Saturday, July 25, 2009

Phillies Still Trying to Get Halladay, Mets Still "Investigating" Bernazard

Fear not Met fans. While the defending World Champion Philadelphia Phillies are putzing around exerting all of their energy and resources trying to acquire average right hander, Roy Halladay, our beloved NY Mets organization is tending to more important matters.

While most teams in baseball are vigorosly exploring ways to improve their teams this year or for the future, the geniuses that run our club are ferverntly "investigating" the seemingly hunderds of not so pretty allegations about VP minion, Tony Bernazard. Who needs Roy Halladay when you have such stellar management "investigating" one silly little troll responsible for giving your club a bad rap? Besides, the Blue Jays were clearly smoking crack when they foolishly asked about the availability of Fernando Martinez. One can certainly understand why Omar, or Bernazard, or whoever is actually in charge of making those kinds of important decisions for this team, immediately hung up the phone. Like, duh!

So take comfort Met fans. Take comfort in knowing that your favorite basbeall team is taking their sweet time "investigating" the man everyone hates, while every other team in the league is investigating how to make themselves better.

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