Wright to not play the ball like he normally would. As soon as that play happened, it sentenced Pelfrey to a loss. Reynolds stole second and then back to back doubles and 3 runs later, Pelfrey had lost control of the inning.

Pelfrey needs some therapy and some lessons in mental strength this off season. I still think he has the stuff to be a solid pitcher for the Mets in the future, but he's got to be more consistent and develop a killer instinct to be a successful pitcher in this town.

Otherwise we'll have two Ollie P's on our hands.

Monday, August 10, 2009

There is No Joy in the 2009 Mets

Many words can be used to describe the 2009 Mets, but "joy" is sure to be missing.

When you look at this team, simply look at their faces, you'll see no youthful happiness, no excitement in playing the game of baseball for a living. Instead you'll find the weight of disappointment, off field drama and the worrying that they might be the next met to hit the DL.

Jose Reyes is known for his energy. So was Pedro Martinez. But I would venture a guess that even those fellas would have a hard time finding joy in this season.

But it's not just the players. It's weighing on the fans as well. Even with the utter and total disappointment that were 2007 & 2008, there were some memorable moments. Off the top of my head, I can remember some great moments from last season like Delgado's 30 RBI day against the Yankees, David Wright's first walk-off home run, Santana's "gangsta" performance and his undefeated streak after the All Star break, Nick Evans breakout performance against the Rockies, Damion Easley's game winning home run in Arizona, winning the season series against the Yanks, beating the Phils in back-to-back comeback wins over July 4th weekend, etc.

Now there were some painful moments mixed in there too, but those highlights are at least bright spots you can reflect on. What bright spots are there in 2009? A 5 game win streak? Will that be the sole highlight of this season? Sheffield's 500th home run? Did you even remember that happened this season?

There hasn't been a joyful moment that we'll talk about for days or weeks. This may be the most forgettable Mets season of the decade, if not for the fact that we'll remember all the injuries.

From a pennant race standpoint, the 2009 season is over. All I ask from this Mets team is to give me something to remember in this final month and a half of games left, and don't make it yet another injury.

Give Mets Lifers a reason to cheer for this team, not just follow them.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mets on the Disabled List

For posterity's sake I think it's important to take a look at just how many Mets players have been on the disabled list this year. It's simply ridiculous and if I'm management I'm cleaning house with all new trainers, doctors, nurses, etc. next year.

Here is the list of all the Mets who have been injured or been on the disabled list this year:
Jose Reyes
Carlos Beltran
Ryan Church
Carlos Delgado
John Maine
Oliver Perez
Angel Pagan
Jon Niese
Luis Castillo
Gary Sheffield
J.J. Putz
Billy Wagner
Ramon Martinez
Fernando Nieve
Fernando Martinez
Tim Redding
Brian Schneider
Alex Cora

This is worse than an NFL injury list. No player is safe. David Wright should be wrapped in Styrofoam.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mets Take A Walk Down Memory Lane

Ah yes. The season is starting to change. The leaves are almost ready to change colors. Night comes a little earlier than it used to and the Mets find a way to destroy a fantastic comeback.

You'd think it was September of 2008 (or 2007), but no. Unfortunately it's only the first week of August in 2009, but the Mets wanted you to remember what the last two Septembers felt like.

After taking a 7-4 lead, the Mets' bullpen imploded like it was in the middle of a pennant race ultimately losing the game 12-7. KRod got a rare chance at a save, but instead wanted to do his best Nelson Figueroa impression and gave up back to back doubles to start the inning and ended up tying the game at 7.

The Mets flirted with clutchness in the bottom of the 9th, but in September-like fashion couldn't seal the deal so in the 10th the Mets lovingly loaded the bases with Cardinals and brought in Blowenweiss wanna-be, Sean Green who on the first pitch (yes, the first pitch) plunks Mark DeRosa.

The pain of that pitch is two-fold. First it walks in the go ahead run. Second, it brings up all-universe star Albert Pujols with the bases still loaded. Of course you can guess what happens next. Bye-bye bally. On a 3-2 count, Pujols just crushed a grand slam.

Keith Hernandez even joked that it wasn't even September and this was happening. Not funny Keith. Sad, but not funny.

You think we'd be used to this by now, but it's like taking Robitussin. You've tasted the horribleness before, you expect it, but you never get used to it.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Predicting the Mets Record for the 2009 Season

According to my calculations, the Mets will finish the 2009 season with a record of 79-83.It will be the first time in 5 seasons that the Mets will finish under .500.

I took a very conservative approach to these calculations and I can't find a real opening for the Mets to go on a 8+ winning streak. In my estimation the longest streak the Mets have the potential of making is a 4-5 game win streak from when they leave Arizona leading into the home series against the Giants.

