Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mets Top 10 Prospect Rankings

JP Schwartz at TopProspectAlert.com has put together his annual top 10 ranking of the Mets minor league prospects. This year the list is full of familiar names as most of them have been tossed around during the Johan Santana trade rumors.

The top prospect is pitcher Deolis Guerra with Fernando Martinez and Carlos Gomez close behind him at #2 & #3. I was a little surprised to see Guerra as the top prospect as I thought Kevin Mulvey, who is ranked #4, would be higher than Guerra.

I also was a little surprised that Martinez was ranked higher than Gomez since Martinez is expected to be another year or two away from being ready for the big leagues, but this list is based on potential and Martinez's potential at this point is through the roof.

Mike Carp, who is ranked #9, will be a name I think Mets fans will hear about more and more in the coming season as potential trade bait or a player who may get some playing time during September call ups.

For the full run down of the top 10 prospects visit TopProspectAlert.com.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Best Graphic Ever of Roger Clemens

Mets Refugees has possibly the best graphic I've ever seen of Roger Clemens, and an excellent write up on Clemens steroid use while showing some pretty impressive stat comparisons that explain much more than I can in words.

Kudos, to Mets Refugees which is the best designed Mets blog I've come across and has the second best logo. Second to Mets Lifer of course.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ex-Mets Can't Even Cheat Right

The Mitchell Report is causing everyone to forget Santa Clause and start referring to winter weather as the "cream and the clear." Ironically, no current Mets were implicated in the report, but as I reviewed the list of players I was amazed at the former Mets who were named.

Players like Matt Franco, Todd Pratt, Mo Vaughn, David Segui, Todd Hundely, and Paul Lo Duca were all named. However, something stands out. All of these guys really weren't any good. Sure Hundley hit 41 homer runs that one year so maybe the steroids helped out that one year, but you mean to tell me he used them for one career year and then stopped?

Look at Franco & Todd Pratt. They used 'roids and couldn't even break into the starting lineup. David Segui had a decent year for the Mets in the mid '90's but nothing that would make you want to keep him as a regular.

Also, I refuse to believe that Mo Vaughn did steroids as a Met. Have they found steroids to have a reverse effect on some players? Vaughn did hit the most montsrous home run I've ever seen at Shea Stadium, but the guy was barely able to swing the bat as a Met.

At least Guillermo Mota, who surprisingly was not in the Mitchell Report, proved that steroids could help, but these guys didn't even help out the team while cheating. That's disappointing.

The one name on the report that bothers me the most is Lenny Dykstra. I remember loving this guy as a kid and in little league making sure my jersey got dirty every game just like Dykstra. The unfortunate part is that Dykstra, as well as some other players in the Mitchell report, have been away from the game for years now, but are now having their reputations ruined. It doesn't excuse their behavior, and the effect this will have on their records is yet to be determined but it's just an unfortunate situation for them.

However, Dykstra is a very succesful financial guy so I'm sure he's going to make it through this without losing too much sleep.

One thing every Met fan can smile a little bit at is the situation this puts Roger Clemens in. Now doesn't Clemens throwing that sawed off bat at Piazza in the 2000 series look like 'roid rage?

Paul Lo Duca Implicated In the Mitchell Report

On ESPN this afternoon former Met Paul Lo Duca has just been revealed as using steroids based on findings from the Mitchell Report released by Major League Baseball today.

Perhaps that's why a little love was lost between the Mets management and Lo Duca. Maybe someone found out something and decided they didn't want that tied to the ballclub.

I liked Paul Lo Duca and it's unfortunate that he's being implicated in this. Although it does make me feel a little better about our current catching situation.

More details to come.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Don't Cry for Me, Johnny Estrada

Goodbye Johnny Estrada. It's like we never knew you. Okay, it's exactly we never knew you.

Tomorrow is the deadline for the Mets to either sign or release Johnny Estrada. Estrada was traded to the Mets for fan favorite (by fan favorite I mean every NL baseball team but the Mets fan favorite) Guillermo Mota.

The Mets do not have to pay anything to Estrada if he is released so this is the best offseason trade so far by any team. This also allows the logjam at catcher to be somewhat alleviated as the Mets will now have Brien Schneider and Ramon Castro as their primary catchers.

Well Estrada, I wish you luck and hope you land somewhere. But if he ends up with the Nationals I'm going to start thinking there's a Washington conspiracy going on to steal every Mets player. Metsgate?

Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Milledge Trade Looks Worse Today

If you haven't heard there's news from the winter meeting that the Tigers and Mets are talking about a possible trade that would send Dontrelle Willis to the Mets.

What's the catch? Well, the catch is the Tigers have found themselves with a payroll overload and need to cut back so any deal involving Dontrelle would also include taking Pudge Rodriguez and his +$13MM salary. Now Pudge has a no trade clause, but would waive it if he was offered a contract extension from a playoff team (i.e. New York Mets).

So how does this make the Milledge trade any worse? Well we now have an overload at catcher so for this deal to happen we'd either a) have to cut one of our existing catchers under contract b) find a way to package one of them in a deal for Willis/Rodriguez. The problem with option B is we just signed Castro to a contract and just traded for Schneider and are stuck with his contract. This is not about Ryan Church. Church will bat .270 for us and knock in 60 RBIs. This is about getting a middle of the road catcher early in the offseason before knowing what's really out there.

Of course hindsight is 20/20, but it just compounds the bad feeling I'm getting from the Mets this offseason. I have a horrible feeling that come April 1 we will not have acquired a top notch starting pitcher. Livan Hernandez will be in the rotation. And our bullpen will be very similar to last year.

I'd love for the Mets to make this deal with the Tigers. The Marlins were packaging Willis and Cabrera because they wanted to dump payroll. The Tigers don't really need Willis and now find themselves wanting to dump payroll as well. This is a perfect scenario for the Mets. The Mets could try and send Castro, Heilman, and Mulvey to the Tigers for Willis & Pudge. The Tigers don't need any more bats or big time contracts.

Will this happen? Who knows. But if it doesn't happen in the coming week, it will be less likely that it ever will.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Get Ready for Some Baseball Leftovers

It's almost two weeks after Thanksgiving and the Mets are about ready to get some leftovers. The hype surrounding the Mets ability to get a top notch pitcher has quickly faded into oblivion. We started November with dreams of Johann Santana and Dan Haren. We soon switched to visions of Erik Bedard or Dontrelle Willis.

Now we've been woken up from our slumber with the cold breeze of reality. The Mets are going to be stuck with leftovers.

Now nothing is over until its over, but let's be frank, the Mets are getting phased out of every major discussion surrounding a top notch pitcher. The good part about that is the teams we're dealing with are probably wanting one of our core players like Jose Reyes or David Wright, and the Mets are unwilling to part with them. That I can agree with.

The bad part is the Mets are going to try and overcome our shortcomings last year with mediocre arms like Livan Hernandez, Bartolo Colon, or even Freddy Garcia. I hope the Mets don't fool themselves into thinking that's going to suffice.

My hope is that Omar Minaya will plant some seeds for some possible trading deadline moves. Now that we've traded away Lastings Milledge I was thinking we could have just traded him last year along with another player or two and had Barry Zito on our staff. But hindsight is always 20/20.

If we're not getting a top notch starting pitcher, we better have our sights set on some serious bullpen help.

New Mets Blog

I just came across a fellow Mets Lifer, via Facebook actually, and wanted to let you know about the UltiMets blog.

He's got some great posts and is keeping a close eye on the winter meetings so be sure to pay him a visit at www.ultimets.blogspot.com.

Keep up the good work.

Monday, December 3, 2007

What Do the A's Want for Dan Haren?

According to ESPN.com's Jayson Stark, the Oakland Athletics have made it clear what they want from the Mets if they want to get Dan Haren.

According to Stark, Billy Beane has said that it will take Carlos Gomez and top minor league prospect, Fernando Martinez, to secure Dan Haren in a trade.

I found it a little surprising that Beane wouldn't require a pitcher in return since it appears he's wholesaling his entire starting rotation. If the Mets made this deal they'd in essence would give up their entire outfield of youth (Milledge, Gomez, Martinez).

Long term what this means is that they'll need to make a deal next year to replace Moises Alou, and if Ryan Church has a bad season and bats .230 we might need to replace him as well. I'm hopeful about Church, but I'm cautious to give up both Martinez and Gomez. I'd much rather package in a pitcher or two instead of one of them.

If the A's offer is legit it's not an unreasonable one, and you have to ask yourself is it easier to replace young outfielders or a young starting pitcher?

Still there's much left to be decided and we just have to sit and wait for the cards to be dealt.

The Mets and Baseball's Winter Meetings

It's finally here. The most wonderful time of the year. GMs are scrambling and media's waiting to hear of a deal! It's the annual baseball winter meetings.

This year the Opryland hotel in Nashville, TN is host to baseball's winter swap meet. This is the place where deals get done. Nobody wants their team needs looming over them during the holidays so every GM will be looking to have a deal done by this Friday.

So what are the Mets looking to get? Pitching, pitching, pitching. As we all know a top notch starting pitcher is the number one need of our beloved Mets, but it looks like Johann Santana is out of the picture as he's now saying it's either the Yankees or the Red Sox.

