Monday, November 29, 2010

Art Howe, Part Deux

I was on vacation when the Mets hired Terry Collins as their manager and honestly I was already knee deep in pumpkin and pecan pie that I didn't really form an opinion. I was just happy the decision was made and we can focus on acquiring talent to improve the team.

But now that it's Monday and the tryptophan has worn off, I've now come to the conclusion that we are returning to the Art Howe era of Mets managers. I read Brad Bortone's post this morning over at Bugs and Cranks and have yet again found that his reaction matches my own. You know...great minds....

The one thing Collins has is some sort of talent at his disposal in Wright, a potentially healthy Reyes, a contract year Beltran and up & coming Ike Davis. Talent was pretty lacking during most of Howe's existence in New York. There was something about Howe that made you feel he just despised New York that made you want to hate him even more. I don't get that feeling with Collins, but I've yet to hear him say more than a sound byte.

What the Collins hiring does is buy Alderson some time. Hiring a Backman or Valentine would have forced Alderson to win sooner than later. Those managers would have put up a stink if they weren't given the tools to make statement sooner than later. Collins however is just happy to be out from under the rock in which he was hiding since 1999.

I should give Collins the benefit of the doubt. Let him actually manage a few weeks or months before passing judgement. But Mets fans are way past the charitable stage of our existence. Alderson better make some player moves to instill some confidence and interest because he missed the boat with the manager. If the Mets do nothing but sign some bargain basket players, Alderson may have to answer to the Wilpons for the empty seats on opening day and another dimly lit August and September in Flushing.

But maybe Alderson is the genius everyone says he is? Maybe...

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Link: Backman Can’t Believe Mets Didn’t Choose Him to Manage

...well here's some proof that the Mets made the right decision with choosing Collins as manager. Backman goes off that he's shocked he wasn't chosen.

...he claims that experience doesn't matter and coaching is coaching. wow. that's spoken like a person who doesn't understand not just the major leagues but how much experience plays into any occupation.

...i'm sure Backman is disappointed and i can understand why but this is stupidity coming out at a less than stressful moment and i can only imagine what he'd do when pressured by the nyc media.

...better luck elsewhere Wally

Wally Backman Can’t Believe Mets Didn’t Choose Him to Manage |

Thursday, November 18, 2010

An Interview with Dwight Gooden

...SNY's Gary Apple talks with Doc Gooden about life, baseball and everything between in this video.

...while part of me is always excited to see one of my childhood stars talk about old times, i'm always saddened when i see Gooden. such hope and potential that was flushed down the toilet, and he never seems to be able to overcome his demons. the link below to watch the full interview.
| Gary Apple sits down with Dwight Gooden - Video | video

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Mets Managerial Final Four

So it's down to Backman, Hale, Melvin, and Collins.


Are you excited about any of these options or are we just waiting for this phase to pass so we can get back to baseball? While I like the idea of Wally Backman being manager, only because he's a fan favorite from the glory days of '86, he's not exactly the manager that immediately brings you into the competitive mix.

The other guys, Hale, Melvin & Collins, are giving me flashbacks of the Art Howe days. Vanilla. I'm not sure if it's that I'm jaded, but the Mets choosing a new manager just doesn't excite me. I want a new manager. I know the Mets need a new manager. I know that this hiring will dictate the course the Mets take over the next several seasons, but it's not getting my baseball juices flowing.

But maybe that's just the way Mets baseball is or will be next year? I have a feeling I'm not the only one to feel this way.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mets Fans Forever: 2013 All-Star Game

...great job by on this concept logo for the 2013 All Star Game.

...i love it and hope MLB looks to the blogosphere to infuse this type of creative concepting not just for logos but other stuff as well.

Mets Fans Forever: 2013 All-Star Game logo design

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Family Guys Takes Jab at Mets

...Brad over at Bugs and Cranks shares the painful truth in humor as "Family Guy" makes Mets fans a punch line.

...come on McFarlane. that's too easy for you. where's the creativity?
Bugs & Cranks » Et Tu, Seth Macfarlane?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Are Mets Fans Willing to Be Patient?

The Sandy Alderson era is here. It's a stark change from the player centric, buddy-buddy feel of the Omar Minaya regime that was able to bring one NL East pennant but nothing else.

There's lots of talk about the Mets being a respectable organization now and how they have someone running the show this is experienced and will run a tight ship. But the big question is how long are Mets fans willing to wait and allow Alderson to make his chess moves toward another World Series?

The banter online and on talk radio is that it will be at least a two year process if not more. With Mets fans having endured 4 of the most painstaking baseball seasons in a row that a team can ever produce, are we ready for another two year wait?

Citi Field was empty in 2009 and this past season as meaningless August and September baseball made its way to Queens. A ton of money is lost when you can't put people in the seats so is a two year bridge to relevancy going to manageable on the balance sheet?

I don't have the answer. All I know is that Mets fans desperately want, and need, a winning product on the field. A competitive team is all we ask. Give us a playoff berth and we'll be ecstatic. Keep us close into September and we'll be pleased.

We are jaded as Mets fans. The promise of things to come is lost on us at this point. Two years to be competitive? Sure. I'll believe it when I see it.

Mr. Alderson may have the baseball community, ownership and baseball experts sold on his abilities. But it's the Mets fans that will ultimately decide his fate. Another empty Citi Field in September and Sandy will quickly learn what Omar had to deal with.

This isn't Oakland.