Here's my breakdown of the remaining series:

Series Wins Losses
Cardinals 1 1
San Diego 2 2
Arizona 2 1
San Fran 3 1
Atlanta 2 1
Philly 1 3
Florida 1 2
Chicago 1 2
Colorado 2 1
Chicago 1 2
Florida 2 1
Philly 1 3
Atlanta 1 2
Washington 3 0
Atlanta 1 2
Florida 1 2
Washington 2 1
Houston 2 1
29 28

Not exactly the year we all had planned for this team, but injuries, disappointment and some questionable roster moves can change the scope of a season.

For those still hoping that the Mets can make a run at the Wild Card, I'd estimate that the Mets have to win 91 games in order to do that. Here's the type of schedule the Mets would have to have to accomplish that:

Series Wins Losses
Cardinals 2 0
San Diego 3 1
Arizona 3 0
San Fran 3 1
Atlanta 2 1
Philly 2 2
Florida 2 1
Chicago 1 2
Colorado 2 1
Chicago 2 1
Florida 2 1
Philly 2 2
Atlanta 2 1
Washington 3 0
Atlanta 2 1
Florida 2 1
Washington 3 0
Houston 3 0
Totals 41 16

Basically the Mets would have to win every series but one and then split the two series against the Phillies. As you can see that's a pretty tough scenario to consider realistic.

Mets Tease

At about 8 p.m. last night I wrote this post in a rage of anger/disappointment/sugar high. I was done with the Mets. As Shaquille O'Neal would say "DUN...done."

For the first time in years, I turned the game off before the first inning was over. I played some Marvel vs. Capcom 2 on my XBox. Did some bills. Watched some Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

And then I made a mistake.

I went over to the computer and opened up Yahoo! Sports to check my fantasy baseball team. Then I happened to glance at the real time scores and noticed that the Mets score was now 6-5 in the 8th inning.


This offensively disfunctional team came back to score 5 unanswered runs against one of the games better pitchers in Dan Haren? Impossible.

And then it happened. I turned the game one.

Like a crack addict trying to stop cold turkey, the temptation became to great for me to try and do it alone. So there I sat watching Gary Sheffield lead off of second base with only 1 out. I was fooled into thinking something would happen.

Then the 9th inning came and I was still there. Hoping. Praying. And the worst part, believing that something was going to happen.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

We all know how this story ends because we've seen it a thousand times before. But every time I find myself wanting to believe that there can be a happy ending.

Not this year.

Monday, August 3, 2009

If You Were Still Holding Out Hope for the Mets...

...Nelson Figueroa just flushed it down the toilet with a Tom Glavine-esque performance.

In the biggest start of his career, a chance to prove he belongs in the big leagues, Figueroa couldn't even make it through the second inning against the offensively enemic Diamondbacks.

The crazy part is every ball was crushed. Even Dan Haren sent Angel Pagan within a step of the warning track against Figueroa. As I type it's now 6-0 and it's not even the end of the second inning yet.

It's over folks. This game. This season. This team.

Let's talk about getting Roy Halladay for the next two months. We've got a better shot at achieving that than this team has of finishing the season above .500.

Mets Fans, Prepare for More Bad News

Just when you started getting back into baseball, the Mets drop 3 out of their last 4 games to make you wonder why you ever got excited about the Wild Card.

After a heroic and improbable victory on Saturday night behind Angel Pagan's 8th inning grand slam, Mike Pelfrey waltzed out on the mound and proved why the Mets should stop worrying about trading prospects for proven big league talent.

Okay, I'm being harsh. Pelfrey is still young and can improve, but there's a hint of truth in my previous statement.

The Mets are proving to us that this is not the year, so please let go of any Wild Card aspirations and prepare for more bad news. You know all those reports about Reyes, Beltran & Delgado coming back? Yup, they're all public relations stunts.

They're not coming back this season.

Now that the Mets are pretty much out of it and will continue to head into a downward spiral, the reports of our beloved All Stars playing this year will slowly fade away. The Mets PR machine has already started. The focus is on Wagner and Putz coming back in 3 weeks.

Wow, three weeks? Won't it be Christmas by then?

There's no reason to rush Beltran, Reyes or Delgado back at this point. If the season is over, no need to have these guys come back just to reinjure themselves. The only one of the three that I'd like to see come back in the near future is Delgado because he's gone next year and he may be able to clear waivers so the Mets could trade him for some prospects.

I have zero confidence the Mets will beat Dan Haren tonight and the Cardinals are going to come into town and sweep a 2-game series before we head to the West Coast. If there's anything the Mets have taught us the last two seasons it's that the Mets can't beat low level teams after the All Star break so don't get your hopes up about a road trip to San Diego and Arizona.

Face it folks. No Beltran. No Reyes. No Delgado. No Wild Card.

See you Omar. Nice knowing ya.