Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Get A-Rod, But Don't Move Wright

I love this hot stove talk. Mets fans across the blogosphere are talking about whether or not the Mets should pursue Alex Rodriguez, and if they do where do you move David Wright.

But I ask why move David Wright?

Sure Wright is a nice guy and even said last year that he'd play the outfield if it meant the Mets could sign A-Rod. Wright is not the greatest defensive 3rd baseman on the planet, and some think he'll eventually be playing first base, but I say leave David Wright where he is.

Move Jose Reyes.

What? Why move a potential gold glove shortstop? Why? Because A-Rod is a natural shortstop. He was a gold glove shortstop until he move to 3rd base to accommodate the Yankees. Put A-Rod at third and move Reyes over to 2nd.

I know the Reyes at 2nd base experiment didn't go over well when Kaz Matsui was here, but that's more Matsui's fault than Reyes'. Reyes will be a great defensive second baseman, and in another year when Delgado is a free agent and if the Mets want to test Wright at 1st, then Reyes can move to SS if A-Rod is willing to play 3B.

This move also frees up money because we won't have to sign a new second baseman (although I do love the thought of Luis Castillo returning to the Mets), which means more money for A-Rod.

Now this is all hypothetical and is contingent on the Mets wanting A-Rod and A-Rod wanting the Mets, but just think of this top 4 of the batting order: Reyes, Beltran, Wright, A-Rod.

Ooh, I just got chills.

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