Friday, July 10, 2009

Quit Being Short Sighted About Roy Halladay

Ever since I started on my Roy Halladay soap box I've got Mets fans telling me that I'm ignoring the real issue which is lack of hitting, I've got Phillies fans mocking me thinking that Halladay will make us a contender & I've got my wife telling me that Roy Halladay is my new girlfriend.

Well you're all correct, sort of.

You can't think of adding Roy Halladay as a short term fix to the Mets woes this season. Without a doubt our offense is atrocious. We lack any sense of clutch. We hit into more double plays than Julio Franco did. We need to fix our offense. But honestly there's not much that can done to fix it until (a) some of our best offensive players are off the deal and (b) we get to the offseason and can unload some contracts and sign some free agents.

Oh and by the way, if you think offense is our only issue did you happen to see Livan pitch last night? Or what about his start before that? Or the one before that? Or perhaps Oliver Perez at any point this season? Or Redding last night? Or Redding the start before that? Or Pelfrey's last start? Catch my drift?

Getting Roy Halladay is not a short term fix. If the Mets traded for him this season, I still believe that we'd fall short of the playoffs. He's not a fix for this season. There is no fix for this season unless there's a witch doctor who can heal muscles, bones and slumping bats.

Halladay is a fix for the next several seasons when you have healthy players, some maturing youngsters, and few offseason moves. The Mets absolutely, positively have to upgrade their offense, but it probably won't be done until the offseason when they'll have Delgado & Wagner off the books and can look at addressing their needs at first base and in the outfield.

But for the first time in a long time, the Mets won't have to worry about pitching as much as they have in the past. Our starting rotation would consist of the two most dominant pitchers in the NL (if not both leagues). Our bullpen would be solid with KRod & Putz still around. So the focus can then turn to the offense.

If you don't get Halladay you still need a starting pitcher this offseason unless you feel that Maine/Perez/Pelfrey/Livan is the rotation you want to go to the mattresses with for the next 3 seasons.

Acquiring Halladay drastically improves the Mets rotation, prevents the Phillies from acquiring a dominant ace, and allows you to not worry about your pitching staff in the offseason so you can focus on the offense.

Forget about the 2009 season. No moves made this year will send this team to the playoffs. The Mets need their injured players to return and for their existing players to be more consistent.

Halladay will not solve our 2009 problems, but he will absolutely help the Mets in the years to come if they can sign him to a multi-year deal.


Brad said...

0-2 since returning from the DL...I'm just sayinnnn....

dave said...

Yup, same record as santana the last two starts

peterpantragic said...

I agree with you that we should do whatever it takes to get Halliday, if only to prevent the Phillies from doing the same. If Philly were to aquire Halliday, they would clearly be the best team in baseball and since he's signed for 2010 too, they'd also be good for next year. This would obviously not be the only reason for getting him, he's probably the best pitcher in the league as well and his numbers would only be better playing at Citi Field. He'd also save us from having to use our dreadful bullpen. While he may not be all we need to climb back into the race, he'd be a very big step, and perhaps enough. Trouble is, I don't think we have what it takes to get him. We don't have the players to give, or the cohonahs to try.

dave said...

peter - i'm happy to hear someone who wants halladay as badly as i do. i remember the media saying we didn't have enough to get Santana too but in the end we did. your second point about having the cohonee is another story.

bryan said...

forget the witch doctors, how about the Mets hiring some REAL doctors...

As for Halladay...this is such a no brainer but I agree with peter, we do not have what it takes to get him. Toronto will not fold like minnesota did.