Sunday, July 5, 2009

No Change for this Mets Team

Remember when Jerry Manuel said the key for this team was to stay around 5 games over .500 and if they fell below that the team would look at making some adjustments?

Well the Mets find themselves closer to 5 games under .500 and on the brink of a season to forget but there are no signs of change.

The Mets still don't score for Santana. There isn't a single bat in the lineup that teams are afraid of. No one can hit with runners in scoring position. And David Wright looks absolutely lost at the plate.

Getting swept by the Phillies is the least of the Mets problems. Losing 7 straight games and finding themselves 8 games out come the All Star break is looking like a real possibility.

The only thing changing for this team is that number in the loss column. And Mets fans patience.

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