The interesting news is the Erik Bedard of the Orioles appears to want to get out of Baltimore ASAP, and we know that Billy Beane loves to chat up the Mets. Even Miguel Cabrera is a name that is being tossed around as someone the Mets are interested in, although I'm not too crazy about that. Unless it's for Ryan Church and Brian Schneider, then Omar is a genius.

In a perfect world I'd like the Mets to get Erik Bedard and Chad Bradford from the Orioles. If they were able to pull that off, I'd be satisfied with the team as is. It would fill needs in both the rotation and the bullpen. If Bradford is not open for dealing, that Octavio Dotel would be my second option.

Of course this all speculation until something gets done, but let's hope Omar is a busy man this week.

Friday, November 30, 2007

2008 Mets Lineup if the Season Started Today

Here's what the potential 2008 Mets lineup would look like if the season started today:

1. Jose Reyes - SS
2. Luis Castillo - 2B
3. David Wright - 3B
4. Carlos Beltran - CF
5. Moises Alou - LF
6. Carlos Delgado - 1B
7. Ryan Church - RF
8. Brian Schneider - C

Of course you're looking at a potential platoon at catcher between Castro/Schneider/Estrada. One of them will not make it to spring training in a Mets uniform if you ask me, but which one will be gone is still up for debate. I have a feeling Estrada is the man left out the cold, but I would have told you there's no way Lastings Milledge would be traded for Ryan Church and Brian Schneider yet here we are.

Mr. Milledge Goes to Washington

This was not the trade we've been waiting for and it perplexes me more than interests me. Today the Mets sent Lastings Milledge to their divisional rival, the Washington Nationals, for C Brian Schneider and OF Ryan Church.

Why? Who knows. And please somebody explain it to me if you do know.

Now the Mets will have 3 catchers on their roster in Schneider, Castro & Estrada so I'm assuming one of them has to go. And we've replaced a potential young star in Milledge who was one of our best hitters with runners in scoring position last year with a slightly older, but still young outfielder who bats around .270.

I know Ryan Church has hit well against the Mets in the past, but I think every National looked like a Hall of Famer against the Mets the last week of the season. Is there something in Ryan Church that we don't see? Would you rather see Church in right field than Gomez or Milledge?

It just doesn't make any sense, but I trust Omar has a great plan in place that us plebeians cannot contemplate. The only player on the Nationals that I'd even remotely be interested in is Chad Cordero.

Instead I got Brian Schneider (who is at least a somewhat younger catcher and can play some D) and a middle of the road outfielder in Ryan Church.

Someone wake me up when we sign Dan Haren.

Don't Knock the Mets Young Talent

I have been getting beaten up by people every time I talk about the Mets trading for a #1 pitcher. I'm told the Mets "don't have the pieces to make a deal" or "the Mets can't match other team's talented prospects." I was starting to doubt my objectivity. I mean I know we don't have a Bucholtz or Hughes but our young prospects are still top notch. At least that's what I thought.

Looks like someone else does too. Scouts.com's senior baseball analyst Keith Law had this to say about people who doubt the Mets' prospects:

“Ridiculous. I’ve seen that mentioned in some NY papers, and it’s absurd. Carlos Gomez is very highly-rated within the game. Fernando Martinez (who seems to be their one untouchable) is still one of the top 10-12 prospects in the game. Pelfrey hasn’t even turned 24 yet, and he’s still mid-90’s with plus sink. I have no idea why it’s fashionable to bash the Mets young players, but they have plenty of assets to go get another starter. Whether they choose to part with them or not is the question.”

Honestly, that makes me feel a lot better coming from an industry pro. Still it doesn't guarantee that the Mets will be able to nail down a top pitcher, but let's not short sell our chances either.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Are the Mets Too Desperate?

Does anyone else feel that sensation in their hands? It's the feeling of Johan Santana slipping away.
Do you hear laughing in the distance? Yup, that's Billy Beane chuckling at the fact that he now has the upper hand.

I'm getting the feeling that Omar & the Mets are getting desperate to do something before it's too late. Believe me, I'm first in line to sign Johan Santana, but not if it's going to cost us Jose Reyes. I'm right there wanting to get a Dan Haren or Erik Badard, but I've got this feeling that the Mets are proving themselves to be too desperate to sign a #1 pitcher.

The real problem is we are desperate. Let's say the Mets don't sign a top notch pitcher and sign some middle of the road guy like my least favorite rumored pitcher, Livan Hernandez. Let's say they sign two middle of the road guys. We'll throw in Freddy Garcia. So your starting rotation is Pedro, Maine, Livan, Garcia, Perez. Ok, not bad.

But what happens when Pedro misses a month due to injury. El Duque you say? Sure, as long as he's healthy. Guys like Garcia & Livan aren't exactly spring chickens with electric stuff either.

But is this rotation an improvement from last year? Are we going to have the same issues as we've had the past two seasons? Sure this rotation with our solid lineup might be enough to get us back to the playoffs but is it enough to put us over the top?

Every GM is starting to catch on to this and they know Omar likes to pull the trigger on the big deal. I'm ok with giving up prospects and some every day players for a #1 type of pitcher, but if it's going to take some franchise players like Reyes to do it, that's not a move we should make.

I've heard the Mets say that Reyes, Wright and Beltran are not on the table, but I'm a little scared that Omar might be too desperate to make a move.

GMs know that the Mets NEED a starting pitcher so they're talk about what players it will take to get their pitchers may be tainted to try and push the Mets hand.

In Omar we trust. We don't have another choice. Get the job done. And please don't bring in Livan Hernandez.

Would You Give Up Your Youth For. . .

In a totally hypothetical situation, yet possibly plausible, the Mets starting rotation next year could be Pedro Martinez, Dan Haren, Joe Blanton, Dontrelle Willis and Oliver Perez.

I know what you're thinking. The answer is no I'm not high. But this is a scenario worth considering. That hypothetical starting rotation consists of 4 pitchers with young arms and one solid veteran. It's a rotation that's pretty much set for the next 3 years with Pedro's longevity being the only question mark.

What will it take to get them? Ha, here's the kicker. The Mets would more than likely have to give up Fernando Martinez, John Maine, Lastings Milledge, Carlos Gomez, Ruben Gotay, Kevin Mulvey and Deolis Guerra. The A's would want Maine, Gotay, Mulvey & Gomez for Haren & Blanton. The Marlins would get Guerra, Milledge & Martinez for Dontrelle Willis.

So the Mets would give up basically their top 3 position prospects, their top 2 pitching prospects, and one solid starter for three young stud pitchers. Would you do it?

At first my knee jerk reaction is it's a crazy idea, don't do it. But after thinking about it the Mets would have 3 solid pitchers, 2 potential aces, on their staff that would be locked up for the next 3 seasons. What are they really giving up? They're giving up the potential for one of those young players to become an All Star, but there's not guarantee that they will.

John Maine is the guy that really makes this deal tough for me. I think Maine has the potential to be a #2 guy on a staff but I don't see him being a #1 starter into the future. I love John Maine and his performance on the second to last game of the season this year was legendary. If somehow this could be done without Maine it would make it so much easier to do.

As we have learned over the past two seasons, starting pitching is the key to a championship. If these deals could be made we'd still have the core of our lineup in tact, but we're potentially mortgaging the future for the present.

Still I think I'd do it.

The Next Mets Radio Announcer

In case you haven't heard Tom McCarthy will be leaving the WFAN Mets radio broadcasting booth next year to return to his previous employer, the Philadelphia Phillies (commence booing). It's too bad because I like McCarthy and he eerily sounds exactly like Gary Cohen so it was quite nostalgic having him in the booth with Howie Rose.

So this opens the door for a new announcer to become one of the voices of the Mets on radio. For once, Mike & the Mad Dog had an intelligent and interesting discussion yesterday afternoon regarding who should be the replacement. Here were some of their recommendations, with my thoughts on the nominee.

1) Gary Cohen - Forget it. Cohen, Hernandez & Darling are a Mets fans' dream team on TV. Don't mess that up.

2) Ed Coleman - He'd be good, but to me Ed C is the Ahmad Rahsad of the Mets. A guy you want in the locker room, giving you interviews and inside news but not necessarily in the booth.

3) Chris Carlin - A Mets fan, but too brash to be an every day radio guy.

4) Sean McDonough - Good voice and capable broadcaster, but without Bill Raferty next to him it just won't feel right.

5) Dave Popkin - Who, you ask? Let me explain why this is the guy you want on the radio

Dave Popkin is an up and coming young broadcaster with a great voice and is extremely knowledgeable. He's been working side-by-side with Gary Cohen doing Seton Hall basketball games on the radio, so he's been learning at the feet of the master. Popkin has done minor league baseball games on CN8 as well as a ton of other sporting events as broadcaster for ESPN affiliated sporting events.

I've had the pleasure of meeting Dave Popkin on a few occasions and I can tell first hand that he is a class act guy. Popkin is someone who the Mets can have in their broadcast booth for the next 25 years. I grew up listening to Gary Cohen, and Popkin is someone who a new generation of Mets fans can grow up with. He's a young guy who can bring some fresh perspective and commentary. And he'll be working alongside Howie Rose who is a consummate professional to balance the broadcast.

