Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Mets Lifer's Most Wanted

The offseason and hot stove are right around the corner. And I've got a list of things I want for 2008. Namely a few personnel improvements. Here's my wish list:

1. Johann Santana - No explanation needed. He'll be the dominant starting pitcher the Mets have missed since the age of Doc Gooden. Anytime Pedro Martinez becomes you're #2 starter, you're in a good place.

2. Luis Castillo - I like his grit, his hustle, and his ability to be the best #2 hitter in the National League. Add that with his defense and we have the best up the middle infield in all of baseball.

3. Paul Lo Duca - In the middle of the season I was ready to say farewell to Paully Walnuts, but I've looked at the available catchers and I'm not sure there's really an upgrade out there to be had. Jorge Posada? If you think the Yanks will let the Mets steal him, you're crazy. Castro is an option but his durability is questionable. Lo Duca is a New Yorker at heart and I like the fire he brings. Plus his ability to situational hit is a plus at the catcher's position.

4. Bullpen, bullpen, bullpen - no comment necessary

5. Rickey Henderson fired - I don't think he brings anything positive to this ballclub that another person can't do just as well. His me-first attitude is not something that makes a person a good coach. You need a teacher, a mentor, to be a good coach. Someone who cares about players more than themselves. Someone who is willing to give of themselves for the benefit of others. Does that sound like Rickey Henderson? Plus Reyes' decline started the day Henderson joined the club. I don't think that's a coincidence.


John Peterson said...

If it weren't for #4 it would be a clean sweep of disagreement from my quarter.

bryan said...

get santanna!