Monday, October 8, 2007


This post is dedicated to all of those Mets fans who have endured relentless abuse from Yankees fans over the years.

The Yankees are the most over rated team in sports and it’s about time everyone starts to acknowledge that fact. Many will argue they’ve been the model for consistency citing their 14 year playoff run. But the only thing they’ve been consistent at is blowing cheese in the playoffs. Rather than drafting a blueprint for success, this grossly overpaid franchise has written a script for failure since 2000, proving that money may buy you the regular season, but it can’t buy you a championship.

With all the abuse Mets fans take from Yankees fans, you would think they win the World Series every year. News flash: It’s been seven years since the Yanks last won the World Series. In that time, and more than $1.5 billion dollars later, the over hyped Yankees have been knocked out of the first round 4 times, lost to two expansion teams in the World Series, and endured the single greatest collapse in post season history – in all of sports – to their arch rival! Yet, their fans, their announcers (John “Blind as a Bat” Sterling, Susan “Roger Clemens is in the Boss’ Box” Waldman), and Fat Faced Francessa talk about the Yankees as if they are a gift to the entire sports universe and that we should all worship their existence.

PA-lease…it’s over Yankees fans; time to realize that your team has become the Atlanta Braves of this early century. Sure, you will predictably talk about your 26 championships, your recent post season run, but this can only go so far. It will only lay credence to the fact your team has accomplished nothing the last seven years. Even with all of that money thrown at every single available free agent, the Yankees still can’t win.

Mussina, Giambi, Sheffield, Damon, Pavano, Matsui, Randy Johnson, Abreu, A-Rod, Igewa, Farnsworth, Pettite, and Clemens, who looked more like Eyore last night, than Thor. $28 million dollars for that turd! It’s absolutely comical; all of these All Stars and nothing to show for it. Absolutely nothing! And how about that A-Rod? He continues to freeze up in the playoffs; so clueless out there. Maybe he’s thinking about all that money the Yanks are going to waste on him. (Forget my post earlier this week, I said I was delusional) the same way they did with Eyore.

If you want to continue ripping on Mets fans, rubbing it in our faces, calling radio shows and mocking us, that’s fine. If you want to say your team is better than ours, then ok. We can’t argue that. You’ve certainly won more. But the irony here is that the standard isn’t so high anymore. Suddenly, it’s not about the World Series titles, but rather, whose record is better than whose, and how many times in a row you’ve made it to the playoffs. I’m not so sure plunking down $230 million (before luxury tax) on a payroll was executed so they could be the best team in New York. That insanity can be attributed to a nauseating greed that blows any form of reason and logic out the window.

Yet with all of that money, they still couldn’t afford quality bug repellant. Everyone was complaining about the bugs, about how the umpires had a conspiracy against the Yankees by not delaying the game, about how the Indians should have told the Yankees how to deal with them since they were used to it. Funny…how no one complained about Jeffrey Maher in ’96. Incidentally, the Yankees will be wearing new uniforms next year. (up top).

So it is time Yankees fans, to take your lesson in humility and pipe down. Cease the arrogance that is so identified with your fan base. Karma has finally caught up with you. Your team is just not that good anymore. They’re the most over rated team in sports.

Feel free to share this link ( with any of those fans who called you or emailed you to mock you after the Mets choked down the stretch this year.


Randy said...

thank you so much for this post. it's going to be sent around to those that have pestered me for the past few weeks...

bryan said...

that's what it's for Randy. Enjoy!

dave said...

Fantastic post. Love it! I was thinking the same thing last night as A-Rod struck out on 3 pitches in a clutch spot.