Pretty soon we'll be in a new stadium, hopefully have a new pitcher named Santana, and I think it would be perfect to have a fresh new voice in the broadcast booth. Dave Popkin is the next Mets radio announcer.

If you want to take a listen check out his website at www.davepopkin.com and you can hear some of his commentary. I'm hopeful that MetsLifer.com will be able to get an interview with Dave Popkin in the coming weeks as he becomes a candidate to be the next Mets radio announcer.

Good luck, Dave. We'll be pulling for you.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Santana First, Haren Second

A lot of people are talking about how the Mets should go after Dan Haren of the A's instead of Johan Santana. They offer some good reasons including the fact that Haren will take less prospects to get and is locked up until 2010 in a reasonable contract. With Santana it will take 4-5 top prospects and a $150 million dollar contract. Both pitchers are aces and reasonably aged with Haren at 27 and Santana at 29.

To that argument I say, who would you want on the mound in game 7 of the World Series? If you answer Haren, you're on crack. You know you want Santana.

The Mets have the rarest of rare opportunities to get THE best pitcher in baseball. Period. When's the last time the Mets had the best pitcher in baseball? Hmmmm. 1986, Doc Gooden. It's been over 20 years, and the Mets in that time frame have often settled for second best (or third, fourth or sixteenth best).

Where has that gotten us? No championships. One World Series. And a few playoff births.

The Mets need to start thinking championships. We have the blue chip prospects to offer without depleting our entire arsenal. We have the money to offer Santana a big contract. And we're opening up a new stadium in a year with a potential Cy Young champ from the year before pitching opening day.

I do like Haren, a lot. And he can start for me on any day, but there's no way I'm choosing him over Santana. To those who say, "But the Yankees are already talking to Santana. We're doomed!" I reply, "Remember Carlos Beltran." The Yanks were supposed to sign Beltran. It was all but done, until Omar swooped in and picked him off.

I expect and trust that Omar will do the same here. Go get Santana. If he doesn't want to come, fine we'll go get Haren. But let's not settle for a porterhouse, when a perfectly good filet mignon is right within our reach.

Breakout the platinum American Express. Let's get the best pitcher in baseball in orange and blue.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Best Trade This Offseason

The Mets recently traded Guillermo Mota to the Brewers for catcher Johnny Estrada.


Did the Brewers even see Mota pitch? Are they that desperate to get rid of Estrada that they'd take Mr. Mota? Does Estrada have cholera?

This is the classic example of addition by subtraction. Even if Estrada doesn't play a single game for the Mets this was precisely the move Omar needed to make.

It eliminates the temptation for Willie Randolph to continue to go to "his guy" in the bullpen during key situations. No more Mota. Those are three words I love to utter.

Estrada is a decent catcher offensively, but is not so great defensively. Still he's younger than Lo Duca and has more pop than him too. I'm still thinking we'll never see Estrada in a Mets uniform because he'll be used as a piece of some kind of larger trade. Omar still wants Ramon Hernandez if you ask me.

Besides I wouldn't mind Estrada and Castro in a platoon. Just go get some top pitching.

Monday, November 19, 2007

An Early Christmas Present for Mets Lifers

According to the Associate Press, Tom Glavine has signed a one year deal with the Atlanta Braves.

You've always been a Brave, even with the Mets. Good riddance. See ya Tommy. Looking forward to facing you in September.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mets are Wasting Time with Tier 2 Pitchers

Livan Hernandez? Haven't we had enough talk about Livan Hernandez over the past few seasons?

Carlos Silva? Does he really give us something that we don't already have in John Maine or Oliver Perez?

A Japanese import? Is our biggest off season signing going to be on a pitching version of a potential Kaz Matsui?

Omar, what are you doing? You're killing me is what you're doing. I know nothing has been inked yet and there's still plenty of hot stove talk to be tossed around, but I don't like the direction the Mets are headed in.

The Mets need, scratch that, the Mets NEED a tier 1 starting pitcher. That's not Silva. That's certainly not Livan Hernandez. It's not even Joe Blanton. The Mets have solid #2 & #3 starters in Maine & Perez and basically any of the additions I've mentioned are just additions of Maine & Perez type pitchers.

With Pedro recovering still and not knowing what to expect from him, the Mets need that dominant, consistent #1 starter to anchor the starting rotation. That's a Johan Santana. A Jake Peavy. A Ben Sheets. Those are guys we should be talking about.

If we are giving up young talent like Milledge, Gomez, Martinez, Pelfrey, Humber or even Heilman it better be for something good. We're better off getting a proven #1 starter than hoping a career #2 or #3 starter can step up.

Get a #1 starter and some bullpen help and call it a day. If we do that we'll be set with pitching for the next 3 years as we give Pelfrey or Humber time to develop. If we don't, we'll be hunting for more pitching help next year too.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Gammons: Wright Shouldn't Move for A-Rod

Peter Gammons in his blog for ESPN.com discusses why David Wright should not switch positions to accommodate A-Rod. He states that the Mets are treating Wright "as if he's Damion Easley" by asking him to switch positions.

Gammons makes a case for Wright by stating how he's a gold glove 3rd baseman (which is just shocking to me), the fact that he's never played another position, and his role as a leader on the Mets gives him the right to stay at his native position.

But possibly the most surprising evidence Gammons gives is when he compares A-Rod to Wright at age 24. Unbeknown to me David Wright actually outperforms A-Rod in every major category except for slugging and home run totals which are not far behind.

I'm a huge David Wright fan. He's taken the place of Mike Piazza as my favorite Met (I still love you Mike), but after reading Gammons' post I found myself ashamed at wanting Wright to move. Gammons talks about Wright's character and his willingness to shoulder the blame for the Mets collapse and I asked myself if this is something we'd find in A-Rod.

Absolutely not. So let's value the man we have at third base. I still want A-Rod. Don't get me wrong. But I'm sure he'd be pretty good at first base.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Glavine is Persona Non Grada

Omar Minaya is saying that he's still interested in having Tom Glavine return to the Mets in 2008.

Ok. Did he watch the last game of the season? Scratch that. Did he watch the last month that Glavine pitched in which the Mets won zero games from his starts?

I'm done with Glavine as I'm sure many Mets Lifers are. But Mets brass should be done with him too. If hiis lackluster performance in key games down the stretch isn't enough, his comments about losing "not being the end of the world" after the season should show you where his loyalties lie. Do you see him saying that in a Braves uniform?

Let him go back to Atlanta, play golf with his buddy Smoltzy and let the Mets focus on a big game pitcher with #1 starter quality. Focus on Santana, Oswalt, even Petite is a better option than Glavine at this point.

Let's close the book on this Atlanta experiment that never panned out so we can look forward to facing him in 2008.

P.S. Sign A-Rod too.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Roy Oswalt for Jose Reyes

Rumors, rumors, rumors. That's what the hot stove season is for, and we as fans love it. This latest rumor though has me a little disappointed.

Late yesterday afternoon, a rumor was start that the Mets might look to trade Jose Reyes to the Astros for Roy Oswalt. Now any of you that have read this blog previously know of my blogging partner's and my infatuation with Roy Oswalt in a Mets uniform. He struggled early this past season, but Oswalt is possibly the most consistent pitcher in the major leagues over the past 5 years.

Even so, I don't want to give up Jose Reyes. For Johann Santana? Maybe. I just think Reyes is too special of a player to give up at this point. He's that marquee lead off batter that is too hard to find and that the Mets have lacked for so long.

Still the chance to get Oswalt is huge and shows that Omar and the Mets brass know they need to make some big moves this offseason. I like that thinking, but let's not give up on Reyes yet.

Rickey Henderson is Reyes' Problem

Last night I spoke with a friend who has connections within the Mets organization, and he shared with me some of the rumors within Shea Stadium of why Jose Reyes was slumping down the stretch. I have mentioned before on this blog that I didn't think the Reyes' slump had anything to do with baseball, but that there was something going on in his personal life that was affecting his performance.

Turns out, it was Rickey Henderson.

Now let me start by saying these claims are purely speculation from someone who has a link to the rumor mill within the Mets organization. But the word is that Rickey Henderson got Jose Reyes and some other young players involved in some gambling. Turns out that Reyes may have lost a huge amount of money to Rickey Henderson as well as others. Much like alcohol or drugs can take over a person's life, gambling can have that effect as well and may have an element in Reyes' late season decline.

Now if this is true the blame cannot solely rest on Henderson because Reyes made the decision to get involved in it, but I've always thought that Henderson was more of a detriment to this club than an asset. People think A-Rod is a cancer, look no further than King Me-First, Rickey Henderson.

If this is truly what happened, I hope Omar has the guts to send Rickey on his way and let Willie put a guy that he wants at 1st base. I hope this is just a rumor, but something tells me it's not.

Time will tell.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Get A-Rod, But Don't Move Wright

I love this hot stove talk. Mets fans across the blogosphere are talking about whether or not the Mets should pursue Alex Rodriguez, and if they do where do you move David Wright.

