Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mets Should Be Ashamed

There are injuries that can't be planned for nor expected. But then there's just bad baseball. That's what the Mets are playing now. It's beyond pitiful. It's unwatchable, disgraceful and down right shameful. Let the the numbers do the talking.

Over the last 4 games the Mets have more errors than runs.
David Wright has 5 hits in his last 40 at bats.
The Mets hit into more double plays than runs scored in the last 4 games.
Mets pitchers walked in more runs on Tuesday night than the Mets have scored in the last 4 games.
Mike Pelfrey couldn't make it through the 4th inning.
The 7th & 8th hitters have more home runs than the entire Mets lineup.
No one has hit into more double plays in all of baseball than the Mets.

Heaven help us. Oliver Perez is pitching tomorrow. Prepare for more disappointment. I feel bad for those paying to watch these games.

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