Friday, July 31, 2009

An Unfamiliar Feeling for Mets Fans

This is odd. It's been some time since this happened and it feels kind of weird.The Mets lost a game last night and yet Mets fans everywhere aren't totally depressed.

I'm not hearing the Chicken Little-like attitude permeating through talk radio.There aren't apocalyptic posts being written on the blogosphere. Could it be that Mets fans are finally starting to enjoy baseball again?

Taking three out of four from the Wild Card leading Colorado Rockies was a huge surprise to this Mets Lifer. And the fact that the Mets won 5 straight games en route to this series win would have been considered a miracle if asked last week.

The doubleheader didn't help the Mets, but no excuses need to be made for last night's loss. It happens. What doesn't normally happen, at least in 2009, is that Mets fans aren't talking about injuries or offseason moves or the need to trade Jose Reyes after it.

Of course all that discourse will return on Monday if the Mets get swept by the Diamondbacks, but for now let's enjoy the hope of entertaining baseball returning to Queens.

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