But I ask why move David Wright?

Sure Wright is a nice guy and even said last year that he'd play the outfield if it meant the Mets could sign A-Rod. Wright is not the greatest defensive 3rd baseman on the planet, and some think he'll eventually be playing first base, but I say leave David Wright where he is.

Move Jose Reyes.

What? Why move a potential gold glove shortstop? Why? Because A-Rod is a natural shortstop. He was a gold glove shortstop until he move to 3rd base to accommodate the Yankees. Put A-Rod at third and move Reyes over to 2nd.

I know the Reyes at 2nd base experiment didn't go over well when Kaz Matsui was here, but that's more Matsui's fault than Reyes'. Reyes will be a great defensive second baseman, and in another year when Delgado is a free agent and if the Mets want to test Wright at 1st, then Reyes can move to SS if A-Rod is willing to play 3B.

This move also frees up money because we won't have to sign a new second baseman (although I do love the thought of Luis Castillo returning to the Mets), which means more money for A-Rod.

Now this is all hypothetical and is contingent on the Mets wanting A-Rod and A-Rod wanting the Mets, but just think of this top 4 of the batting order: Reyes, Beltran, Wright, A-Rod.

Ooh, I just got chills.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Let the Hot Stove Begin

Finally the World Series is over! I think I watched a total of 1 hour of the World Series. I just couldn't get into it. Add that to the fact that every other person has become a Red Sox fan and I really had no interest in watching.

But now it's over. A-Rod has opted it out of his contract. Scott Boras is doing cartwheels. So it's officially time for the Hot Stove to be revved up.

I'm looking forward to an exciting off season. I hope I hear the name Johan Santana mentioned in combo with the Mets more than I've ever heard the words "Tom Glavine." I do not want to hear about trades for anyone on the White Sox pitching staff. I'm curious to see how many times Lastings Milledge is thrown into trade rumors. And I am anxious to see what becomes of Paul Lo Duca.

The priorities for free agent signings should be:
1) Marquee starting pitching (no Livan Hernandez, please)
2) Bullpen help (duh)
3) Catcher (if we don't sign Lo Duca)

This Halloween season I want all treats, no tricks, for the Mets. Go get 'em Omar.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mathematically Alive

I received the following in an email this morning about a documentary that highlights a Mets fans journey through the 2006 season and playoffs called Mathematically Alive. It looks kind of interesting but then I thought it's a good thing they didn't do a documentary of fans through the 2007 season that would be called A New York Choke-job Massacre.

Here's the info if you're interested:


Mathematically Alive - A Story of Fandom

Joseph Coburn & Katherine Foronjy
This engaging documentary is for all New York Mets fans and for anyone who is a devoted fan of a sports team. Directors Coburn and Foronjy reveal the stories of a spectrum of Mets devotees and take us on their roller coaster ride of emotion through the 2006 playoffs.

Mathematically Alive explores why Sports are such an integral part of American culture. What the affects are of following a team and, more importantly, why fans continue to invest so much emotion, time, and money into their team. They are the stories of any fan in America. For some it's an escape from reality, for others it forms their identity. Their fanaticism, not too far off from your own or someone you know, makes for a fascinating window into an often unexamined part of everyday life - Sport fandom.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Who Would You Trade?

No one is untradeable. Ok, Derek Jeter and David Wright are untradeable. But then again the Mets traded Tom Seaver who was the face of this franchise in those horrid early years.

This offseason I am confident the trade rumors will be buzzing like an angry wasps' nest. Names will be dropped like your Dick Vitale at the Final Four. But of all the Mets I believe three names will be mentioned the most this offseason: Carlos Gomez, Fernando Martinez, and Lasting Milledge.

Why? Two words: "youth" & "upside." At this point none of them have really proven what kind of big league talent they will become. Martinez is the equivalent of an 8th grader scouting college basketball scholarships. If he turns out to be good, you got him for a prayer. If he doesn't no sleep lost. Gomez has shown signs of brilliance amidst a streak of immaturity. And Milledge? Well, is he a young Gary Sheffield or a future Bernard Gilkey?

No one has a crystal ball so the real question is who are you willing to trade at this point?

My first inkling is to trade Martinez. The kid's got talent for sure, but he's a good 2-3 years away from even being a regular at the major league level. If a team is willing to give up good, young talent that is already big league tested for a potential wonder boy, that's fine with me. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

That brings me to Carlos Gomez, whom I am enamored with. The way he tracks down fly balls reminds me of Andruw Jones when he feels like playing. The question is if he's just a pinch runner and hired glove, or will he be able to consistently hit some day. Again he's very young, but I don't think we can judge Gomez accurately just yet. He was thrown into the lineup this year straight from Double A last year. His build shows he has the potential for some pop and that kind of speed and glove are a wonderful thing to have in your back pocket.

And then there was Milledge. The often coveted blue chip prospect has now shown baseball what he can do at least for half a season. The kid was our best hitter with runners in scoring position for 3 months and seemed to get on base at just the right time. And I don't know about you but I was surprised at how well he played in the field this year. Milledge made some impressive plays at clutch moments. The kid has potential and unless there's a package for a top pitching prospect like Johann Santana or Josh Beckett, I'd hold onto Milledge.

So there you have it. This novice wants to hold on Milledge & Gomez, and gamble with Martinez. Although none of these guys are untradeable. Starting pitching is a luxury in this league. Just ask Tom Glavine.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hilarious Mets T-Shirt

I saw a guy in the mall this weekend wearing a t-shirt that I had never seen before. I stopped him and asked him where he got it. His reply? EBay. Where else?

Here's an image of the shirt to the right and click here to order it for yourself from eBay. This might be the funniest Mets shirt I have ever seen. Classic.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

ESPN's 50 greatest moments in LCS history

If you get a chance, check out ESPN's 50 greatest moments in LCS history. These lists are always subjective but nonetheless, entertaining.

Some Mets highlights include Gary Carter's game-winning single (#48) in Game 5 against Houston in '86. Endy's catch comes in at #34. Dykstra's walk off in Game 3 in '86 is listed at #31. Robin Ventura's Grand Single came in high at #9 while Game 6 against the Astros was the highest-ranked Mets moment at #6, which is a game many consider to be the greatest ever played. Amazing when you think about that NLCS; there are 3 moments in this list from that one series alone.

Some low lights include Scocia's home run (#27) off Gooden in Game 4, 1988, against the Dodgers...which of course led to Gibson's extra inning blast of McDowell in that same game (#26). It was 11 years before the Mets finally made it back to the post season. And of course, who could forget Kenny Rogers and the infamous series ending, bases loaded walk to Atlanta in '99? (#18).

One surprising omission was Yadier Molina's home run off Heilman last year. Not that I mind...

Don't Sell Out Jose Reyes Quite Yet

Man, we're tough in New York. A guy wins a couple World Series, makes the playoffs every year, now he's going to be fired. That's the place we live, and now Mets fans are ready to turn on Jose Reyes.

We've even talked about here in this blog, but we've come to realize the error of our ways and I'm here to tell you that you shouldn't sell out Jose Reyes quite yet.

Let's flashback to April of 2007. Jose Reyes was the talk of baseball. An MVP year was expected. Derek Jeter called him the most exciting player in baseball. Joe Morgan christened him as possibly one of the best players we'll ever see play the game. And you know what? He looked like it the first 3 months of the season.

In May any team in baseball would have given their first-born child to get Jose Reyes. But now Mets fans are looking like they are done with him.

Did Jose Reyes utterly collapse the second half of the season? Yes. Did he look lost at the plate? Absolutely. Did he appear to be complacent at times by not running out ground balls and making some foolish decision in the field? Unquestionably true. Is he 24 years old? Yes, he is.

Reyes is still very much a young kid when it comes to baseball years. Sure he's been playing a few seasons already, but he has not yet matured into the baseball leader I'm confident he will be. He's come so far these past two seasons from that leadoff batter who struck out every other time up and was a sucker for any pitch down and in. He led the majors in stolen bases this year, and that's without getting on base for much of September.

I am confident Reyes will bounce back, but I do think Rickey Henderson needs to go. I don't want him molding Reyes in his image. We need a guy with a good head on his shoulders who can tutor Reyes. I'm sorry Omar, but Henderson is not that guy.

I've heard people talk about trading Reyes for anyone from Johann Santana to A-Rod to Vladimir Guerrero. I'd take Reyes over those guys even though their numbers are superior to Reyes' stats. Why? Because I believe this kid is still the MVP caliber talent that everyone hoped he'd be. We've seen how good this team can be when he is running on all cylinders. When Jose Reyes gets on base, the Mets score runs and win ball games. That's a hard commodity to find and when you do find it, you hold onto it.

Plus he's 24. 24 years old. And we have the potential to have the best shortstop and third baseman in the game for the next 10 years in Reyes and Wright. They're our Bat Man and Robbin' (get it? it's a play on words. Wright is the "bat" man and Reyes is "robbin'" bases! Nevermind.)

