Monday, October 29, 2007

Let the Hot Stove Begin

Finally the World Series is over! I think I watched a total of 1 hour of the World Series. I just couldn't get into it. Add that to the fact that every other person has become a Red Sox fan and I really had no interest in watching.

But now it's over. A-Rod has opted it out of his contract. Scott Boras is doing cartwheels. So it's officially time for the Hot Stove to be revved up.

I'm looking forward to an exciting off season. I hope I hear the name Johan Santana mentioned in combo with the Mets more than I've ever heard the words "Tom Glavine." I do not want to hear about trades for anyone on the White Sox pitching staff. I'm curious to see how many times Lastings Milledge is thrown into trade rumors. And I am anxious to see what becomes of Paul Lo Duca.

The priorities for free agent signings should be:
1) Marquee starting pitching (no Livan Hernandez, please)
2) Bullpen help (duh)
3) Catcher (if we don't sign Lo Duca)

This Halloween season I want all treats, no tricks, for the Mets. Go get 'em Omar.

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