Wednesday, April 30, 2008



Why are we so pissed off? Why are we so angry? I'm dropping this one Kinison style!

We're so angry because:
  • The Mets traded one of the greatest right handed pitchers in the history of the game in Tom Seaver - "agghhhhhh"
  • There wasn’t a Wild Card in the 80’s - "agghhhhhhhh"
  • of Terry Pendleton - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • Lasorda brought Hershiser in from the pen to close out Game 4 in ’88 - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • We had to watch John Franco blow saves for 14 years! - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • We had to watch his successor Armando Benitez for 4 even worse years. - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • Kenny Rogers walked in the season-ending run while Rickey and Bobby Bo played cards in the clubhouse - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • Timo Perez failed to run hard in Game 1 of the 2000 World Series - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • The 2000 World Series Champs seemingly shared the anabolic needle like it was a “j” at Woodstock - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • "Who Brought the Dogs Out" was a theme song in 2000 - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • Robby Alomar was a bust
  • Kazmir was traded for the wrong Zambrano - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • The Marlins have won two championships in 10 years - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • Generation K turned into Generation KO - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • Beltran failed to swing - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • We could really use Brian Bannister right now - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • We have to watch those Giseppe Franco commercials in between every inning - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • The organization held a sing a long contest and… - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • they played that rick astley song - "aghhhhhhhh" talk about adding salt to the wound and this was our own organization humiliating us - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • Tom Glavine puked all over September last season - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • Delgdo forgets to cover the bag - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • Delgado is hitting under .200 - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • Delgado didn't come out for a curtain call - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • The team can't hit with men on base - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • They lost 13-1 to the lowly Pirates - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • They are so freaking inconsistent - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • We will forever be humiliated by the ’07 collapse unless a championship is won - "aghhhhhhhh"
That's why we're so angry!

Feel free to add any other reason I may have missed. I know there's plenty more.


SS said...

The Guy From The Red Sox is 7-5 since June 2006.

They sign out out of towners and rarely nurture home grown folks (with two notable exceptions).

Black Uniforms.

The Cylon manager from the Yankees.

The Guy From The Braves cylon'd us last year.

Bobby V, king of finishing second.

Insulting nonsense like Mercury mets and Los Mets.

Omar's, um, marketing plan.

Japanese obsession in late 90s with Shinjo and "the Japanese Greg Maddux"

they think they played in Brooklyn.

bryan said...

brilliant post. i'm so with you on the black uniforms. and seriously, other than wright and reyes, they haven't dveloped anyone in the farm sinc doc and darryl.

Unknown said...

"Cylon manager from the Yankees" is priceless.

Fantastic post. Let it out people.