So let's all take a breath, my fellow Mets fans, before we sell Reyes down the river for the latest and greatest trade rumor. Jose Reyes will return to form. And that's something we won't want to miss.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Mets Lifer's Most Wanted

The offseason and hot stove are right around the corner. And I've got a list of things I want for 2008. Namely a few personnel improvements. Here's my wish list:

1. Johann Santana - No explanation needed. He'll be the dominant starting pitcher the Mets have missed since the age of Doc Gooden. Anytime Pedro Martinez becomes you're #2 starter, you're in a good place.

2. Luis Castillo - I like his grit, his hustle, and his ability to be the best #2 hitter in the National League. Add that with his defense and we have the best up the middle infield in all of baseball.

3. Paul Lo Duca - In the middle of the season I was ready to say farewell to Paully Walnuts, but I've looked at the available catchers and I'm not sure there's really an upgrade out there to be had. Jorge Posada? If you think the Yanks will let the Mets steal him, you're crazy. Castro is an option but his durability is questionable. Lo Duca is a New Yorker at heart and I like the fire he brings. Plus his ability to situational hit is a plus at the catcher's position.

4. Bullpen, bullpen, bullpen - no comment necessary

5. Rickey Henderson fired - I don't think he brings anything positive to this ballclub that another person can't do just as well. His me-first attitude is not something that makes a person a good coach. You need a teacher, a mentor, to be a good coach. Someone who cares about players more than themselves. Someone who is willing to give of themselves for the benefit of others. Does that sound like Rickey Henderson? Plus Reyes' decline started the day Henderson joined the club. I don't think that's a coincidence.

Monday, October 8, 2007


This post is dedicated to all of those Mets fans who have endured relentless abuse from Yankees fans over the years.

The Yankees are the most over rated team in sports and it’s about time everyone starts to acknowledge that fact. Many will argue they’ve been the model for consistency citing their 14 year playoff run. But the only thing they’ve been consistent at is blowing cheese in the playoffs. Rather than drafting a blueprint for success, this grossly overpaid franchise has written a script for failure since 2000, proving that money may buy you the regular season, but it can’t buy you a championship.

With all the abuse Mets fans take from Yankees fans, you would think they win the World Series every year. News flash: It’s been seven years since the Yanks last won the World Series. In that time, and more than $1.5 billion dollars later, the over hyped Yankees have been knocked out of the first round 4 times, lost to two expansion teams in the World Series, and endured the single greatest collapse in post season history – in all of sports – to their arch rival! Yet, their fans, their announcers (John “Blind as a Bat” Sterling, Susan “Roger Clemens is in the Boss’ Box” Waldman), and Fat Faced Francessa talk about the Yankees as if they are a gift to the entire sports universe and that we should all worship their existence.

PA-lease…it’s over Yankees fans; time to realize that your team has become the Atlanta Braves of this early century. Sure, you will predictably talk about your 26 championships, your recent post season run, but this can only go so far. It will only lay credence to the fact your team has accomplished nothing the last seven years. Even with all of that money thrown at every single available free agent, the Yankees still can’t win.

Mussina, Giambi, Sheffield, Damon, Pavano, Matsui, Randy Johnson, Abreu, A-Rod, Igewa, Farnsworth, Pettite, and Clemens, who looked more like Eyore last night, than Thor. $28 million dollars for that turd! It’s absolutely comical; all of these All Stars and nothing to show for it. Absolutely nothing! And how about that A-Rod? He continues to freeze up in the playoffs; so clueless out there. Maybe he’s thinking about all that money the Yanks are going to waste on him. (Forget my post earlier this week, I said I was delusional) the same way they did with Eyore.

If you want to continue ripping on Mets fans, rubbing it in our faces, calling radio shows and mocking us, that’s fine. If you want to say your team is better than ours, then ok. We can’t argue that. You’ve certainly won more. But the irony here is that the standard isn’t so high anymore. Suddenly, it’s not about the World Series titles, but rather, whose record is better than whose, and how many times in a row you’ve made it to the playoffs. I’m not so sure plunking down $230 million (before luxury tax) on a payroll was executed so they could be the best team in New York. That insanity can be attributed to a nauseating greed that blows any form of reason and logic out the window.

Yet with all of that money, they still couldn’t afford quality bug repellant. Everyone was complaining about the bugs, about how the umpires had a conspiracy against the Yankees by not delaying the game, about how the Indians should have told the Yankees how to deal with them since they were used to it. Funny…how no one complained about Jeffrey Maher in ’96. Incidentally, the Yankees will be wearing new uniforms next year. (up top).

So it is time Yankees fans, to take your lesson in humility and pipe down. Cease the arrogance that is so identified with your fan base. Karma has finally caught up with you. Your team is just not that good anymore. They’re the most over rated team in sports.

Feel free to share this link (http://metslifers.blogspot.com/2007/10/karma.html) with any of those fans who called you or emailed you to mock you after the Mets choked down the stretch this year.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Phillies Phinished!

I must admit, I nearly shed a tear when the Phillies got swept last night by the Colorado Rockies. After going down quietly in their first post season appearance in 14 years, the Phillies reminded me of the golden opportunity the Mets missed out on. It was also proof that the Mets were their own worst enemy as they choked on the pressure down the stretch rather than the Phillies being the better team to take the NL East. Granted, there’s not much I can say to rip the Phillies, they downright embarrassed our club, but their quick exit in the first round has got to be disappointing for them and their fans. Aw...too bad.

But hey, at least they had that Town Hall celebration last Monday. That was kind of cute…yeah, like the first time your child poops in the potty for the first time cute.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Glavine Turns Down Option

Tom Glavine made it official that he no longer wants to be a Met. He's salivating at the thought of returning to Atlanta and telling close friends that he has no idea what he has been doing the last 5 years.

He has been heard to say that it was a nasty case of amnesia and he woke up this morning with a bunch of stuff commemorating his 300th win, but he's not sure how he got since he wasn't pitching for the Braves.

In all seriousness, so long, farewell, Mr. Glavine. Can't wait for you to pitch at Shea next year.

Click here for details on Glavine's options.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Mets That Leave And Get Better And Vice Versa

Kaz Matsui pounded a grand slam against the Phillies last night to help the Rockies put Philly in a 2-0 hole in its best of 5 series.

This is just another instance of a player who was horrible with the Mets, gets traded, and then all of a sudden comes through in the clutch for his new team. Add Kaz Matsui to the list of Jeff Kent, Carl Everet, Jason Isringhausen, and others who did nothing for us while they were here but now produce for their new teams.

Then of course there's the opposite scenario. Players who were good and then come to the Mets and are awful. Actually this is a really long list which includes the likes of Mo Vaughn, Roberto Alomar, Frank Viola, Brett Saberhagen, Vince Coleman, Bobby Bonilla, Jeromy Burnitz, Cliff Floyd, Scott Schoenweiss, and of course TOM GLAVINE.

Now there are plenty more people that could be added to this list, but this is just off the top of my head. Please feel free to reminisce about other players in the comments.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Mets Lifer in Cleveland

Those of you who are becoming familiar with this site know that we like to extend an occasional shout out to Mets Lifers everywhere. Tonight, my shout out goes to the big Mets fan in Cleveland who was in attendance during the Yanks, Indians game. Sporting the classic blue t shirt with orange Mets lettering across his chest, this Mets Lifer was doing all he could to express his passion for his favorite team while the legendary "Drum Guy" was being interviewed during the telecast. Great job!

Time To Heal, Literally

Looks like Carlos Beltran's knees, John Maine's hip and Jason Vargas' elbow are all being tended to in this report from the New York Times.

All are expected to recover before spring training. Whew, what would we do if Jason Vargas wasn't at 100%.

We Are Not Alone

I wanted to thank all those Mets Lifers out there who have emailed me, posted comments and even approached me this past week with words of encouragement. This is possibly the worst baseball week of our lives, but it is definitely good to know that there are others out there going through the same thing, having the same feelings, and having to deal with annoying Phillies and Yankees fans who keep rubbing it in our faces.

They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I know that's absolutely true for Mets Lifers. We're battle tested in disappointment. We're forever the underdog. We're second fiddle to baseball's preeminent dynasty. But we're ok with it. We live and die with our team. We're not the Adam Sommers of this world.

I'm planning on watching the playoffs via SportsCenter. I can't deal with an entire game, but I like to know who won, who lost and what went down. I'm focusing on fantasy football and the upcoming college basketball season to keep me entertained until those glorious words are uttered, "pitchers and catchers report today."

Ah, yes. In the spring there is renewed hope in what lies ahead. Prediction are made. Dreams are formed, and promises have the chance of never being broken. It's symbolic that as our favorite team collapsed we would be on the doorstep of a season aptly named for the Mets season, fall.

But I'm already feeling better than I was on Monday, and it's mainly because of Mets Lifers like you. The outlook on 2008 is yet to be seen, but regardless of the roster, the manager, and what morons on talk radio say, one thing is certain. We'll be behind our team for 162 games.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Worst Mets Fan Ever

Adam Sommers of the Daily News is the most shameful Mets fan I have ever seen (see picture to the right). He disgusts me and should disgust you too. Actually, he should disgust any fan who gives their allegiance to any team and has cheered for that team through thick and thin.

