Wednesday, October 10, 2007

ESPN's 50 greatest moments in LCS history

If you get a chance, check out ESPN's 50 greatest moments in LCS history. These lists are always subjective but nonetheless, entertaining.

Some Mets highlights include Gary Carter's game-winning single (#48) in Game 5 against Houston in '86. Endy's catch comes in at #34. Dykstra's walk off in Game 3 in '86 is listed at #31. Robin Ventura's Grand Single came in high at #9 while Game 6 against the Astros was the highest-ranked Mets moment at #6, which is a game many consider to be the greatest ever played. Amazing when you think about that NLCS; there are 3 moments in this list from that one series alone.

Some low lights include Scocia's home run (#27) off Gooden in Game 4, 1988, against the Dodgers...which of course led to Gibson's extra inning blast of McDowell in that same game (#26). It was 11 years before the Mets finally made it back to the post season. And of course, who could forget Kenny Rogers and the infamous series ending, bases loaded walk to Atlanta in '99? (#18).

One surprising omission was Yadier Molina's home run off Heilman last year. Not that I mind...


dave said...

Endy's catch would have been top 10 if the Mets had won. In my mind, it's the single greatest defensive play in playoff history. But I might be biased.

bryan said...

I agree, and that's not being biased.