Thursday, October 4, 2007

We Are Not Alone

I wanted to thank all those Mets Lifers out there who have emailed me, posted comments and even approached me this past week with words of encouragement. This is possibly the worst baseball week of our lives, but it is definitely good to know that there are others out there going through the same thing, having the same feelings, and having to deal with annoying Phillies and Yankees fans who keep rubbing it in our faces.

They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I know that's absolutely true for Mets Lifers. We're battle tested in disappointment. We're forever the underdog. We're second fiddle to baseball's preeminent dynasty. But we're ok with it. We live and die with our team. We're not the Adam Sommers of this world.

I'm planning on watching the playoffs via SportsCenter. I can't deal with an entire game, but I like to know who won, who lost and what went down. I'm focusing on fantasy football and the upcoming college basketball season to keep me entertained until those glorious words are uttered, "pitchers and catchers report today."

Ah, yes. In the spring there is renewed hope in what lies ahead. Prediction are made. Dreams are formed, and promises have the chance of never being broken. It's symbolic that as our favorite team collapsed we would be on the doorstep of a season aptly named for the Mets season, fall.

But I'm already feeling better than I was on Monday, and it's mainly because of Mets Lifers like you. The outlook on 2008 is yet to be seen, but regardless of the roster, the manager, and what morons on talk radio say, one thing is certain. We'll be behind our team for 162 games.


bryan said...

Awesome post! Fired me up.

fernando said...

Mets lifer forever! who cares about this season....we'll get them next yr! I feel the pain from every mets fan out there...I hope minaya can make some smart moves and bring that confidence back to queens!