He's the definition of a fair weather fan. He could also be called a flat leaver. An idiot. A jerk. And a traitor.

In this morning's Daily News, Adam Sommers writes an article about how he's done cheering for the Mets, a team he claims to have been a fan of for his whole life. Who's he leaving the Mets for? The Yankees of course. He wants to jump on a bandwagon.

Good. They can have him. But I bet not even a true Yankees fan would want this guy on his side. By way of Metsblog.com, here's a link to the Sommer's article in the Daily News.

But if you really want to let Adam Sommers know how you feel, send him an email. He openly publishes it in his articles so I'm sure he'd love to hear from his readers. Adam Sommers email is asommers@nydailynews.com.

Just looking at that picture infuriates me. Don't let this guy come within 10 miles of Shea Stadium.

My List of Demands to Willie Randolph

Ok, Willie. Now you can go take a vacation since Omar has announced that you're not going to be fired (yet). But don't think that you can go manage this team the same way you did this year.

Nope. Some changes need to be made. There's no negotiating these points. It's my way or the highway. So read them carefully. Memorize them. Tattoo them on your body if that's what it takes. I want these points to roll off your tongue as if you were naming your children.

Here are my demands:

1. Bunt more - You have possibly the fastest team in baseball next year if Reyes, Gomez, & Chavez are all back on the team. And them with Wright, Beltran and possibly Gotay and you have 6 guys who can steal 20 bases. Don't be afraid to bunt, especially if Chavez/Gomez/Reyes are on 3rd base and there's only 1 out. You'll add more runs and avoid more double plays. You'll thank me for this later when you win manager of the year.

2. Erase Guillermo Mota from your memory - Guillermo who? That's right. Never heard of him. Is he a hot shot second baseman? No? Then I'm not interested.

3. Demand bullpen help from Omar - Omar preaches pitching but come the trading deadline we got Jeff Conine. You've got to let Omar what you need to win. Sometimes he gets his own ideas. Speak up, be heard.

4. Bring back Luis Castillo - The guy's legs are going to fall off at any second, but he'd still bat .300 for this team. He's the kind of no nonsense, get the job done while sacrificing yourself type of player that New York loves, and needs. Think Mark Bavaro at second base. He's the only guy who consistently came through down the stretch outside of Wright & Beltran.

5. Defend your guys - Willie you're always quick to say that Mota's "your guy" or these are "my guys" and I'm sticking with them. Well show them some support from time to time on the field. Marlon Anderson & Paul Lo Duca are getting hosed by the umpires and you lally gag out on the field and don't even put up an argument. Get tossed from a game once in a while. The fans will love you for it. I know this against every fiber of your being, but we need to see your passion in more than words in a post game interview.

6. Bring back Marlon Anderson - This guy is our modern day Rusty Staub. He doesn't have to start a game the whole year and he'd come through in the clutch for us. Must have.

7. Have faith in your young studs - Milledge can play. Gomez has got talent. Gotay has got skills. Don't be afraid to let them play. Milledge was leading the team in batting with runners in scoring position and you buried him in the 8th spot or made him platoon with Damion Easley in right. If they show they can play, let them. I want you to protect them and not force them into the spotlight too early, but please let them help us win ball games. We don't want any more Julio Franco's or Jeff Conine's, old veterans who are supposed to add help but end up just hurting. Youth movement my friend. Remember these youths turn into pretty good veterans.

8. Tell Mike and the Mad Dog No More Interviews - Tell WFAN you'll do all your interviews with Steve Sommers or Joe Baningo. Until Mike and the Mad Dog become decent radio personalities again, you're cutting them off. They want to hate the Mets, let them. But you don't have to feed their fury.

Those are my demands, Mr. Randolph. You've got all offseason to work on them.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Report Links Mets’ Schoeneweis to Steroids

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Oh wait, they're serious? Have they seen him pitch? Ok, it dates back to 2003 & 2004. Back when he was good. No wonder. First Mota now Schoeneweis.

They should have shared some with Glavine for Sunday's big game.

To see the article from the New York Times, click here.

Blockbuster Proposal & A Deal with the Devil

This off season is going to be one of the greatest challenges in Omar Minaya's career. It was only a few months ago Minaya was universally viewed - by fans, analysts and journalists alike - as the organization's savior. He bcame a sensation, and most of all, was beloved by all Mets fans. Now, within the span of 18 cold hard days, he has been reduced to nothing more than one of many faces of failure on this team. How quickly things turn.

So this winter, Omar has a lot of work to do, not too mention, he has to answer to all of the Mets Lifers out there who undoubtedly expect, and rightly so, some form of payback for the collasal embarrasment we have to endure now and for many years to come. We've pledged our allegiance, now it's time for Omar and company to do the same. If Omar and the Wilpons (who by the way, in my eyes, have lost all rights to criticize anyone ever since they endorsed the Kazmir for Zambrano deal) really want to make up for this humilation, I put before you, a Blockbuster proposal that will rock this city to its core and make the NY Mets (for whatever this is worth given recent events) the favorites for '08.

Trade Reyes for Santanna and sign A-Rod.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and I, ladies and gentlemen, am very desperate. In fact, I so want to win a championship that if the Devil himself were buying souls today, I just might sell him mine. That's how badly I want to win. Sure, I hate A-Rod but you can't deny his skills. And of course I'd hate to see Reyes go, but I do know this, ARod and Santanna sure could cure some of this anguish.

And think about it: Is this proposal really that far fethced? I don't think so. The Twins would take Reyes for Santanna straight up - he's cheap and he has years left on his contract. Plus, in spite of his troubles in the second half, he's still a superstar; one the Twins would love. And Im not so sure any other team would be willing to give up that kind of major-league-ready talent. So that is a realistic option. Then, you take A-Rod....Obscene amounts of money will get him here. I heard Peter Gammons say that Boras is looking for a David Beckham type deal. Well, who better than the Mets to jump in; we're the laughing stock of baseball once again folks. And the Mets owe it to us now more than ever to open up the check book. This bold move would put us right back on the map and how great would it be to tweak the Yankees? Who wouldn't enjoy that? It's time for the Wilpons to play hard ball.

Look, I feel guilty for even exploring the notion in my own head - trading Reyes, signing A-Rod - blasphemy! But like I said, I'm desperate. I want to WIN!

And so I am off...off to talk to the Devil about that offer.

(disclaimer: I could be dillusional right now so bare with me on this one)

Mets Close Door on 2007

Take a look at this depressing feature from ESPN, but notice Easley's comment and what the female commentator says about Alou's final comment. Now compare that to anything Tom Glavine has to say and you'll see who the true Mets are.

This Week's Sign the Apocalypse Is Upon Us

Kaz Matsui just made the playoffs last night. Is there nothing left that is good and right in this world?

Next thing you know Rey Ordonez will bat .300 for the Braves next year.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Metsradamus Delivers Manifesto on Historical Meltdown

Do yourself a favor and check out The Manifesto, from the brilliant blog, The Musings and Prophecies of Metstradamus.

Magic Eight Ball Look Into 2008

Let's give the Magic 8 Ball a shake and see what's ahead for the Mets in 2008.

Q: Will Paul Lo Duca return to the Mets?
A: Outcome not favorable.
As much as I love Paulie Walnuts and his flare, I don't see the Mets resigning a catcher who's entering the last years of his career. Look for the Mets to run at Posada, but have him stay with the Yankees. I salivate at the thought of Saltilimacchia, but probably won't happen.

Q: Will Tom Glavine finally retire?
A: Ask again later
Tom, Tom, Tom. I don't care if you retire you just have to get out of New York. You, Terry Pendleton, Mike Soscia, and Yadier Molina have ruined my recent Mets hopes and aspirations.

Q: Will Willie Randolph be fired?
A: Not likely
As much as I second guess Willie Randolph and absolutely abhor some of the moves he made this year, he wasn't the reason the Mets lost. Sure he needed to show some more urgency and perhaps a little more fire in his belly, but this team collapsed in spite of Randolph. Expect him to finish out his contract.

Q: Will Jose Reyes return to his normal self?
A: Outcome looks good
I'm betting we'll hear something in the coming weeks about Jose Reyes that will shed some light on what his problem was these last two months. I wonder if he's going through some trouble at home that's effecting his mindset and ability to focus. That's what his problem was. He lost focus. I expect him to rebound next year.

Q: Will the Mets make some major offseason moves?
A: Absolutely
Expect Omar Minaya to be a man on a mission this offseason. You'll hear rumors about Johann Santana, Jorge Posada, maybe even Mark Texiera. But expect Omar to go hard after pitching. He always says that's what's most important. Hmmm, than why didn't we get bullpen help at the trading deadline? Regardless, Minaya won't let this season become a ritual. Should be a very, very hot Hot Stove this winter.

Q: Will this feeling of disappointment in the Mets go away?
A: Ask again
It seems like this will go on forever, but we got over 1987, 1988, 1998, last year. Didn't we? Ok, maybe not. But that's why we're Mets Lifers. As much as it is a badge of honor, it can also be a life sentence.

