Monday, October 1, 2007

Magic Eight Ball Look Into 2008

Let's give the Magic 8 Ball a shake and see what's ahead for the Mets in 2008.

Q: Will Paul Lo Duca return to the Mets?
A: Outcome not favorable.
As much as I love Paulie Walnuts and his flare, I don't see the Mets resigning a catcher who's entering the last years of his career. Look for the Mets to run at Posada, but have him stay with the Yankees. I salivate at the thought of Saltilimacchia, but probably won't happen.

Q: Will Tom Glavine finally retire?
A: Ask again later
Tom, Tom, Tom. I don't care if you retire you just have to get out of New York. You, Terry Pendleton, Mike Soscia, and Yadier Molina have ruined my recent Mets hopes and aspirations.

Q: Will Willie Randolph be fired?
A: Not likely
As much as I second guess Willie Randolph and absolutely abhor some of the moves he made this year, he wasn't the reason the Mets lost. Sure he needed to show some more urgency and perhaps a little more fire in his belly, but this team collapsed in spite of Randolph. Expect him to finish out his contract.

Q: Will Jose Reyes return to his normal self?
A: Outcome looks good
I'm betting we'll hear something in the coming weeks about Jose Reyes that will shed some light on what his problem was these last two months. I wonder if he's going through some trouble at home that's effecting his mindset and ability to focus. That's what his problem was. He lost focus. I expect him to rebound next year.

Q: Will the Mets make some major offseason moves?
A: Absolutely
Expect Omar Minaya to be a man on a mission this offseason. You'll hear rumors about Johann Santana, Jorge Posada, maybe even Mark Texiera. But expect Omar to go hard after pitching. He always says that's what's most important. Hmmm, than why didn't we get bullpen help at the trading deadline? Regardless, Minaya won't let this season become a ritual. Should be a very, very hot Hot Stove this winter.

Q: Will this feeling of disappointment in the Mets go away?
A: Ask again
It seems like this will go on forever, but we got over 1987, 1988, 1998, last year. Didn't we? Ok, maybe not. But that's why we're Mets Lifers. As much as it is a badge of honor, it can also be a life sentence.


Dawn said...

What do you mean Mark Texiera? No way, Jose, dream on.

metsnyc said...

Love the 8 Ball reference. Remember, shaking it ruins it. But in the Mets case, I think shaking things up will fix it. There will surely be a house cleaning and although many think Willie’s gone, I don’t think so. He has issues but he didn’t throw one pitch this year. The players are the scapegoats here. Hopefully this tragedy provides motivation for 2008.