Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Predictions for the 2009 Mid-Summer Classic

The All Star Game is here (yawn). Let's hope it's not as long or as boring as last night's home run derby. Here are my predictions for this year's all star bash:

  • David Wright will strike out at least once
  • Albert Pujols gets the largest ovation
  • Chase Utley swears on camera...again
  • The phrase "steroids era" is used at least once in the broadcast
  • Tim McCarver will make me want to break my TV
  • Tim McCarver mention catching Bob Gibson
  • Johan Santana will not pitch
  • Ryan Howard hits a home run
  • Mariano Rivera is hailed as the greatest relief pitcher to walk the face of the earth
  • Joe Buck will remark how the Cardinals' fans are the greatest baseball fans on the planet
  • Roy Halladay trade talk will start in the first inning
  • The pre game show will go too long
  • The National League will lose

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