Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mets Blow Deal For Roy Halladay

This is idiotic.

Jon Heyman of SI.com is reporting that the Mets turned down (that's right, the Mets turned it down) a deal for Roy Halladay (that Halladay; you know, the second best pitcher in baseball?).

Want to hear who the Blue Jays were asking for? The Blue Jays wanted Fernando Martinez (injured), Bobby Parnell (okay, sure), Jon Niese (reasonable), and 17-year old SS Ruben Tejada (who?).

FMart, Parnell & Niese are all reasonable requests for the current leading contender for the Cy Young. Tejada is a kid everyone hopes becomes great, but he's 17 years old and still a long ways from getting an answer to that one.

The Mets and Omar Minaya haven't confirmed or denied this rumor, but if it's true this will be possibly the worst move of the season.


Because the Blue Jays are going to head down the parkway and go trade Halladay to the Phillies who will then sign him to a 5-year deal and we'll have to face this guy five times a year for the next half decade.

This trade would have energized the fan base. The fans would have forgiven the Mets for this season's debacle and start looking forward to next year with a healthy lineup and the most devastating tandem in baseball.

I don't even care that the Mets won last night. I'm so infuriated that the Mets had the potential to get Roy Halladay and didn't do it. Where are all those "experts" who said the Mets didn't have the pieces to get Halladay?

Omar, hit redial on the bat phone and get the Blue Jays GM. Get this done and you'll save your job.

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