Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Good News About the Mets Being So Bad

There's always a silver lining, and the Mets being plain painful to watch has a bright side as well.

  • For a change, you won't have to suffer through utter and total disappointed on the last day of September for 3 straight years
  • The Mets being unwatchable frees up time for you to watch such fantastic summer shows as Wipeout and Big Brother
  • You can learn a foreign language before the Mets hit their next home run
  • You've never watched a double A baseball team before so now's your chance to see one on HD!
  • At least we're not the Nationals
  • You can for the first time in a long time talk to your wife and children and not be distracted by a baseball game
  • Gives you time to reflect back on the good ol' days when we just couldn't beat the Braves instead of not being able to beat anyone
  • You suddenly have dreams of Rick Reed making a comeback
  • At least K-Rod will be well rested for 2010
  • Your Carlos Delgado jersey won't get any stains on it at your next BBQ
  • Every 5 days you get to watch the best pitcher in baseball not get any run support
  • Only 3 more years of Luis Castillo
  • Whining and complaining is always much more fun than winning

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