What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger (And More Angry)

I've been talking with fellow Mets Lifers all day. We're sharing battle scars and condolences. Even non-Mets fans are expressing their concern for me, offering a shoulder to cry on or a simple hug.

But then there are those who you just want to punch in the face. The annoying Yankee fan who comes in and says, "You were talking about the Mets all year and now look what happened. Mets stink." Now this is from a person who hasn't watched a full Yankees game all year except for games they went to. This is also a person who wanted them to lose earlier in the year just to spite A-Rod. This is also a person whom I hardly discuss baseball with so it's not like I've been rubbing in their face that the Mets were having a good year.

Then there's the annoying Phillies' fan who emails me "Why are you disappointed? Just keep watching those Mets in October . . . ohhhhhhhhhh, wait. oh, sorry 'bout that." I can't even reply to that.

I'm sure we'll all face more of this in the coming days/weeks/months/years. Just know that there are millions of others out there going through the same torture.

This is Tom Glavine

Here's a quote from Tom Glavine after yesterday's game:

“I’m not devastated. I’m disappointed, but devastation is for much greater things in life. I’m disappointed, obviously, in the way I wanted to pitch. I can’t say there is much more I would have done differently.”

Breakout the pitchforks, I'm gathering a hunting party and we won't stop until we find Glavine.

Can you believe this? Even if this is what you think, you don't say that to the New York media after you single-handedly ruined the lives of every Mets fan on the planet.

Bryan and I have talked repeatedly about how Glavine was a guy you never truly accepted as a true Met. But this year he had me fooled. I started thinking this guy was coming around. Nope.

He wanted to go to Atlanta after last year, but they didn't want him. He came to the Mets for the money, but always wished he stayed with the Braves.

But guess what will be more memorable for Mets fans, Glavine winning his 300th game as a Met or what he did on Sunday? I don't even have to answer that.

Black Monday

This is Black Monday. Here's why. As Mets fans we have to go into work today and deal with the Yankees fans. Sure they made the playoffs and we committed the biggest choke job in sports history, but you'd think Yankees' fans would have some decency and let us wallow in our misery. But no.

Also every major sports outlet today is talking about the collapse. We'll here about what games they should have won, but didn't. Who need to go. What needs to be added. We won't be able to suffer in peace.

But the worst part is if your a Mets Lifer is that postseason baseball is on, and you won't be watching because you know our beloved Mets should be playing. I have to go on a business trip where people will want to go out and watch the games after meetings, but I don't think I want anything to do with postseason baseball this year.

You see I'm already thinking about 2008. It's sad, I know. But it's how I deal.

One thing that makes me happy is the fact that Tom Glavine might be pitching for the Braves next year. Oh baby. Can you say revenge?

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Profound Heartache

This is a picture of me when I was just 4 or 5 years old, back when Joe Torre used to manage the orange and blue. That would be 1976 or so. Boy, how I loved going to the games back then and yell Joe Torre’s name, “Hey…Joe Toyeee” My family used to tease me because I couldn’t pronounce it properly. I was just a simple, innocent little Mets fan at that time, didn’t care about wins and losses, I just loved the game. I look at that picture now and think; how happy I look, if I only knew the agony that lay ahead.

Nearly 30 years later, I have never felt as bad as I do right now as a Mets fan. Sure I’ve experienced heartbreak many times before; I was at Game 7 last year; and Game 4 of the ’88 NLCS. Those stung real bad. That’s just part of being a baseball fan; you go in to this thing knowing you’re going to be crushed at some point or another. Even Yankees fans have felt heartache. As a Mets fan, heartbreak is an inherent extension of our being. It’s just there.

But this time, this heartache is different; it’s a profound kind of pain that I cannot comprehend nor do I know quite how to handle. I can sit here and tell all of you young Mets fans out there that bitter losses only make you a better fan, they harden you and you learn to live and die with your team. It makes you love them that much more when they win. But this kind of monumental collapse, this humiliation, is something that I’m just not sure how to react to. It rips me to the core.

Back in June, when Dave and I started this blog, it was simply an outlet for us to vent about our favorite team. The Mets were reeling then, and our email exchanges that were fueled by frustration evolved in to a tiny little web site dedicated to all of you Mets Lifers out there. I love this team and I will never, ever stop rooting for them. ‘Til next year, I leave you with my first ever post (with new addition) on MetsLifer.com.

Thank you for reading…


You let us down, Mr. Glavine. It wasn't all your fault, but mostly it was.


Let’s face it. Tom Glavine has disappointed us down the stretch, throwing 2 clunkers in a row at a time when the Mets desperately needed him to step up. If he had won just one of those games, we might have been in a different position. Today, he has to be on top of his game. He’s a Hall of Famer, he’s got 300+ wins, and he’s been in these situations a thousand times before. This is his game. The Mets need him, and Mets Lifers across the globe need him to be the guy.

It’s time Mr. Glavine, to win one of the biggest games this franchise has ever played. Bring us a “W”!


It’s 9:30 and I am very nervous. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I was this nervous. Last year’s playoffs and even Game 7, I had butterflies but I was also very confident in the team. For obvious reasons, I don’t feel as confident and therefore, my nerves are at peak level. I’m hoping yesterday’s action-packed game was, as Dave posted yesterday, just what the Doctor ordered.

Make no mistake, this is a playoff game. Lose it, and we’ll most likely be hitting the golf courses early. Win it, and you keep hope alive.

I would really like to see the Mets put some runs on the board early today. We play a half hour before the Phillies and it would be nice for them to look up at the scoreboard and see us winning the game. This would put even more pressure on them, and who knows, they may just tighten up a little as it appeared they did yesterday in the 6th inning when they committed two errors that allowed 2 runs. And maybe, just maybe, the baseball Gods have changed their minds.

So go get that “W” today. Let’s Go Mets!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

From Black to Orange and Blue

Earlier this week we changed the color scheme of Mets Lifer to black and we wrote a post on why we did this.

But it's time for a change. We're going orange and blue for the final game of the season. The Mets showed us their colors today and it's time that we show that we too bleed orange and blue. I sat through the entire Nationals/Phillies game today biting my finger nails and yelling at Manny Acta to put on the hit and run, and to please bring in Rouch & Cordero.

Who thought it would come down to game number 162? Nobody, but that's where we are. Time to man up, bare down or whatever saying you want to insert. None of them matter. It's time to WIN.

One win tomorrow and who better to face than our nemesis, Dontrelle Willis. This team should be fired up. Hey, Rick Peterson looked fired up today. I almost saw him take off his jacket so he could throw a punch at Olivio. Reyes, hopefully, is fired up. We know David Wright is geared up and I fully expect Paul Lo Duca to make a Willis Reed like appearance tomorrow.

I saw kids out today proudly wearing their Mets t-shirts, and that was before the win today. That's guts. But I had my Mets hat too and I thought we're all in this together. Do or die. We're Mets Lifers.

Let's finish this.

Huge Shout Out to all the MetsLifers

We’ve been taking a beating all week. We’ve been walking around dazed and confused, stunned in disbelief that our beloved Mets have thrown away the biggest lead in baseball history. People have been making fun of us, talk show hosts are mocking our theme song. Our hearts have been ripped out, stomped on and buried. (I actually got in to an argument this afternoon with my friend who is a Yankees fan because he was busting my stones).

Yet, in spite of it all, MetsLifers have been doing everything they possibly can to kick start their team. I heard your support Thursday night against the Cardinals. I heard you pumping through the telecast last night, trying to will the Mets to victory. And I heard you today loud and clear as we finally put a stop to the bleeding. So I give all of you, the Shea Faithful, a huge shout out for representing and showing why we are the best fans. And as incredible as all of you were at the stadium the last few days, I have to acknowledge the single greatest MetsLifer on the planet…

To the older gentlemen who was in attendance at the Phillies game this afternoon, proudly wearing the classic blue hat with the orange, interlocking NY logo, in a sea of Philly fans, I give you the loudest shout out of all. You rock!!

New Life

Baseball! I love this game!

With their backs against the wall and their world collapsing all around them, the Mets pounded the Marlins 13-0. And just a few moments ago, the Phillies lost to the Nationals 4-2. The Mets have new life.

John Maine pitched the game of his life tossing a near no hitter. The lone hit was a tiny squib down third base with two outs in the 8th. Maine left the game to a rousing ovation at the electric Shea Stadium. My wife turned to me and said she felt a little emotional watching him walk off the field, and I replied back with the same response. I got the chills. Maine’s performance was exactly what the doctor ordered for this team who had looked so fragile all week long.

And don’t think for a moment that that near brawl didn’t fire this team up. Reyes, who inexplicably didn’t run out another ball earlier in the game, got in to it with the Marlins catcher, Oliva. Sandy Alomar Sr. protected his player and actually took one on the side of the head, but he hung in there and held his ground. I swear Alomar could have taken him.

Lastings Milledge showed the talent that everyone’s been raving about for son long, hitting two blasts in to the left field bull pen. If he could somehow get it going, or at least for one more game deliver more dramatics, this team can take this crown back.

We’ve been killing the Mets up and down over the last two weeks, including yours truly, but today’s win, coupled with a Phils loss, and we’re right back in this thing.

