Friday, July 10, 2009

A Post A Day for Roy Halladay - Reason #1

I've decided to make it my mission to be obnoxious about the Mets need to sign Roy Halladay. There are an infinite amount of reasons why the Mets need to go out and get this guy.

I could be commenting on last night's debacle, but why bother? It would be the same type of post I wrote on Tuesday or Wednesday or Friday of last week or Thursday of the week before. You catch my drift.

So instead I'm starting a series of posts for Roy Halladay. Here's reason #1 why the Mets need to get Halladay -  Oliver Perez becomes your #5 starter.

The Mets right now have a rotation of #5 starters. You got Livan. You got Redding. You got Nieve. You got Perez.

Adding Halladay adds another stud to your rotation that then looks something like this (when everyone's healthy): Santana, Halladay, Pelfrey, Maine, & Perez.

No more relying on Perez to be a #2 or Maine to be a #3 or even Pelfrey to be a #2 type of starter. You have to horses you can bet on day in and day out. When's the last time the Mets had something like that? Think about it and you'll find that when the Mets make the playoffs, it's because they have two reliable starters they can count on.

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