Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Worst Mets Fan Ever

Adam Sommers of the Daily News is the most shameful Mets fan I have ever seen (see picture to the right). He disgusts me and should disgust you too. Actually, he should disgust any fan who gives their allegiance to any team and has cheered for that team through thick and thin.

He's the definition of a fair weather fan. He could also be called a flat leaver. An idiot. A jerk. And a traitor.

In this morning's Daily News, Adam Sommers writes an article about how he's done cheering for the Mets, a team he claims to have been a fan of for his whole life. Who's he leaving the Mets for? The Yankees of course. He wants to jump on a bandwagon.

Good. They can have him. But I bet not even a true Yankees fan would want this guy on his side. By way of, here's a link to the Sommer's article in the Daily News.

But if you really want to let Adam Sommers know how you feel, send him an email. He openly publishes it in his articles so I'm sure he'd love to hear from his readers. Adam Sommers email is

Just looking at that picture infuriates me. Don't let this guy come within 10 miles of Shea Stadium.

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Renee said...

Maybe he could learn a thing or two about loyalty from this guy - what other team had longer suffering fans?. :)