Ya Gotta Believe!!! Let’s go Mets!!!!

Just What the Doctor Ordered

I really thought John Maine was going to do it. A 13 strikeout, one hit effort through 7 2/3 was just what the Mets needed. Possibly the weakest hit in baseball broke up Maine's no hit bid and the Shea faithful showed their appreciation calling Maine back out of the dugout for a curtain call.

But outside of Maine's magical performance was the fact that the Mets erupted for 13 runs AND showed some fire. I'm glad Jose Reyes and Luis Castillo got a little feisty causing the benches to empty twice. And that's the most energy I've ever seen Mike DiFelice show as he went after some of the Marlins players. Even Rick Peterson wanted to mix things up.

It's too bad this happened in game #161. We could have used this at any time this past week.

Now it's up to Glavine tomorrow and a little divine intervention to help the Nationals. Hope lives on for one more day.

Luis Castillo is Playing His Heart Out

Luis Castillo is really the only Met I saw last night that had some sense of urgency. When he legged out that triple I honestly thought his leg was going to fall off rounding second. The guy is obviously injured, but you haven't heard one peep out of him. He continues to go out there and give it all. You have to really appreciate that kind of effort.

It's sad that there was a point last night when I honestly wanted Ruben Gotay to pinch hit for Jose Reyes. And Jeff Conine. Possibly the worst trading deadline pickup in the last 10 years. Do you realize that could have been Mike Piazza standing at the plate instead of Conine with two runners on and down 3? Yup, coulda, woulda, shoulda. But I do realize that's it been the pitching, not the hitting, that has been the demise of this team.

Two games are left. You lose one, you're done. I know there are situations where we could lose and still be in it, but honestly this team needs to win them both.

I believe in miracles. I hope you do too. But it's going to take a supernatural act for the Mets to make the postseason at this point.


I've now officially become a Washington Nationals fan. You see they've played tremendous baseball this final week of the season. They swept the first place team by outscoring them by 100 runs.

They're able to get unbelievable performances from starting pitchers who are career minor leaguers. And their bullpen is pretty good.

Who would realize they are the second to last place team?

But now it's up to the Nationals to salvage the Mets season. We need a win from them today because I'm pretty confident that the Phillies will not lose if it comes down to the last game of the season.

So what's the catch? Ah, yes. The catch is the Mets have to win too. That's the tougher part of the equation if you ask me.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Message to the NY Mets

Where is your pride! Get some guts! Do you see what you look like? You look like a bunch of scared wuss bags out there; hanging your heads, shrugging your shoulders, sitting around with long faces. You're professionals for cyring out loud. Start acting like it! It's bad enough I have to endure your hideous play, but do you have to embarass yourself (and me for that matter) by looking like a poor little kid who just got his candy stolen? I can't believe this is the same team that lead the NL East for 5 months of the season; the same team that came within one hit of going to the World Series last year. Get a grip on yourselves and start playing with some fire! Where is your self-respect, your will and desire to win. I cannot even believe I am witnessing this brand of baseball. There is a massive stench permeating Shea Stadium right now and it stinks to high heaven! It's time to shed that paralyzing fear and get some courage. Remember who you are (Jose Reyes)! You are the best team in the National League. You still have a chance to salvage this collassal mess you've gotten yourself into but it has to start tonight. There are only 3 games left. It's all even. What's it going to be? Are you going to rise up and use every ounce of your being to try and win this thing or are you going to fold up like a tent and take your dubious place in baseball history? It's up to you. Go out there stop this silliness already. Do something!

And Then There Were 3

3 days to decide destiny. 3 games to determine the fate of this season. 3 pitchers who need to bring their best stuff. 3 wins is what we need.

The Mets are a game back in the Wild Card so we need to win this division. We need to win it tonight. A win tonight rights this ship, if only temporarily, and gets the fans and players back in the right mindset.

It's a Friday night game at Shea so the stadium should be packed. All eyes will be on this team waiting for it to crumble. While the Phillies have been out there creating their destiny, the Mets have been stumbling toward oblivion.

But all that doesn't matter right now. What matter is 3 games. 3 wins in 3 nights. That's all we can control. The cards will fall as they may. But 3 wins is what we need.

I also think there are 3 players that need to perform in these next 3 days or else we might be watching playoff baseball without our beloved Mets. First one is Jose Reyes. Reyes has become the David Copperfield of this team in September with his ability to disappear in this lineup. He needs to put his slump (and his home run swing) behind him and focus on getting on base. We all know that as Reyes goes so do the Mets. He needs to go full tilt the next 3 days.

The second player is Carlos Delgado. Sure you could say Beltran. You could say Alou. But I think Delgado is the man the Mets will need these next 3 days. Alou is en fuego so you know he'll get his hits. Beltran has been pretty steady, but if Delgado shows up to play he's the linchpin that could set a winning streak in motion. We've seen little production from him lately so a boost in his performance should spur this team to victory.

And finally the 3rd and most important player is David Wright. David Wright is our MVP. He may not win the NL MVP, but he needs to perform like he is. We rely on his performance as our foundation for this ball club. He cannot waiver now. We need him to be clutch. No more double plays, but plenty more of those opposite field hits. Once again the Mets need David Wright to carry this team.

3 is the magic number at this point. Forget the past and focus on 3. 3 wins. That's all I want. Then we'll see where that gets us on Monday morning.

Mets Lifer Has Gone Black

Until the Mets officially clinch their playoff berth (or don't), Mets Lifer is going black. It's a symbolic statement of our current mood, one of mourning and disappointment.

But it's also a change of pace. And we all know the Mets need to change their ways so why shouldn't we? Consider this the closest thing to a blogging rally cap that we could think of.

If the Mets find the path to winning, Mets Lifer will return to the bright and cheerful white background that we know and love. But until then the dark cloud has settled in.

But even in these dark times, we'll still cry LETS GO METS!

Remember This?

Remember this moment? This should be shown in the clubhouse today.

Now forget this moment, but remember how you felt after this game was over. Do we want to live with this feeling again for another offseason?

I might need to go to therapy.

2007 Mets: Your Season Has Come (And Gone)

The Mets deserve no second chances. After the game last night Willie Randolph was asked how you deal with a losing streak like this. His reply, "you have to stay positive."

He was then asked what he said to his team after the game. His reply, "Just a few words. Positive stuff."

Positive? What was positive about last night? Okay, Pedro did his thing, but that's one man. There was nothing positive about last night. There has been nothing positive since Sunday's win against the Marlins. Nothing. Why are we staying positive?

This team needs an enema. They need a fire. I saw it Luis Castillo after Wednesday's loss, but I'm not seeing it elsewhere. David Wright is hitting well. Moises Alou is hitting well. But we're lacking a fire and sense of urgency.

What's that you feel against your back? Oh yeah, that's the wall. The wall of torture. The wall of the longest offseason in major league baseball history. It's the wall all Mets fans will want to put their head through because we'll have to deal with Yankees fans whose team is in the playoffs while ours folded like an origami swan. This is the wall we're going to have to climb to get out of this pit we're stuck in.

No one is going to help the Mets win. They need to get out of this ditch themselves. And that's what has me worried.

How I Feel About the Mets last 4 Games

Thursday, September 27, 2007

120 Pitches for Pedro

120 pitches. That's the number I'm looking to get from Pedro tonight. Keep that bullpen under lock and key. The Mets NEED, scratch that. The Mets MUST HAVE a win tonight.

I don't want to hear any more Willie Randolph quotes about "one game at a time" or "we're out there trying." Save your breath Willie. This team down right stinks right now. Period. You can't argue with that, and I dare you to try.

There is no defending this team. They have to defend themselves. The only way they can is by winning tonight. Then we'll worry about the next game.

Tonight is THE game. I don't want to see errors. I don't want to see Mota. I don't want to see blown leads. I want to see a WIN. A big fat "W" would shut me up mighty quickly. And boy am I dying to be quiet.

Pedro Martinez must pitch the game of his career. A no-hitter would be nice, but I won't push it.

TBS HD Coming to Cablevision

Wow, the power of blogging. Cablevision has caved to our demands and will be adding TBS HD to their channel lineup in time for the NLDS. Who knows if the Mets will be playing next week, but in any case you'll be able to watch TBS in High Definition.

It'll be channel 739 and should be up and running early next week.

Click here if you're just dying to read the Cablevision press release.

Craziest End of a Season Ever?

The Mets demise and the surge of the Phillies & Rockies could make this the craziest end to a baseball season ever.

It is possible for 5 teams to finish with the same record: the Mets, Phillies, Diamondback, Rockies, & Padres. Imagine this scenario. All 5 of these teams finish with the same record. The Mets & Phillies would have a one game playoff to determine the NL East champ. Then the loser would face the loser of a Diamondbacks/Padres/Rockies playoff to determine who wins the Wild Card.

I'm not even sure how a 3 way tie for 1st place would work if that happens in the NL West, but we do know that the Mets control their own destiny. Win tonight. Win tomorrow. Win the next day. And then the day after that. And we're in.

It's just that simple. Okay, it's not that simple for this team.