Thursday, July 9, 2009

Same Old Oliver Perez

Who wins games throwing 108 pitches in 5 innings? Who has the ability to walk the first batter he faces in 4 pitches? Who can walk 7 batters, but only give up 2 hits?

The answer to all those questions is Oliver Perez.

Perez returned to the big leagues last night and "helped" the Mets stop their 4 game skid with a much needed victory. It's odd to see Perez's pitching line as it's improbable that someone who threw 55 strikes and 53 balls could only give up 2 runs on 4 hits.

But that's Perez for you. He's a mystery wrapped in an enigma with a side of multiple personality disorder.

Daniel Murphy produced on all fronts last night including a couple of hits and a SportsCenter Top 10 play where he flipped the ball behind his back to Bobby Parnell covering first. The runner was absolutely safe, but how can you call a guy safe when the fielder makes a play like that.

But back to Perez. Will there really be a difference in Perez from what we saw in April and May? I doubt it. He still lacks command. His fastball has good velocity, but he's all over the place. Walks kills pitchers. Perez was lucky to survive a 7 walk outing with only 2 runs and that's not likely to happen again.

I'm even lacking confidence that Perez can beat the Braves/Yanks/Phils like he used to. You at least knew if there was a big game, Perez could gear himself up for it. But right now Perez is a total crap shoot.

Better get used to it because that's pretty much what the entire Mets rotation is these days outside of Santana.

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