Sunday, July 19, 2009

In One Series, Mets Do And Don't Disappoint

Losing three out of four games to the Braves is disappointing. Having two of those games be total blowouts is disappointing. Losing Fernando Nieve after one inning is very disappointing. Watching Saturday's phenomenal game only to have Sunday's utter and total debacle follow it is disappointing.
Knowing for certain that the 2009 season is over is not.

I requested that the Mets do me the favor of not dragging out this season and they have obliged. Face it folks the 2009 season is over.

Quit calling WFAN talking about the moves the Mets need to make. Quit telling me we don't need starting pitching because we can't score runs. Quit talking about injuries.

Let's focus on 2010.

This season is now all about next season. What guys can the Mets rely on in the future? What are the holes we need plugged? What's it going to take to get Roy Halladay? These are the important questions. No moves need to be made to help this team here and now, but every move should focus on the following year.

I know it's the middle of July, but this organization would be better off letting this season just play out. Sit down with Johan Santana and David Wright and let them know. Apologize to the fans for the mistakes that were made in the offseason and promise us something to look forward to next year. Put Mets Lifers on notice that you know you screwed up and now it's time to improve.

Let's see what we have with Daniel Murphy at first base. Let's have Jon Niese pitch half a season with zero pressure and zero expectations. Let's find out if Nick Evans can become a serviceable every day player.

It's time for the kids to play. It's time to make some changes. It's time to let 2009 go.

For three straight years, either Bryan and I have written a post with this same picture of a white flag. The last two have been in September. This year it's just a little earlier than we thought.

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