Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Blockbuster Proposal & A Deal with the Devil

This off season is going to be one of the greatest challenges in Omar Minaya's career. It was only a few months ago Minaya was universally viewed - by fans, analysts and journalists alike - as the organization's savior. He bcame a sensation, and most of all, was beloved by all Mets fans. Now, within the span of 18 cold hard days, he has been reduced to nothing more than one of many faces of failure on this team. How quickly things turn.

So this winter, Omar has a lot of work to do, not too mention, he has to answer to all of the Mets Lifers out there who undoubtedly expect, and rightly so, some form of payback for the collasal embarrasment we have to endure now and for many years to come. We've pledged our allegiance, now it's time for Omar and company to do the same. If Omar and the Wilpons (who by the way, in my eyes, have lost all rights to criticize anyone ever since they endorsed the Kazmir for Zambrano deal) really want to make up for this humilation, I put before you, a Blockbuster proposal that will rock this city to its core and make the NY Mets (for whatever this is worth given recent events) the favorites for '08.

Trade Reyes for Santanna and sign A-Rod.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and I, ladies and gentlemen, am very desperate. In fact, I so want to win a championship that if the Devil himself were buying souls today, I just might sell him mine. That's how badly I want to win. Sure, I hate A-Rod but you can't deny his skills. And of course I'd hate to see Reyes go, but I do know this, ARod and Santanna sure could cure some of this anguish.

And think about it: Is this proposal really that far fethced? I don't think so. The Twins would take Reyes for Santanna straight up - he's cheap and he has years left on his contract. Plus, in spite of his troubles in the second half, he's still a superstar; one the Twins would love. And Im not so sure any other team would be willing to give up that kind of major-league-ready talent. So that is a realistic option. Then, you take A-Rod....Obscene amounts of money will get him here. I heard Peter Gammons say that Boras is looking for a David Beckham type deal. Well, who better than the Mets to jump in; we're the laughing stock of baseball once again folks. And the Mets owe it to us now more than ever to open up the check book. This bold move would put us right back on the map and how great would it be to tweak the Yankees? Who wouldn't enjoy that? It's time for the Wilpons to play hard ball.

Look, I feel guilty for even exploring the notion in my own head - trading Reyes, signing A-Rod - blasphemy! But like I said, I'm desperate. I want to WIN!

And so I am off...off to talk to the Devil about that offer.

(disclaimer: I could be dillusional right now so bare with me on this one)


dave said...

WOW. Once again, WOW. I have to think about this one. Reyes to me will rebound but I want Santana in the worst way. And say what you want about A-Rod but 40+ homers & 130+ RBIs a year is worth investigating.

Gregg said...

Let's not go knee jerk here. No guarantee on Arod. Keep in mind when Reyes gets on base he scores practically everytime. His boat needs to be righted (or Wrighted). Give away half the farm system but don't give away Reyes for a possible rental.

bryan said...

I hear ya Gregg. Believe me this is not an easy decision. The only way I would do it - and even still - I'm not sure, is if the Mets locked Santanna up to a long term contract.I love Reyes, I've mentioned many times on this site he's my favorite player, but like I said, I'm desperate.