Friday, July 31, 2009

Jeremy Reed is the Kid Who Gets Picked Last for Kickball

The only thing Jeremy Reed has to worry about these days is splinters.

Jeremy Reed is a forgotten man on the Mets bench. He never gets to play and just when you think he's about to get his shot, a new kid walks onto the playground and Jeremy gets to find that warm spot in the Mets dugout.

I liked Jeremy Reed when the season started. I thought he would be a good 4th outfielder and potential 1B backup. With all the injuries the Mets have had, you'd think Reed would have gotten a shot at playing regularly, but every time there's been an opening he's passed over for someone else.

Think of all the people who've played left field more games this season than Jeremy Reed. There's Murphy, Tatis, Sheffield, Pagan, Evans, and now Sullivan. That's got to do wonders for your ego.

I feel for the guy, but I'm not sure if I'd place him ahead of any of the previous guys on the depth chart (except for Tatis). Reed would probably be a more vital part of another team, but he's taking over the space that Ryan Church once filled in Jerry Manuel's personnel file.

Poor Jeremy Reed will have to live through the next two months knowing that he's just waiting for the season to end. I'm hopeful there's one shining moment for Jeremy at some point this season, but the chances of that happening are pretty slim.

At least he's got the best seat in the house at a brand new ballpark. More than any of us can say.

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